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Marriage Proposal Ends in 2 Arrests, $25K in Fines

Celebratory balloons were subsequently popped, fell in ocean off Miami

(Newser) - A marriage proposal and subsequent celebration aboard a yacht in Miami has been overshadowed by the arrest of two people and more than $25,000 in fines for others involved. Their alleged crime: dumping balloons. A bystander recorded video showing dozens of balloons decorating a yacht docked at Bayshore Landing...

United Passenger Arrested After Unorthodox Exit

Police say man opened emergency door, walked onto wing of taxiing plane, and slid to ground

(Newser) - In the latest installment of tales about unruly air passengers , Chicago police arrested a man who disembarked via an emergency exit onto the wing—while the plane was taxiing. The incident happened on a United jet that landed at O'Hare from San Diego early Thursday morning, reports NBC News...

Florida Bride, Caterer Allegedly Laced Food With Marijuana
After Guests Fall Ill at Wedding,
Bride and Caterer Are Arrested
in case you missed it

After Guests Fall Ill at Wedding, Bride and Caterer Are Arrested

Affidavits say the two laced the reception food with marijuana

(Newser) - Feeling joyous and elated at a wedding is one thing. Feeling "weird, tingly, fidgety, and had an extremely dry mouth" is another. That's how one guest at a Feb. 19 wedding reception in Longwood, Fla., described feeling, and police allege it's because the food was laced with...

2 Arrested in Theft of Sheriff's Speed-Warning Trailer

'It appears they were trying to get the batteries to sell the batteries,' sheriff says

(Newser) - Two Alabama men have been arrested over an audacious, but extremely ill-advised, theft. The Russell County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post Tuesday that Gabriel Mendoza Garcia and Steve Gerome Spann were arrested Monday for allegedly stealing a speed-warning trailer that belongs to the sheriff's office. "...

She Didn't Get Her Snakes Back. Then Cops Found a Freezer

Michael Patrick Turland accused of stuffing 183 animals in Arizona freezer, some while still alive

(Newser) - An Arizona man faces animal cruelty charges after 183 dead dogs, rabbits, birds, and other animals were found in a freezer, including some that were apparently frozen while alive, officials said. Local deputies and animal control officers found the animals in a garage freezer April 3 after a woman reported...

Cops: Pie in the Face Prank Is Criminal

Greenville, SC, police search for suspect ID'd through his YouTube videos

(Newser) - South Carolina police are looking for a suspect in a series of whipped cream assaults, who was identified from his own YouTube channel. Andre Eugene Moore-Gerald of Greenville, also identified through CCTV footage, is wanted on charges of third-degree assault and battery, according to Greenville police. Sgt. Johnathan Bragg says...

Man's Golf-Cart Scheme Lands Him in Prison

Authorities say Nathan Rodney Nelson admitted to stealing, trying to steal 84 carts

(Newser) - A Florida man ran into financial trouble. The scheme he concocted to get out of it has landed him in prison for two years. Authorities say Nathan Rodney Nelson, 46, confessed to stealing or trying to steal 84 golf carts across a number of states starting in 2017. He pleaded...

Man Accused of Creative Scheme to Steal Audi
Really Want
an Audi?
Don't Do This

Really Want an Audi? Don't Do This

Randy Cantwell arrested for impersonating federal marshal, trying to steal car in Tulsa, Okla.

(Newser) - A man in Oklahoma apparently had his heart set on an Audi, but his alleged scheme to acquire one didn't work out the way it was supposed to. KTUL reports that Randy Cantwell was arrested in Tulsa after police say he showed up at a car dealership in Tulsa,...

Cops: 'Ethical Hacker' Was Anything But

Aaron Motta of Florida accused of robbing customer of nearly $600K in cryptocurrency

(Newser) - Police say a tech expert listed as a "certified ethical hacker" on LinkedIn fell a wee bit short in the ethics department while working with a senior citizen. The Clearwater Police Department says 27-year-old Aaron Daniel Motta robbed nearly $600,000 in cryptocurrency from a customer who hired Motta...

