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GOP Congressman Who Made 'Legitimate Rape' Remark Dies

Mo.'s Todd Akin, who made inflammatory comment about abortion and women's bodies, has died at 74

(Newser) - Former US Rep. Todd Akin, a conservative Missouri Republican whose comment that women's bodies have a way of avoiding pregnancies in cases of "legitimate rape" sunk his bid for the US Senate, and who became a cautionary tale for other GOP candidates, died late Sunday. He was 74....

Todd Akin Not Sorry for Rape Comments After All

Former GOP rep says he regrets apologizing for 'legitimate rape' statement

(Newser) - First Todd Akin said "legitimate rape" victims rarely get pregnant . Then the Missouri rep apologized for the rape comment in a commercial for his 2012 Senate run and the world moved on (but not before opponent Claire McCaskill soundly defeated him). Now he’s back with a new book...

Want to Talk Intelligently About Rape? 5 Rules

It's appalling how many people are incapable: Katie McDonough

(Newser) - Citing the 30-day sentence received by a teacher who raped a student, the Washington Post column arguing that teacher-student sex is sometimes OK , the sympathy extended to the Steubenville rapists, and of course, Richard Cohen's quite controversial Washington Post column about Steubenville, Katie McDonough comes to this depressing conclusion:...

Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks Clears House Panel

... along with a new flap over rape stats

(Newser) - A bill to ban abortions nationwide after 20 weeks cleared a House panel today on a party-line vote of 20-12. While it doesn't stand a chance in the Senate, it will give House conservatives a chance to make a point when that chamber votes as early as next week,...

Karl Rove: GOP Can Retake Senate in 2014
Karl Rove: GOP Can Retake
Senate in 2014

Karl Rove: GOP Can Retake Senate in 2014

But the party will need 'quality candidates'

(Newser) - If the Todd Akins and Richard Mourdocks of the world keep their distance, Republicans have a chance of retaking the Senate in 2014, writes Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal . To do so, they would would need a net gain of six seats. It sounds steep, but Max Baucus...

Most Conservative, Liberal Members of Last Congress

Todd Akin was No. 1 on the right

(Newser) - Todd Akin may have cost himself a Senate seat with his views on "legitimate rape" last fall, but he gets a consolation prize: the title of most conservative member of the last Congress, as bestowed by the National Journal . Akin had a nearly perfect score of 97 when it...

GOP Lawmaker Backs Akin's 'Legitimate Rape' Theory

Phil Gingrey: remarks weren't 'so horrible'

(Newser) - Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" remarks may have sparked a political firestorm and cost him his job, but they were "partly right," a GOP lawmaker said today. Speaking at a function in Smyrna, Georgia, US Rep. Phil Gingrey supported the former House member's distinction: "Look,...

Judge: Victims' Bodies Can Prevent Rape

Todd Akin all over again?

(Newser) - A Southern California judge is being publicly admonished for saying a rape victim "didn't put up a fight" during her assault and that if someone doesn't want sexual intercourse, the body "will not permit that to happen." Superior Court Judge Derek Johnson, a former prosecutor...

How the GOP Will Avoid Another Akin

Party seeks more local support for candidates

(Newser) - Election 2012 was supposed to hand Republicans control of the Senate, but thanks to candidates like Todd Akin, things didn't work out according to plan. Now, the party is scrambling to realign itself for future victories. A key strategy: Go local. "We ought to make certain that if...

Fight for the Senate: Can GOP Flip 4 Seats?
 Democrats Keep Senate: 
 Warren, McCaskill Win 
election 2012

Democrats Keep Senate: Warren, McCaskill Win

Tim Kaine, too; Democrats coast as Mourdock, Akin, McMahon lose

(Newser) - Democrats had a banner night in the Senate, starting with Elizabeth Warren knocking off GOP incumbent Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Tim Kaine beat George Allen in Virginia, and Chris Murphy did the same to Linda McMahon for Connecticut's open seat—despite her huge personal influx of cash . It...

