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59 Reasons Why New York Is Where It's At
59 Reasons Why New York
Is Where It's At

59 Reasons Why New York Is Where It's At selected by none other than 'New York' magazine

(Newser) - 'Tis the season to reflect—and while 2010 was hardly the best year on record, New York Magazine can still find plenty to be cheerful about in the Big Apple. This week's cover story praises the city "where the future is always made. We steamroll forward, never imagining that...

Black Swan, 127 Hours, The Social Network: American Film Institute Names Best Movies, TV Shows of 2010
127 Hours, Black Swan, Glee
Among AFI's Faves
best of 2010

127 Hours, Black Swan, Glee Among AFI's Faves

Honors will be doled out Jan. 14

(Newser) - The American Film Institute bestowed its annual honors on the 10 best US movies and TV programs of the year. The best films include Black Swan , Inception , 127 Hours , The Social Network , and Toy Story 3 . Top TV programs include The Big C , Boardwalk Empire , Glee , Mad Men , and Modern ...

'Hide Your Wife' Vid Year's Most Popular on YouTube
'Hide Your Wife' Video Year's
Most Popular on YouTube
best of 2010

'Hide Your Wife' Video Year's Most Popular on YouTube

61M fans watch Antoine Dodson go ballistic

(Newser) - A young Alabama man's over-the-top, unintentionally funny anger at his sister's near sex-assault in their home is the most popular YouTube video of the year, with a whopping 61 million views. "Hide your kids, hide your wife cuz they rapin' everybody out here," snaps Antoine Dobson. YouTube tallied...

Best Books of 2010, Chosen by Authors

Dave Eggers, Tao Lin, and more offer their picks

(Newser) - Who better to ask for book suggestions than an author? Nineteen of them share their favorites of 2010 with Salon :
  • Dave Eggers: The collection Beirut39: New Writing From the Arab World is "a really necessary undertaking" highlighting the "kind of renaissance taking place ... among young Arab writers."

And 2010's Top Musical Artist Is...
And 2010's Top
Musical Artist Is...

And 2010's Top Musical Artist Is...

Lady Gaga, says Billboard

(Newser) - Lady Gaga was Billboard ’s top new artist last year, and this year she’s moved on to snag the top artist-of-the-year honors. That’s the fastest any woman has moved from one category to the other since Whitney Houston managed the feat in 1985-86. (Chris Brown managed to...

15 Celebs Who Went From 'Whatever' to 'Wow' in 2010

Even Gwyneth Paltrow's appeal is up

(Newser) - It's hard to believe that last year, James Franco was just, as the Daily Beast puts it, "that guy from Freaks & Geeks." He joins 14 other celebs on the Beast's list of the most-improved stars of 2010:
  • Jennifer Grey: Truly, no one puts Baby in a corner.

Rolling Stone's 30 Best Albums of 2010: Kanye's on Top

Eminem enjoys a comeback, too

(Newser) - Kanye West's comeback must be complete: Rolling Stone awarded him the top slot in its list of 2010's 30 best albums. The top 10:
  1. Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: "Music as sprawlingly messy as his life," these songs are "hip-hop epics ... full of the kind

John Waters Picks the Best Films of 2010

And, yes, Jackass 3D makes the list

(Newser) - Cult filmmaker John Waters offers up his 10 favorite movies of 2010, and the list is as interesting as you'd expect:
  • Domain: He describes his favorite movie of the year thusly: "A 40-year-old alcoholic aunt (played by Béatrice Dalle—'Betty Blue' herself!) and her gayish teenage nephew

2010's Least Amazing Big Deals
 2010's Least Amazing Big Deals

2010's Least Amazing Big Deals

10 most overrated things of the year

(Newser) - We're officially in that always-fun time of year: The season for "best of" lists. And while Newser is sure to present plenty of lists that round up the best of 2010 , we can't help but slip in a few that focus on the worst. Courtesy of Mark Juddery, author...

And the Sexiest Man Alive Is...
 And the Sexiest Man Alive Is... 

And the Sexiest Man Alive Is...

Ryan Reynolds, sayeth People

(Newser) - People names Ryan Reynolds 2010's Sexiest Man Alive, but the actor wants you to know that "my body naturally wants to look like Dick Van Dyke," he says. "When I stop training, I turn into a skin-colored whisper." The actor, who will play the Green...

Michelle Obama, Carey Mulligan, Lady Gaga, and More: Vogue's 2010 Best Dressed List
 Vogue's 10 Best Dressed 

Vogue's 10 Best Dressed

Actresses, models, even the first lady makes the list

(Newser) - Vogue honors 10 ladies who are "rewriting the rules" of fashion in its 2010 Best Dressed list. The honorees:
  • Blake Lively
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Michelle Obama
  • Jessica Biel

Say Hello to GQ's Men of the Year

After the year he's had, James Franco is no surprise

(Newser) - The 2010 Men of the Year are here. GQ honors James Franco, Jeff Bridges, Stephen Colbert, and Drake in its latest issue. Click through the gallery to see the titles they earned—or try to match the man with the title before you peek; the four options: Breakout, Patriot, Icon,...

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