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Militants Storm Presidential Palace in Somalia

al-Shabab has vowed to step up attacks in Mogadishu

(Newser) - Militants have stormed the presidential palace in Mogadishu, though the BBC reports that Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is not there today. A police official said the attack started when a car bomb exploded outside the presidential complex. Gunmen then entered the palace, their entry apparently made easier because many...

Suicide Bomber Misfires While Parking, Kills Only Himself

No one else injured in Mogadishu

(Newser) - A suicide car bomber accidentally detonated his explosives near a popular hotel in the Somali capital and managed to kill only himself, say police. The bomber appeared to have prematurely detonated his explosives-laden car today as he tried to park near the Mogadishu hotel. No others were hurt or killed...

US Military in Somalia for First Time Since 'Black Hawk Down'

About 2 dozen trainers, advisers in Mogadishu: Washington Post

(Newser) - It may not qualify as "boots on the ground," but the Washington Post sees it as a milestone nonetheless. It reports that the US military has sent about two dozen "trainers and advisers" to Somalia to help the fight against the al-Shabab militia , marking the first return...

Car Bomb Near Somalia Hotel Leaves 4 Dead

Diplomat killed; at least 15 reported injured

(Newser) - A car bombing near a pricey hotel in the Somali capital has killed at least four people and wounded 15, says a government spokesman; a hospital official put the number admitted at 22. One of those killed was top diplomat Abdulkadir Ali Dhuub, formerly acting ambassador to the UK, AFP...

Somalia: 9 Gunmen Killed in Court Attack

Unknown number of civilians dead in strike; al-Shabab suspected

(Newser) - Somalia's interior minister says that nine militants attacked Mogadishu's Supreme Court complex and that all have been killed. Abdikarim Hussein Guled said that six of the attackers detonated suicide vests and three others were shot and killed during today's assault on the court complex in the Somali...

Gunmen Storm Somali Court
 Gunmen Storm Somali Court 

Gunmen Storm Somali Court

Blasts heard as militants force their way in; al-Shabab suspected

(Newser) - Witnesses in Somalia say that gunmen stormed the capital's main court complex, firing guns and detonating two blasts. One man, who was near the court when the attack happened this morning, said that armed men forced their way inside and immediately set off an explosion. A government spokesman confirmed...

Woman Claims Rape— and Somalia Charges Her

Government accuses her of trying to discredit it, profit

(Newser) - Today's tale of alleged injustice comes out of Somalia, where a human rights group says that a woman who reported being raped by security forces was herself charged by the government. Her crime? Simulating a criminal offense and making a false accusation, among other charges; those two carry a...

Gunmen Kill Somali Man, 100 Arrested

Ahmed Nure Awdiini was a prominent businessman

(Newser) - It's not the kind of math you see every day: A prominent Somali businessman was assassinated in Mogadishu, and more than 100 people have subsequently been arrested for questioning, reports the BBC . Gunmen reportedly fired at Ahmed Nure Awdiini outside his office, striking him in the chest. Awdiini led...

Somalia Inaugurates New President

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud sworn in days after assassination attempt

(Newser) - Somalia's new leader was inaugurated today amid tight security in the capital, Mogadishu, four days after President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud survived an assassination attempt . Mohamud, a teacher and activist, won the election last week against outgoing President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed by the legislative vote of 190 to 79....

Somalia's Olympic Head Killed in Blast

At least 10 dead, dozens wounded

(Newser) - At least 10 people, including the presidents of Somalia's Olympic committee and the country's soccer federation, were killed in a blast at the national theater in Mogadishu today. The suicide blast occurred during a ceremony at the theater, which was closed as Somalia's civil war began and...

Worst 10 Travel Destinations
 Worst 10 Travel Destinations 

Worst 10 Travel Destinations

Steer clear of these dangerous locales

(Newser) - If you're jonesing for a trip on the wild side, well, you'd probably still better steer clear of the 10 worst places in the world. rounds up these impoverished and war-stricken locales, and advises avoiding them in 2012:
  • Harare, Zimbabwe: This city spiraled into turmoil when

2 Doctors Without Borders Workers Shot in Somalia

At least one killed: report

(Newser) - At least two Doctors Without Borders workers were shot at the aid group's office in the Somali capital today, and at least one person was killed. An employee of the group lost his job yesterday, and came back today to carry out the attack, according to another employee. The...

Truck Bomb Kills 70 in Somalia
 Truck Bomb Kills 70 in Somalia 

Truck Bomb Kills 70 in Somalia

Islamist militants claim responsibility

(Newser) - A truck laden with explosives blew up in front of the Ministry of Education in Somalia's capital today, killing 70 and injuring 42, a rescue official says. A Mogadishu police officer says the vehicle blew up after pulling up to a security checkpoint at the entrance to the ministry...

Somali Militants Launch Ramadan Offensive

Despite deadly famine, al-Shabab forces attack Mogadishu

(Newser) - For the fifth straight year, Islamic militant group al-Shabab used the start of Ramadan to launch attacks in Somalia, reports CNN . Despite one of the worst famines in 60 years , al-Shabab fighters attacked African Union forces in northeastern Mogadishu yesterday with suicide bombers, guns, and mortars. "In the midst...

15 Killed as Rebels Attack Somali Parliament

UN: 20K more peacekeepers needed

(Newser) - Three government soldiers were killed and a lawmaker was injured when mortar rounds believed to have been fired by Islamic insurgents hit Somalia's parliament building yesterday. Government and African Union soldiers counter attacked and killed close to a dozen people in a mortar assault on a market, AP reports. Dozens...

31 Killed in Somalia Hotel Attack

Islamic militants sought to topple government

(Newser) - Two Islamic militants opened fire in a hotel in the Somali capital yesterday, killing at least 31 people. Six members of Somalia's parliament were among the dead. After firing randomly into the hotel, the attackers blew themselves up as government security forces approached.

64 Killed in Bomb Attack on World Cup Revelers

Somali militants suspected in twin blasts

(Newser) - At least 64 people were killed in twin blasts in Uganda targeting World Cup revelers. The explosions tore through a packed rugby club and a restaurant in the capital of Kampala as exuberant fans watched yesterday's final match. One American was among the dead. "I remember blacking out, hearing...

20 Killed in Somali Bombing
 20 Killed in Somali Bombing 

20 Killed in Somali Bombing

(Newser) - A suicide bombing outside a hotel in western Somalia killed at least 20 people today including the national security minister. The Somali president accused al-Qaeda of being behind the attack. A witness said a small car headed toward the gate of the Medina Hotel in Belet Weyne, then drove into...

NJ Rep Attacked in Somalia Urges Support for New Gov't

Payne calls for world to support Somalia's new leaders

(Newser) - A New Jersey congressman targeted by Somali militants didn't even know his plane had been attacked until it landed safely in Kenya, he tells the Newark Star-Ledger. Rep. Donald Payne, who escaped injury from the mortar barrage, said he doesn't believe the assault should deter other politicians from meeting Somalia's...

Hit Pirates With Somalia Blockade
 Hit Pirates With 
 Somalia Blockade 

Hit Pirates With Somalia Blockade

Policing them where they hold their prey is more effective than ocean patrols

(Newser) - The Somali pirates terrorizing shipping lanes are clever, Peter Fromuth writes in the Washington Post, but their biggest advantages are those pirates have enjoyed throughout history: “big seas, many prey, and few protectors.” There are too many targets for warships to mount effective patrols on open waters. Instead,...

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