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Dan Savage Stands By 'Bullsh**' Bible Rant

Sex columnist sparks walk-out by Christians at journalism convention

(Newser) - Dan Savage apologized yesterday for referring to Christians who walked out on his speech as "pansy ass," but stood by the Bible-bashing comments that sparked the walkout to begin with. "We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people," Savage said during...

Anti-Bully Campaigns a Front for Gay Agenda

...says Christian group Focus on the Family

(Newser) - It’s tough to come up with anything bad to say about anti-bullying programs … unless you’re a Focus on the Family rep. Candi Cushman, education expert for the Christian organization, says that all too often anti-bullying initiatives are used to push “the gay agenda,” as she...

Left-Right Coalition Presses US on Prison Rape

Groups criticize Eric Holder for delay in new rules

(Newser) - The issue of prison rape—and the Justice Department's delay in addressing it—has brought together an unusual coalition of conservative and progressive groups, the Huffington Post reports. Focus on the Family and the American Conservative Union joined the ACLU and George Soros' Open Society Policy Center yesterday in calling...

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: That's It?

Focus on the Family wins by going understated

(Newser) - After weeks of hype, controversy, and speculation over what it would entail, the actual Focus on the Family ad featuring Tim Tebow was discreet, lighthearted, and rather anticlimactic. That didn't appease the National Organization for Women, however, whose president simply turned focus from the (missing) pro-life propaganda to Tebow's playful...

The Real Story of Tim Tebow's Near-Abortion

Omitted from inspirational version: Abortion was illegal

(Newser) - As the uproar over Tim Tebow’s anti-abortion Super Bowl ad rages, little attention has been paid to whether his mom Pam’s story—that she refused a recommended abortion while working as a missionary in the Philippines—is true. “One detail has so far been excluded from Tebow's...

Women's Groups Rip Super Bowl Anti-Abortion Ad

CBS refuses to yank Focus on Family spot

(Newser) - Furious women's groups are demanding that CBS yank a controversial anti-abortion Super Bowl ad by an ultra-conservative evangelical organization. It's the first time Focus on the Family, which battles gay marriage and abortion rights, is spending millions to deliver its message during the NFL's big game. "We urge you...

CBS Open to More Super Bowl Advocacy Ads
 CBS Open to More 
 Super Bowl Advocacy Ads 

CBS Open to More Super Bowl Advocacy Ads

After flap over pro-life piece, 'responsibly produced' spots OK

(Newser) - After various advocacy groups cried foul over CBS’ decision to eschew its usual policy and air an ad during the Super Bowl that will feature Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and carry a pro-life message, the network said today it will allow similar spots during the Feb. 7 broadcast—as...

Tim Tebow in Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

Former Florida QB will appear in 30-second spot with his mom

(Newser) - Tim Tebow and his mother will appear in a 30-second anti-abortion ad to air during the Super Bowl. The TV spot, for the group Focus on the Family, is expected to feature them discussing his 1987 birth. Pam Tebow disregarded doctors' advice to abort the pregnancy after she fell ill...

Sex Addiction: A Dubious Diagnosis
Sex Addiction:
A Dubious Diagnosis

Sex Addiction: A Dubious Diagnosis

The go-to excuse for adulterers is little more than pop psychology

(Newser) - It’s spawned a VH1 reality show, and it’s a great excuse for philanderers everywhere, but is sex addiction even real? Tracy Clark-Flory of Salon wasn’t convinced, so she consulted a variety of experts on the subject—many of whom aren't buying. One sex therapist calls it “...

Anti-Abortion Groups Attack Health Reform

(Newser) - Anti-abortion groups are launching a full-scale assault on health reform plans, contending that current proposals include an “abortion mandate” and would spend taxpayer money on the procedure, Politico reports. The first claim is based on a plan to federally mandate a basic set of procedures insurers must offer. Abortion...

Prejean: 'Satan Set Gay Trap for Me'

She rejected devil and 'stood up for God' on gay marriage, Prejean tells Dobson

(Newser) - Miss California has told a Christian radio program that "Satan tried to tempt me" with the gay marriage pageant question that rocketed her into controversy. "I wanted to sound politically correct" and win the Miss USA pageant, Carrie Prejean told evangelical leader James Dobson yesterday. "Then God...

Focus on the Family Chair Dobson Resigns

Promises to continue preaching conservative views on his own

(Newser) - James Dobson is stepping down from his perch atop Focus on the Family, the AP reports, saying he wants to “lessen his administrative burden.” The conservative evangelist said he’ll keep playing a big role in the organization he founded, and will keep pushing his political agenda. Though...

Evangelical Dobson Slams Obama

Focus on the Family head blasts 'fruitcake' Constitution interpretation

(Newser) - One of the country's most prominent evangelical leaders says Barack Obama is "distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own world view," the AP reports. Focus on the Family head James Dobson recorded an 18-minute screed that was released ahead of his radio show today,...

Key Evangelical Leader to Endorse Huckabee

First primary endorsement ever for Focus on Family founder

(Newser) - One of the most influential Evangelical Christian leaders in the nation is expected today to endorse Mike Huckabee, providing a major boost to his campaign among conservatives, AP reports. James Dobson, founder of Colorado's Focus on the Family organization, has never before endorsed a Republican presidential candidate during a primary...

Norris Credited With Huck Boost
Norris Credited With Huck Boost

Norris Credited With Huck Boost

Action star a multi-generational icon, but also a true Christian conservative

(Newser) - Like the last shrewd Arkansas politician before him, Mike Huckabee isn't discounting the punch of star power—particularly when it's coming from martial arts tough guy Chuck Norris. Seriously, says Newsweek’s Howard Fineman. Not only did the action hero provide needed publicity, but he’s a known born-again Christian...

Blackwater CEO Thick as Thieves With Bush, Christian Right

Prince's ties date to White House internship

(Newser) - The CEO of embattled Blackwater USA has deep ties to the GOP and the religious right, beginning with a college internship in the first Bush White House. Erik Prince’s security firm's federal contracts have grown from under $1 million in 2001 to over $1 billion today, and he's made...

Thompson Losing Evangelicals
Thompson Losing Evangelicals

Thompson Losing Evangelicals

Balk at endorsing candidate who won't talk about his religion, doesn't back gay marriage ban

(Newser) - Fred Thompson, once the longed-for alternative to a field of uninspiring GOP candidates, didn't get through his campaign's first official month before the religious right started jumping ship, Politico reports. Thompson's refusal to back a gay marriage ban, past lobbying for an abortion-rights group, and refusal to talk religion has...

Anti-abortion Groups Split by Late-Term Ban

Purists rip Dobson for praising limits, not full prohibition

(Newser) - The recent Supreme Court ruling against partial-birth abortions has ignited a battle among anti-abortion groups, the Washington Post reports. The bickering highlights a divide between groups working for a wholesale ban and those seeking limits. In newspaper ads, a religious coalition ripped the ruling as "wicked" and slammed longtime...

Giuliani Loses Dobson's Vote
Giuliani Loses Dobson's Vote

Giuliani Loses Dobson's Vote

Focus on the Family founder cites abortion support, "moral concerns"

(Newser) - Christian evangelist James Dobson came out swinging against Rudy Giuliani after the former mayor admitted last week that he supports abortion rights and same-sex domestic partnerships. Dobson says he won't vote for Rudy if he wins the GOP nomination, citing those issues and "moral concerns"  over his marital...

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