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This Is the UK's House of the Year
This Is the UK's
House of the Year

This Is the UK's House of the Year

'Green House' was designed to coexist seamlessly with nature

(Newser) - A new home that uniquely connects the indoors with nature has won recognition as the UK's House of the Year by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the BBC reports. Dubbed Green Home , the five-bedroom residence is just over 2,000 square feet, and was designed by architects Hayhurst...

Historic Auction on Offshore Wind Energy Wraps Up

Six companies win right to build offshore of New York and New Jersey

(Newser) - Six companies bid a combined $4.37 billion for the right to build wind energy projects on the ocean floor off New Jersey and New York in the US government's largest such auction in history, a federal agency said Friday. The auction by the US Bureau of Ocean Energy...

Low-Tech Fix Could Reduce Bird Deaths at Wind Farms
Scientists Have Simple Idea
to Reduce Bird Deaths
new study

Scientists Have Simple Idea to Reduce Bird Deaths

They suggests painting one blade of wind turbines black

(Newser) - A relatively simple solution could reduce the number of bird deaths from wind farms: Paint one of the rotating blades black. So say researchers in a new study published in Ecology and Evolution . They found that painting one of three blades black reduced fatal bird strikes by about 70% annually....

The 10 Greenest Cities in the US
The 10 Greenest Cities in the US

The 10 Greenest Cities in the US

San Francisco comes out on top

(Newser) - Which US cities do best at promoting eco-friendly lifestyles? To answer that question, WalletHub looked at the 100 biggest cities in the country and compared 22 "green" indicators, ranging from greenhouse gas emissions and clean-energy policies to urban agriculture, water quality, number of commuters, and "green" job opportunities....

Wind, Solar Power Just Hit a US Milestone

For first time, nation draws 10% of electricity from wind and solar

(Newser) - Double digits: A new report from the US Energy Information Administration reveals a milestone for alternative energy sources. For the first time, the nation as a whole drew 10% of its electricity from wind and solar farms in a single month, reports Climate Central . It happened in March, with wind...

World's Richest Band Together, Launch $1B Fund

Bill Gates is leading clean energy technology venture

(Newser) - Bill Gates has lined up more than a dozen of his fellow billionaires to go where many investors now fear to tread: cleaner energy technologies. Gates announced Sunday night that he's leading the Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund, which plans to invest up to $1 billion in technology that could...

Town's Fear of Solar Farms Is an Internet Sensation

Especially one guy's concern about panels sucking up all the sun's energy

(Newser) - The town of Woodland, North Carolina, is taking a drubbing online after its town council not only shot down a proposed solar farm but put a moratorium on future similar projects. It wasn't the mere rejection, however, that's drawing ridicule but some of the comments made by local...

Inside Ethanol's Quiet, Dirty Toll on Environment

Industry fumes over AP report

(Newser) - President Obama, and President Bush before him, fought hard to make ethanol a central part of American energy. But an AP investigation finds that the program as it stands may be doing far more environmental harm than good. The effort to grow corn for fuel has meant the destruction of...

Prof Plans to Live in Dumpster for a Year

Jeff Wilson wants highlight benefits of green living

(Newser) - Talk about slumming it: A professor in Austin, Texas plans to live in a dumpster for a year to highlight the benefits of a green lifestyle, TreeHugger reports. Environmental science professor Jeff Wilson started by selling off his belongings—appliances, clothes, furnishings—for $1 each and secretly planning the project...

Want to Save the Planet? Stay Home
Want to Save the Planet?
Stay Home

Want to Save the Planet? Stay Home

Slate columnist thinks green-friendly people turn blind eye to travel

(Newser) - Some items for your how-to-be-green list: Recycling bin? Check. Al Gore-approved lightbulbs? Check. Reusable grocery bags? Check. Cancel your vacation plans? Ch... wait, what? Christie Aschwanden thinks lots of enviro-friendly folks are getting off too easy, she writes at Slate . They grab on to all the relatively simple things but...