GOP Donors Rally Behind Mourdock in Indiana

But new poll shows Democratic challenger with lead

(Newser) - After Todd Akin made his controversial "legitimate rape" comments in August, he quickly became a pariah in the Republican party. Indiana's Richard Mourdock, on the other hand, is seeing a rush of GOP support, despite his own controversial rape and pregnancy comments , reports Politico . The final days will...

Gaffes Squash GOP Bid to Rule Senate—Again

Akin, Mourdock stumbles reminiscent of 2010 struggle

(Newser) - In 2010, the GOP looked poised for a potential Senate takeover—but losses by Tea Party favorites to Democrats in Nevada, Delaware, and Colorado helped Democrats maintain control. Now, a similar scenario is playing itself out, notes the AP . Once again, Republicans should have had the Senate locked up this...

Todd Akin Closes In on Claire McCaskill

Missouri voters really don't like either candidate

(Newser) - Todd Akin has dramatically cut into Claire McCaskill's lead in the hotly watched race for her Missouri Senate seat, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . In a new poll commissioned by the paper, McCaskill holds a slim 45% lead among likely voters, with Akin polling just behind at 43%. Akin'...

GOP Mainstream Wants to Ban Abortion for Rape Victims

It's not just Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock: William Saletan

(Newser) - Don't be fooled: It's not just the fringes of the Republican party that oppose abortion rights for rape victims. In fact, at least 12 of the 28 nonincumbent Republican Senate candidates would ban abortion, even in cases of rape, writes William Saletan at Slate . "That’s a...

Todd Akin: McCaskill Is a 'Dog'

She 'fetches' higher taxes. Get it?

(Newser) - Apparently, it's tough to teach an old, gaffe-prone politician new tricks, because Todd Akin just cannot seem to stop with the zingers, reports PoliticMO . Opponent Claire McCaskill "goes to Washington, DC, it’s a little bit like one of those dogs, 'fetch,'" he said at...

Stewart's Guide to the Craziest Congressmen

Featuring Todd Akin, evolution-basher Paul Broun, and more

(Newser) - On last night's Daily Show , Jon Stewart took a break from the presidential race to focus on some of Congress' top nutjobs. Leading the pack of "magnificent bastards": Todd Akin of "legitimate rape" fame, who suggests that the female body has "magical powers." In fact,...

Akin in '08: Docs Give Abortions to Women Who Aren't Pregnant

Video of old speech surfaces

(Newser) - It's getting to be quite the week for years-old videos to come back and bite candidates , and the latest victim is one Todd Akin, the would-be junior Missouri senator of "legitimate rape" fame. Seems Akin gave a speech in 2008, in which he compares abortion to slavery and...

Women Favor Obama By 18 Points
 Women Favor 
 Obama By 18 Points 
Poll Numbers

Women Favor Obama By 18 Points

Quinnipiac gives president a small lead overall

(Newser) - President Obama still holds a small lead over Mitt Romney, and it's thanks entirely to his popularity with women and minorities, according to a new Quinnipiac poll . The poll has Obama ahead 49% to 45% overall, but his support among women is especially strong at 56% to 38%, and...

Roy Blunt: I'll Campaign for Todd Akin

Senator had asked Akin to quit after 'legitimate rape' flap

(Newser) - Seems like Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt's call for Todd Akin to step aside wasn't, ahem, "legitimate." Blunt asked Akin to quit the Senate race in August after the House lawmaker defended his flawed science of "legitimate rape"—but now that Akin's officially still...

Akin Slams 'Unladylike' McCaskill
Akin Slams 'Unladylike' McCaskill

Akin Slams 'Unladylike' McCaskill

She was like a 'wildcat' in debates, Senate candidate complains

(Newser) - Todd Akin, the GOP Senate candidate whose comments on rape united his own party against him, doesn't seem to be trying too hard to win back women voters. Sen. Claire McCaskill, who attacked his "legitimate rape" remark when the pair debated last week, "was much more ladylike"...

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