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Mystery Ailment Strips Bears of Their Fear of Humans

It's also causing fatal brain inflammation in bears out West

(Newser) - Wildlife officials in California are worried about a strange ailment that appears to strip young bears of their fear of humans—and also is causing fatal brain inflammation. Cases have been turning up in the state since at least 2014, including four in the last year, reports CBS Sacramento . As...

This Might Be the Weirdest Bear Encounter of All
This Might Be
the Weirdest
Bear Encounter
of All
in case you missed it

This Might Be the Weirdest Bear Encounter of All

Alaska woman was bitten or scratched on the butt while making use of an outhouse

(Newser) - A bear encounter in Alaska isn't too surprising. A bear encounter in Alaska during winter? Still not that unusual. A bear encounter in Alaska during winter and inside what had seemed to be an empty outhouse? Now, you're talking. KHNS has the bizarre tale, in which Haines resident...

Skier Escapes Bear by Ditching Backpack
Skier Being
Chased by Bear
Pulls Off 'Pretty
Cool Move'
in case you missed it

Skier Being Chased by Bear Pulls Off 'Pretty Cool Move'

Tense incident took place in Romania

(Newser) - Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? In this case, what the brown bear saw was a skier trying to outmaneuver it down a ski slope in Romania. Per the New York Daily News , the frightening incident took place Saturday at the Predeal mountain resort, where an unlucky tourist...

Couple's Bear-Feeding Hobby Just Cost Them $400

Colorado wildlife officials say it's 'selfish and unethical,' poses hazard for people and bears

(Newser) - People may be under the impression that feeding bears is a charitable, humane act, but Colorado wildlife officials have a different take. "It's selfish and unethical," Matt Martinez, an area wildlife manager for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency, said in a release Tuesday, after an elderly...

Woman Who Fed Bear in TikTok Video Charged

Feeding a black bear is a misdemeanor in Gatlinburg

(Newser) - A tourist who hand-fed watermelon and chocolate to a black bear in a video that went viral on TikTok broke the law and will face charges, authorities in Tennessee say. The video of the woman feeding the bear in Gatlinburg was viewed more than 500,000 times after it was...

Bears Kill Zoo Worker in Front of Tourists

Incident happened in Shanghai

(Newser) - Tourists visiting an animal park in Shanghai on Saturday saw the unimaginable unfold before their eyes: Bears attacked and killed a staffer, reports the BBC . Few details are known about the incident at the Shanghai Wildlife Park, including the identity of the victim, the type of bears involved, or what...

There's a Fat Contest Going On in an Alaska National Park

12 Alaska heavyweights are competing for title

(Newser) - If you're fed up with the election, there's another contest taking place in America. The annual "fat bear week" competition is underway in Alaska as the brown bears at Katmai National Park prepare for hibernation, the Guardian reports. The Fat Bear Week website lists 12 contenders, including...

Melting Permafrost Reveals Ice Age Bear With Fur Intact

'This is the first and only find of its kind'

(Newser) - After more than 20,000 years, melting permafrost in Siberia has yielded the amazingly well-preserved body of an Ice Age cave bear. The bear, which still has intact fur and soft tissues including its nose, was found by reindeer hunters on the Bolshoy Lyakhovsky islands in the East Siberian Sea...

An Unusual Bear Rescue, Wisconsin-Style
An Unusual Bear Rescue,

An Unusual Bear Rescue, Wisconsin-Style

Cub's head was stuck in an empty cheese tub

(Newser) - A Wisconsin family helped save a young bear that was struggling to breathe while swimming in a lake with its head caught in a plastic food container, per the AP . Tricia and Brian Hurt and their son, Brady, were fishing on Marsh Miller Lake in western Wisconsin's Chippewa County...

Yellowstone Tourist Learns Mama Bears Don't Mess Around

Missouri tourist escapes with minor injuries after attack by grizzly

(Newser) - Visitors strolling along a path with a name like Fairy Falls Trail wouldn't be unreasonable to envision a relaxing, enchanting walk surrounded by picturesque scenery. For one tourist in Yellowstone National Park this week, however, her saunter was anything but idyllic. Per a National Park Service release cited by...