Van Maker That Got Energy Loan Shuts Down

VPG of Michigan received $50M from feds

(Newser) - Critics of the Obama administration's efforts to boost green energy with the help of government loans have some more ammunition: A Michigan company that made vans for disabled drivers is going under after receiving $50 million from the Energy Department, reports USA Today . The start-up Vehicle Production Group got...

America's Greenest City Is ...
 America's Greenest City Is ... 

America's Greenest City Is ...

Portland, according to an event-finding app

(Newser) - You can measure the green-friendliness of a city in many ways—like its average carbon footprint per citizen or the energy efficiency of buildings. But the event-finding app Gravy has decided to measure cities by the number of pro-environmental events each one hosts in a year, the Huffington Post reports....

Al Gore Made How Much in Green Tech?!

Assets have gone from $2M to $100M since 2001: Washington Post

(Newser) - Al Gore may well be the loudest voice on the subject of climate change, and he has been handsomely rewarded for his efforts. A lengthy Washington Post profile today has this nugget:
  • "Just before leaving public office in 2001, Gore reported assets of less than $2 million; today, his

Romney Also Threw Cash at Solar Failures

In seeking to bring Mass. jobs, Romney was same as Obama in 'picking winners and losers'

(Newser) - Brace yourself for another round of political I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I: Mitt Romney has repeatedly hammered President Obama for the White House's role in Solyndra's meltdown, but now Konarka Technologies, another solar energy company in which Romney invested public funds as Massachusetts governor, has gone bankrupt, reports the Boston Herald . Romney...

Solar-Powered Vessel Travels 'Round the World

MS Turanor PlanetSolar lands safely in Monaco

(Newser) - A cool, spaceship-like catamaran dropped anchor in Monaco yesterday after completing the first-ever round-the-world trip by a solar-powered vessel, the LA Times reports. The MS Turanor PlanetSolar left Monaco in September of 2010 with the goal of showing "that we have the technologies as well as the knowledge to...

Wind Turbines' Big Threat: Wind

Specifically, hurricanes along the coast

(Newser) - Advocates of green energy will be happy to know that the Energy Department wants the nation to get 20% of electricity from the wind by 2030. A good chunk of that power is slated to come from offshore turbines, notes New Scientist , and therein lies a problem. Researchers at Carnegie...

Van Jones Is Back With New Lefty Group

Former 'green energy' czar has founded progressive movement

(Newser) - Once vilified as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who called Republicans "***holes," Van Jones is back with a new grass-roots movement, Politico reports. Ousted from his White House post as "green energy" czar 2 years ago, Jones has helped found the American Dream Movement, a coalition of hundreds...

Another US-Backed Energy Company Goes Bankrupt

Beacon Power adds to Obama administration's post-Solyndra woes

(Newser) - More potential trouble for the Obama administration: On the heels of Solyndra, another federally-backed power company has gone bankrupt. A year ago, Beacon Power received a $43 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, Reuters reports. The company drew down $39 million of that loan for a $69 million...

Treasury Worried That Solyndra Loan Was Illegal

Energy Dept. pushed ahead, amid potential conflict of interest

(Newser) - New emails are out in the Solyndra mess , and it's probably not a great day to be a guy named Steve Spinner. He is an Obama-fundraiser-turned-Energy-Department-official who pushed hard for the loan even though he promised to recuse himself—because his wife worked as an attorney for the firm...

Benedict May Get Hybrid Popemobile
Benedict May Get
Hybrid Popemobile

Benedict May Get Hybrid Popemobile

Mercedes working on turning his ride green

(Newser) - The next popemobile could be green. Mercedes-Benz is studying a hybrid that would replace the current Mercedes used when the pope travels abroad, says the Vatican. However, Pope Benedict's new ride won't be ready until next year at the earliest, not in time for his upcoming trip to...

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