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A Ton of Reasons Why 2010 Totally Stunk
A Ton of Reasons Why
2010 Totally Stunk
dave barry

A Ton of Reasons Why 2010 Totally Stunk

Dave Barry reminds us that the Gulf oil spill wasn't the only low point

(Newser) - An asteroid demolished 75% of the planet's species toward the end of the Cretaceous Period—and 2010 was a worse year than that, writes Dave Barry for the Miami Herald . In fact, amid the BP oil spill, the recession, and North Korea ("the international equivalent of Charlie Sheen"),...

14 Words That Need to Be Banished
14 Words That Need
to Be Banished

14 Words That Need to Be Banished

Man up, and stop using them

(Newser) - After an a-ha moment, two BFFs decide to live life to the fullest and make an epic video, which could have the wow factor and go viral, or be an epic fail. Was that an annoying sentence? The people at Lake Superior State University would likely think so, as it...

PETA's Weirdest Stunts of the Year
PETA's Weirdest
Stunts of the Year

PETA's Weirdest Stunts of the Year

From chicken costumes to fake blood, it was another vocal year

(Newser) - PETA’s not into subtlety when it comes to demonstrations against animal cruelty. AOL News offers some highlights from the past year:
  • A barely-dressed couple frolicked on an outdoor bed in Nashville to assert that vegans were better lovers.
  • The group’s London branch called on a team of pregnant

The Decade's Yuckiest Fashion Trends

Crocs are bad. Even worse with socks

(Newser) - Here's a really tough question: What's been more annoying this decade—Jon Gosselin, or the Ed Hardy clothing he cannot seem to stop wearing? The label makes PJ Gach's list of the decade's 10 worst fashion trends. Also on Betty Confidential's list:
  1. Crocs: "Plastic shoes don’t go with

2010's Most Painfully Obvious Scientific Discoveries

Meth is bad for unborn babies!

(Newser) - This year there were groundbreaking discoveries ... and then there were these gems. LiveScience compiles 10 of the most "duh" scientific findings of the year:
  1. Meth is bad for your unborn child: A shocking study published in The Journal of Neuroscience found that kids born to moms who used meth

Guess Who Made the Most Concert Money This Year?

Bon Jovi—and not just in North America

(Newser) - Yep, it’s definitely time to give Bon Jovi some respect : The band boasts the highest grossing concert tour of the year—worldwide. Pollstar ranks the top five touring acts of 2010, via the Los Angeles Times :
  1. Bon Jovi: $201.1 million.
  2. AC/DC: $177 million.
  3. U2: $160.9 million.
  4. Lady

The Decade's 12 Most Hideous Dresses

Is that a tutu, Lara Flynn Boyle?

(Newser) - The world has seen a lot of really horrible dresses since 2001. The Huffington Post runs down a dozen of them—click through a few in the gallery or click here for the complete list, including Britney Spears' dreadful matching denim ensemble with Justin Timberlake. In the mood for more...

20 Ridiculously Bad Songs of 2010
20 Ridiculously
Bad Songs of 2010

20 Ridiculously Bad Songs of 2010

Train snags top spot

(Newser) - Best of 2010 lists are fun, but Worst of 2010 lists are arguably even more fun. So without further ado, the Village Voice ’s least favorite songs of the year:
  1. Train, “Hey, Soul Sister”: Inexplicably, this was the only “rock” song to make it onto the Billboard

The Top Moments in 2010 Politics
The Top Moments
in 2010 Politics

The Top Moments in 2010 Politics

The Tea Party really made things interesting this year

(Newser) - From a January special election right up to the unexpectedly-productive lame duck Congress that just finished, 2010 was an incredible year in politics. Here's the rundown of Politico's top moments:
  • Jan. 9, Scott Brown surges—The Republican took the lead in polls, sending uneasy Democrats into full-fledged panic mode. Just

The 10 Most Ridiculous World Records of 2010

Snuggling with bunnies, stuffing bananas in your pants, and other atrocities

(Newser) - Have you ever wondered how many bananas you can fit in your pants? Or how many times you could get a Mattress World employee to say the word mattress in one phone conversation? Everyday, people from around the world send in their ridiculous world records to the Universal Record Database....

