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Family: Flight Attendant Recorded Teen in Bathroom
Flight Attendant Recorded
Girl, 14, in Bathroom: Family

Flight Attendant Recorded Girl, 14, in Bathroom: Family

Police removed flight attendant from American Airlines flight on Sept. 2; FBI investigating

(Newser) - The family of a 14-year-old girl who allegedly discovered an iPhone taped to the back of a toilet seat on a recent flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston said they believe she was targeted by a member of the crew, per the AP . During American Airlines Flight 1441 on...

American Airlines Sues 'Skiplagging' Website

Skiplagged sells 'hidden city' tickets

(Newser) - American Airlines appears to be getting tough on skiplagging, also known as "hidden city" ticketing—the practice of buying an airline ticket with a layover and ending your journey in the layover city instead of the final destination. This can save travelers money when the longer flight is cheaper...

American Airlines' Pilots Just Got a Nice Surprise

Under new contract, pay will go up 21% immediately, then even more

(Newser) - Under a new contract ratified Monday , American Airlines pilots are getting a significant pay bump. Their compensation will increase by 46% over its four-year duration, with immediate changes including a 21% boost in pay and improved sick leave, vacation pay, and training pay. The airline also increased 401(k) contributions and...

Flight Makes 'Terrifying' Drop After Pressurization Warning

Passenger praises crew after plane lands safely

(Newser) - An American Airlines flight last week dropped nearly 20,000 feet over 11 minutes after the pilot received a warning of a pressurization problem, a descent that a passenger called terrifying. Flight 5916, which took off Thursday afternoon from Charlotte, landed safely in Gainesville, Florida. No one was injured, WCNC...

Administration Wins End to JetBlue-American Alliance
JetBlue Gives Up
on American Alliance

JetBlue Gives Up on American Alliance

Former partner is still appealing ruling against the arrangement in Northeast

(Newser) - JetBlue will abandon its partnership in the Northeast with American Airlines, accepting a judge's ruling though its former partner is appealing it. JetBlue said Wednesday it will instead concentrate on acquiring Spirit Airlines, CNBC reports, after a court found that the deal with American hurts competition. American confirmed Wednesday...

He Waited Out 18-Hour Delay, Had a Wild Flight

Persistent North Carolina real estate agent gets the flight to himself, has some fun

(Newser) - Sometimes persistence pays off—in the form of basically a private flight home. Such is the case of Phil Stringer, who booked what ended up becoming a much delayed flight from Oklahoma City to Charlotte, North Carolina, that was scheduled to leave at 6:30am Sunday. After at least seven...

American Airlines Introduces a New Fee

Basic economy tickets on transoceanic flights no longer come with a free checked bag

(Newser) - The nickel-and-diming of airline passengers continues. American Airlines has announced that travelers flying internationally on its Basic Economy tickets will no longer enjoy a first checked bag free. There will now be a $75 fee for the first checked bag on transoceanic flights, with the airline explaining the move was...

Worker Dies in 'Tragic Event' Outside Terminal Gate

American Airlines employee's service vehicle collided with jet bridge in Austin: officials

(Newser) - An American Airlines employee died at a Texas airport on Thursday after suffering "traumatic injuries" in a crash with the bridge that connects a plane to a terminal gate. The employee, who has not been identified, was operating a service vehicle that struck the jet bridge, according to authorities,...

Here's How America's Major Airlines Rank

WalletHub places Delta at the top of its list

(Newser) - Finding the cheapest flight is often a traveler's priority, but there are other reasons to pick one airline over the other. WalletHub checked out the nine largest US carriers, plus two regional airlines, to see how they ranked on everything from baggage, departures, and safety, to in-flight comfort (think...

Airliner, Bus Hit, Injuring 5
Plane, Bus
Collide at LAX

Plane, Bus Collide at LAX

American airliner, which held no passengers, was being towed on LA taxiway

(Newser) - An airliner being towed on a taxiway at Los Angeles International Airport collided with a shuttle bus on Friday night, injuring five people. The bus was carrying passengers, but the American Airlines Airbus A321 wasn't, the New York Times reports. The bus was carrying passengers between terminals, while the...