She Was Napping in Backyard. Then: 'It Immediately Attacked'

Southern California teen escapes black bear by hitting it with her laptop

(Newser) - A California teen received an unpleasant awakening from a nap this week, but she's lived to tell the tale, thanks to her computer. Per USA Today , the unidentified 19-year-old was snoozing Monday evening in a chair in the backyard of a home in Sierra Madre when suddenly, "she...

'Vindication' for Conservation Officer Fired for Not Killing Cubs

Court rules Bryce Casavant's 2015 firing was improper

(Newser) - A former conservation officer who was fired for refusing to shoot two bear cubs says he is feeling vindicated after a court ruled in his favor. In July 2015, Bryce Casavant had responded to a report of a black bear rummaging through a freezer at a home in Port Hardy,...

Cubs Can Be Killed in Alaska Dens Under Trump Rule Change

NPS, Fish and WiNPS, Fish and Wildlife to relax Obama-era regulations related to federal lands

(Newser) - Two federal agencies are relaxing Obama-era regulations on wildlife, now allowing for more hunting and trapping at national preserves throughout Alaska. The Alaska Daily News reports that the rolling back by the National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service of the 2015 prohibitions will allow hunters to take black...

Owners Scream as Bear Opens Mercedes Door
Owners Scream as Bear
Opens Mercedes Door

Owners Scream as Bear Opens Mercedes Door

TMZ finds footage of owners freaking out as bear approaches their car

(Newser) - Where, when, why—that we don't know. But TMZ has dug up footage of people fearfully watching a bear approach a Mercedes and freaking out when the animal manages to open the vehicle door. "The video is hysterical," says the media outlet. "It appears the people...

No Need for Firefighters: Mama Bear Rescues Cubs

She swam them all to safety at marina in California

(Newser) - Visitors to a California marina called firefighters when they noticed three bear cubs in an apparent pickle: They were huddled together under a dock, separated from their mother, reports the San Jose Mercury News . But by the time firefighters arrived at the Keys Marina in South Lake Tahoe, Mama Bear...

8 Bears Died Here in 2019. Cow Carcasses Sealed Their Fate

Record 51 bears killed in Montana for 2nd year in a row, with 8 deaths attributed to trains

(Newser) - Researchers are developing a system to warn grizzly bears about approaching trains in response to climbing death rates, which have some fearing for the future of the species. Some 51 bears were killed in Montana's Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem, including Glacier National Park and parts of the Flathead and...

'Puppies' on Guy's Lawn Are Really Not Puppies

North Carolina man finds mystery box, calls deputies

(Newser) - Finding a box of puppies on your lawn, OK. But learning they're really bear cubs? That's what a North Carolina man experienced last month after seeing the box and calling deputies to his Camden County home. "It's not uncommon to find black bears in the county,...

Day at the Circus Turns Chaotic: &#39;Everyone Started Running&#39;
Screams as Circus Bear
Attacks Its Trainer

Screams as Circus Bear Attacks Its Trainer

Performance was taking place in Olonets, Russia

(Newser) - Spectators at a Russian circus performance got more than they bargained for this week when a bear abruptly attacked its trainer during the show. NBC News and the AP report the incident took place in Olonets on Wednesday, during what appeared to be a calm scene up until the moment...

In Kitchen Boxing Match, It's Man vs. Bear

Plus a bat-wielding heroine

(Newser) - "You would've thought I was a Louisville slugger." So says Colorado's George Ann Field, who was lucky to find a baseball bat close at hand as she came face-to-face with a bear in her kitchen. It was her 71-year-old husband, Jon Johnson, who first discovered the...

Odd Traffic Hazard: Falling Bears
Bizarre Traffic Hazard:
Falling Bears

Bizarre Traffic Hazard: Falling Bears

Deputy learns the hard way in Northern California

(Newser) - They don't train people for this at the Sheriff's Academy. A patrol car was struck by a falling bear in Northern California last weekend. Authorities say a Humboldt County sheriff's deputy was driving on State Route 96 on Aug. 3, answering a report of a drug overdose...

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