The Most Pirated Movies of 2010
The Most Pirated
Movies of 2010

The Most Pirated Movies of 2010

'Avatar' still managed to make out OK

(Newser) - Avatar made more than $2.5 billion dollars worldwide—despite the fact that it was the most pirated movie of 2010. The details:
  1. Avatar (16.6 million illegal downloads)Avatar also holds the record for most illegal downloads in a year. Last year's most pirated movie, Star Trek, was downloaded

The 10 Strangest Stories of 2010
The 10 Strangest
Stories of 2010

The 10 Strangest Stories of 2010

You know, like an octopus prognosticator....

(Newser) - There were a lot of strange stories in 2010. The DAFTA Awards give a little recognition to the world's odd events. Here are the winners:
  • The Penis Tattoo (Crazy Crime)—A man wanted to get a yin - yang tattoo. His former friend and tattoo artist decided that a footlong

Celebrity Baby Names of 2010: The Good and the Horrid

Louis Bardo Bullock wins top honors

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock had a tough year , but at least she won an Oscar … and now she’s also been given the “Oscar for Best Celebrity Baby Name of 2010” for her son Louis Bardo, write naming experts Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz on the Daily Beast . They...

Meet Your 2010 Entertainer of the Year
Meet Your 2010
Entertainer of the Year
best of 2010

Meet Your 2010 Entertainer of the Year

Like you didn't know who that was in the photo

(Newser) - This year alone, Betty White won a SAG lifetime achievement award , starred in an award-winning Super Bowl ad , won an Emmy for hosting Saturday Night Live , and scored a TV series , a calendar, and a book deal . Is it any wonder the Associated Press voted the 88-year-old Entertainer of the...

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year: Austerity
Word of the Year: Austerity
best of 2010

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year: Austerity

Runners-up include 'socialism,' 'bigot'

(Newser) - Austerity measures announced by governments across Europe this year sparked a surge in civil unrest, and a surge in people trying to find out exactly what the word means. Merriam-Webster says that, based on search trends, the noun—meaning "enforced or extreme economy"—is its word of 2010....

Joaquin Phoenix, Jim Carrey, and More Great Actors Whose 2010 Performances Won't Win Oscars
25 Actors Who Should Snag
an Oscar, but Won't
best of 2010

25 Actors Who Should Snag an Oscar, but Won't

These unconventional roles are still great performances

(Newser) - It’s easy enough to predict who will snag an Oscar—but more interesting are the unconventional performances that are just as good, but will never be so honored. In New York , Bilge Ebiri and Logan Hill list this year’s 25 best, most likely to be overlooked, performances:
  • Chloe

Which Politicians Had the Best—and Worst—Year?

Hint: The guy in the picture wasn't in the winners' circle

(Newser) - Who had the best year in Washington? Probably Mr. John Boehner, the Washington Post decides. Nobody else believed in Boehner’s vision of a GOP House takeover, but the speaker-elect made it happen. But that’s not the fun question. The fun question is: Who had the worst year? Barack...

What the World Watched as 2010 Unfolded

Snooki to Spillcam, here's what we gawked at

(Newser) - We stared in horror as oil gushed unchecked from BP's ruptured well for months, we might have raised a beer as Steven Slater took his epic slide down a JetBlue ramp, and we feverishly refreshed Facebook as Mark Zuckerberg took Time's Person of the Year Honors. but mostly, writes Ted...

16 Phrases That Must Go Away by 2011

Really everyone, it's time to stop saying 'OMG'

(Newser) - Trying to think up a good New Year's resolution? Julie Gerstein would like you to consider giving up the following words and phrases—forever. From The Frisky :
  • Friend: "Not as in 'you are my friend.' Friend, as in: 'Did you friend me on Facebook yet?'"
  • Amazeballs: "Equally

Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst, and More of the Year's Best Nude Scenes
The 10 Greatest
Nude Scenes of the Year
best of 2010

The 10 Greatest Nude Scenes of the Year

Including a few first-timers!

(Newser) - It was a bad year for movies—so bad that Burlesque got nominated for a Golden Globe . But “it was a great year for nudity,” Jim McBride tells AOL News . McBride runs the Mr. Skin website, which annually ranks the 10 best nude scenes of the year. 2010’...

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