American, Southwest Post Drastically Different Q4 Stats

American sees a profit of $803M; Southwest takes $220M loss after a chaotic December

(Newser) - American Airlines offered more proof Thursday of the recovery in air travel, posting a better-than-expected profit for the fourth quarter, while Southwest Airlines lost money because of massive flight cancellations last month. Southwest said it also expects another loss in the first quarter, though it added it was encouraged by...

JFK Has a Close Call: 'Cancel Takeoff Clearance!'

American plane taxied across runway in front of departing Delta 737

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after an airliner crossed the path of another about to take off Friday night at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The crew of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 was able to abort takeoff, CNN reports, and the plane stopped less than 1,000...

United, American Cap Fares to Help Southwest's Stranded

Other airlines also try to accommodate customers left high and dry by thousands of nixed SW flights

(Newser) - Amid travel woes involving Southwest Airlines ' customers this holiday week, two other major airlines are trying to mitigate the mess. CNN Business reports that United Airlines and American Airlines are limiting how much it costs to fly to and from certain cities on their own flights to help the...

Odell Beckham Jr. Escorted Off Flight
Odell Beckham Jr.
Escorted Off Flight

Odell Beckham Jr. Escorted Off Flight

Lawyer blames incident on 'overzealous' crew member

(Newser) - Odell Beckham Jr. was removed from an American Airlines flight Sunday morning as it prepared to depart from Miami en route to Los Angeles. Per a police report cited by CBS Sports and ESPN , the flight crew tried to wake the NFL wide receiver to ask him to fasten his...

Airline Squeezes Out First Class on International Flights

American says passenger preferences have changed

(Newser) - It wouldn't make a great slogan, but American Airlines has decided that on its international flights, nobody will travel first class anymore. "First class will not exist on the 777, or for that matter at American Airlines, for the simple reason that our customers aren't buying it,...

Seriously Weird Noises Heard Over Airline's PA System
Moans and Worse Heard
Over Airline's PA System

Moans and Worse Heard Over Airline's PA System

American blames technical glitch, but internet sleuths aren't so sure

(Newser) - "Explosive diarrhea, vomiting, and a weird, vaguely sexual moan." Per Gizmodo , that’s how film producer and actor Emerson Collins described the sounds emanating from the public announcement system on an American Airlines flight from LA to Dallas on Sept. 6. In the video , which Collins posted last...

FBI Detains Man After 'Unprovoked' Attack on Flight Attendant

Witness says American Airlines passenger claimed he was the Messiah

(Newser) - He wasn't the Messiah, he was a very unruly passenger. A man was detained Wednesday after allegedly attacking a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight to Los Angeles from San Jose del Cabo in Mexico, and a witness says the man started shouting about being the Messiah after...

Best US Airlines in 2022
The Best
US Airlines,

The Best US Airlines, Ranked

The Points Guy crowns Delta as king

(Newser) - The Points Guy website is out with its annual ranking of US airlines, and Delta comes out on top by a rather comfortable margin. The top-10 ranking takes into account all the factors you'd expect—on-time flights, cancellations, general reliability, cost, scheduling, frequent-flier perks, and more. Here are the...

American Airlines Places Order for 20 Supersonic Jets

Boom Supersonic expects the Overture to debut in 2029

(Newser) - American Airlines has agreed to buy up to 20 supersonic jets and put down a non-refundable deposit on the planes, which are still on the drawing board and years away from flying. Neither American nor the manufacturer Boom Supersonic would provide financial details Tuesday, including the size of American's...

Woman Says She Was Banned From Flight After Using 'Teacher Voice'

She says American Airlines manager didn't like her tone

(Newser) - Kyleema Norman, a deputy superintendent at the New York City Department of Education, says she used her "teacher voice" to speak to airline staffers about a delay—and ended up getting barred from her American Airlines flight because a staffer didn't like her tone. Norman tells the New ...

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