This Might Be Nation&#39;s First Pickleball Felony
This Might Be Nation's
First Pickleball Felony

This Might Be Nation's First Pickleball Felony

Retiree in Denver accused of defacing rec center floor with boundary markings

(Newser) - Pickleball is one of the hottest sports in the nation , and now comes what is probably the first alleged felony related to its play. Authorities in Denver have charged a 71-year-old retiree with defacing a rec center's floor to mark boundaries for the game, reports CBS Denver . As a...

Man in Prison for Stealing Syrup Now Told to Pay Millions

Richard Vallieres was part of massive scheme that lifted one of country's hottest commodities

(Newser) - In what may be the most Canadian of crimes yet—and the "stickiest," per the BBC —the nation's high court this week ruled that a "major player" in a scheme to steal a massive amount of maple syrup must pay a $7.2 million fine....

Here's Why You Shouldn't Try to Rob Someone Walking a Dog

Poop stain led cops to suspect in Miami

(Newser) - Trying to rob someone walking their dog might not be the best idea—and not just because the dog might go on the attack. It was actually dog poop that helped lead cops to an armed robbery suspect this week, after he allegedly tried to hold up a woman in...

Man Admits Taking Bear Cubs From Den

But he had to turn to California wildlife officials for help before too long

(Newser) - A Northern California man who admitted to taking two bear cubs from their den and notified officials after he was unable to care for them pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited species, wildlife officials said. Cody Dylon Setzer, 29, and a co-worker who has not been identified and cooperated...

Denver Police Search for Heads Stolen From Truck

Box was marked 'Human Specimen'

(Newser) - Denver police are investigating the theft of a box containing human heads from a parked freight company truck, officials said Saturday. The box was being transported for medical research purposes, police said in an email, per the AP . Someone broke into the truck while it was parked between Wednesday afternoon...

Police: 2 Cops Shot at Hot Dog Stand

Injuries are not life-threatening in Chicago incident

(Newser) - Two Chicago police officers were shot and wounded early Friday by a gunman who dropped a handgun while waiting in line at a restaurant with one of the officers, picked it up, and opened fire, police said. The suspected gunman was captured nearby and the officers were taken to a...

He Wanted a Crossbow, Was Wearing Stretchy Pants

And thus comes another weird arrest in Florida

(Newser) - Is that a crossbow in your pocket, or are—just, no. Police in Florida say a man stole a crossbow from a store by shoving it down the front of his pants, reports NBC News . More specifically, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office says "one of the world's...

Man Arrested at Zoo: I Just Wanted to Look Into 'Eye of the Tiger'

He says he was not trying to get into enclosure as police claim

(Newser) - A man was arrested in Boston on Monday morning and accused of trying to get into the Franklin Park Zoo's tiger enclosure. Zoo workers say they saw Matthew Abraham, 24, in an area that is not open to the public behind the Tiger Tales exhibit around 8:45am, WCVB...

Cops: Man's Plan to Sell $25K Dino Claw Went South

Police say Christopher Thomas swiped claw from one show vendor, tried to sell it to another

(Newser) - The New York Daily News calls theft "a crime as old as time"—an apt description for what happened two weeks ago at a gem and mineral show in Tucson, Ariz. KGUN reports that Eric Miller has been a vendor at the city's Gem, Mineral, and Fossil...

She Thought She Was Training to Be DEA Agent. Cops Say It Was All a Dupe

Man now facing federal charges for impersonating narcotics agent

(Newser) - An Oregon woman trained to be a DEA agent for a year ... with a man who, police say, was an impostor. His strange alleged scheme unraveled last week when a sergeant with the Portland Police Bureau saw the man and woman standing near a silver Dodge Charger with red and...

He Called in a Threat to Ottawa. One Problem

Police say caller mistakenly phoned village in Ohio, rather than the capital of Canada

(Newser) - A man who wanted to support the protests in Canada's capital over mask mandates called in a bomb threat so police would waste their time chasing it, authorities said, but he called the wrong Ottawa—a village in Ohio. The man, a 20-year-old from Akron, Ohio, called the Putnam...

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