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Border Agents Can't Touch Texas' Barbed Wire: Judge

Temporary order includes exemption for cases likely to result in serious injury or death

(Newser) - Texas won a temporary victory over the federal government Monday as a federal judge blocked Border Patrol agents from cutting through the state's barbed wire fence along the Rio Grande, meant to deter migrants from crossing into the US. Texas has spent $11 million to buy more than 70,...

Chinese Migrants Are Taking a Dangerous Route to US

They're fleeing repression, declining economy in homeland

(Newser) - Deng Guangsen, 28, is part of a major influx of Chinese migration to the United States on a relatively new and perilous route that has become increasingly popular with the help of social media. Deng spent two months traveling to San Diego from the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, through...

Biden Administration Says It Has No Choice but to Build Wall

Environmental campaigner slams 'horrific step backwards for the borderlands'

(Newser) - Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insists the Biden administration's position against border walls hasn't changed, despite plans to build up to 20 miles of barriers in Texas. "From day one, this Administration has made clear that a border wall is not the answer," Mayorkas said in...

'Acute' Need at Border Spurs a Big Biden Reversal

Administration waives 26 federal laws to clear way for new wall construction in Texas

(Newser) - Three years ago, Joe Biden vowed that, if elected, he'd never erect a single new section of border wall between the United States and Mexico. Now, President Biden has rethought that, due to an "acute" need to keep illegal immigration at bay. The AP reports the commander in...

Now Elon Musk Is Weighing in on Migrants

Billionaire calls for 'greatly expanded legal immigration' during visit to southern border

(Newser) - Elon Musk has a foot in many industries. Now, he's dipping a toe in the immigration debate, offering his suggestions for how to address an influx of migrants reaching the US across the Rio Grande. The billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and owner of X traveled to the...

Mexico's Top Court Decriminalizes Abortion Nationwide

Crime will be removed from country's penal code

(Newser) - Mexico's Supreme Court decriminalized abortion nationwide Wednesday, two years after ruling that abortion was not a crime in one northern state. That earlier ruling had set off a grinding process of decriminalizing abortion state by state. Last week, the central state of Aguascalientes became the 12th of Mexico's...

At US-Mexico Border Wall, a Piece of a More Infamous Wall

Chunk of the Berlin Wall gets a second life in Tijuana

(Newser) - As the US government built its latest stretch of border wall, the AP reports that Mexico made a statement of its own by laying remains of the Berlin Wall a few steps away. The 3-ton pockmarked, gray concrete slab sits between a bullring, a lighthouse, and the border wall, which...

Texas National Guardsman Shoots Man Across Border

Wounded man across the Rio Grande is Mexican, and incident is under investigation

(Newser) - An unusual shooting involving a soldier with the Texas National Guard is under investigation. The Guardsman fired across the Rio Grande and wounded a Mexican man Saturday evening, reports the Dallas Morning News . The man identified as Darwin Jose Garcia, 37, was hit in the leg and is recuperating, per...

Joint US-Mexico Body Makes Big Find on Border Barrier

Topographical survey discovers that nearly 80% of controversial buoy barrier is in Mexico, not US

(Newser) - Migrant advocates, environmentalists, and the Mexican and US governments have all pushed back at the controversial border barrier Texas has installed in the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States. Despite recovering at least two bodies along the barrier since it was installed in July, and...

A Texas Mystery: Water Barrels for Migrants Are Disappearing

Human rights groups have long maintained them as life-saving measure in desperate heat

(Newser) - As one of the worst heat waves on record rolls through much of the southern United States this summer, authorities and activists in South Texas found themselves embroiled in a mystery in the arid region near the border with Mexico. Barrels of life-saving water that a human rights group had...

On Migrant Bus From Texas to Chicago, a 'Tragic Situation'

3-year-old dies after health issues during trip, part of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star

(Newser) - A 3-year-old traveling on a bus of asylum-seekers headed from Texas to Chicago died before reaching that destination. ABC News reports that confirmation of the child's death came via a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Public Health, who noted the agency is working with local and state law...

Biden Seeks $40B in Emergency Spending

Proposal will run up against government shutdown threat

(Newser) - President Biden sent a funding request to Congress on Thursday for emergency spending totaling about $40 billion. The proposal includes $24 billion for aid to Ukraine and other international causes, $12 billion to restock federal disaster relief funds, and $4 billion for needs at the border with Mexico, Politico reports....

Court Hands Biden Administration a Big Win on Border

Asylum restrictions can stay in place for now, court rules

(Newser) - An appeals court Thursday allowed a rule restricting asylum at the southern border to temporarily stay in place. The decision is a major win for the Biden administration, which had argued that the rule was integral to its efforts to maintain order along the US-Mexico border, the AP reports. The...

Out of the Rio Grande, a 'Troubling' Report

Mexican officials say 2 bodies have been found along Texas' controversial floating barrier

(Newser) - Despite warnings over possible dangers , as well as a lawsuit from the Justice Department, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott hasn't budged on removing the floating barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande, part of his state's efforts to keep migrants from crossing over from Mexico. Now, two bodies...

DOJ Warns Texas of Legal Action Over Rio Grande Buoys

Abbott responds that he's not budging

(Newser) - The Justice Department has told Texas it plans to take legal action to force the state to remove barriers placed in the Rio Grande to prevent migrant crossings, a warning that was shrugged off by Gov. Greg Abbott. "This floating barrier poses a risk to navigation, as well as...

Mom of Girl, 8, Who Died in Border Patrol Custody: We Begged for Help as She Suffered

She said her medically fragile daughter struggled to breathe, couldn't walk

(Newser) - The mother of an 8-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody said Friday that agents repeatedly ignored pleas to hospitalize her medically fragile daughter as she felt pain in her bones, struggled to breathe, and was unable to walk. Agents said her daughter's diagnosis of influenza did not...

MTG Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Biden

House Republicans don't actually have the votes to impeach him, however

(Newser) - Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday introduced impeachment articles against President Biden, claiming he has failed to secure the border. She said in a press conference Thursday that Biden has "deliberately compromised our national security by refusing to enforce immigration laws," Fox News reports. That, the articles say, per...

DeSantis Is Sending 'Cavalry' to Mexico Border

He's sending 1.1K personnel to Texas, along with planes, boats, drones

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he's sending a formidable force, including planes, boats, drones, and more than 1,100 personnel, to help "defend" the border with Mexico. The Republican, who is expected to announce a White House bid within weeks, said the deployment will include 800 members of...

Migrant Numbers at Border Fell 50% After Rule Change

But many are still in US custody

(Newser) - The number of migrants encountered at the southern US border fell 50% during the last three days compared with the days leading up to the end of a key pandemic-era regulation, federal officials said Monday. A high number of migrants are still in US custody, though the number has fallen...

What the End of Title 42 Means
What the End of Title 42 Means

What the End of Title 42 Means

US is trying to discourage migrants from crossing illegally

(Newser) - The US is putting new restrictions into place at its southern border to try to stop migrants from crossing illegally and encourage them instead to apply for asylum online through a new process. The changes come with the end of Title 42 coronavirus restrictions on asylum that have allowed the...

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