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Snooki Baby: Can You Spell 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?'

How hard has she been hitting the booze?

(Newser) - Let's hope Snooki sorta planned that baby she's reportedly carrying (stop giggling). Because if she didn't, that fetus has to be nearly swimming in booze by now. While Forbes is concerned about what's to become of the diminutive reality star's "brand," others are...

Uh-Oh, NJ Bars: Snooki Really Is Pregnant
 NJ Bars 
 Really Is 


NJ Bars Weep: Snooki Really Is Pregnant

'Jersey Shore' star Nicole Polizzi plans to announce in 'Us Weekly'

(Newser) - Perhaps you heard the terrifying rumors earlier this month that Snooki was with child: She denied them , but now the New York Post insists that the Jersey Shore star is indeed three months pregnant. Not only that, but Snooks (whom the Post kindly refers to as "trashy") wants...

Snooki Wisdom: What to Do When You Pee Yourself

Take a 'Shore Shower,' advises 'Jersey Shore' star

(Newser) - In a truly disturbing clip from last night's Jersey Shore, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had a little accident on the dance floor. "I got really excited dancing with, like, my girls, and I legit peed myself," Snooki explains. (Apparently the "oops" was caused by a urinary...

Hoboken to Jersey Shore: Scram

City denies permit to spin-off featuring Snooki, Jwoww

(Newser) - Those poor kids of the Jersey Shore: They've been hit with numerous lawsuits , slammed by scientists , dissed by a clothing chain and the governor of their state , and banned from partying on film in Florence . Now Hoboken, of all places, has publicized its disdain. A spin-off to the reality...

Jersey Shore Hit With 15th Lawsuit

Woman claims drunk cast members knocked her down

(Newser) - This has got to be some sort of record: Jersey Shore and its cast members have now racked up 15 lawsuits in two years. The latest, courtesy of Courthouse News Service : A woman celebrating her niece's birthday at a bar in Seaside Heights, NJ, claims that drunk Jersey Shore...

Gwyneth, Snooki Top 'Bad Science' List

Shockingly, no, whale sperm does not make the ocean salty

(Newser) - If you’re getting your science education from celebrities, you may have a problem—but even so, the Sense About Science charity wants to set some things straight. The group has released a list of celebrities doling out “bad science” this year, the Telegraph reports. It includes:
  • Simon Cowell:

Things Worth Forgetting From 2011—Like Snooki and Donald Trump
Things From 2011 You Must Wipe From Your Memory

Things From 2011 You Must Wipe From Your Memory

Lindsay Lohan's rotting teeth, and 44 other items

(Newser) - As the year draws to a close, it's hard not to reflect on the events that have made 2011 the glorious year it was. Well, almost. Writing for Buzzfeed , Dave Stopera, argues that there are about 45 things from the past year we should forget, while toasting to "...

Anderson Gets Spray Tanned With Snooki

Yes, viewers at home, he does take off his shirt

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper, who has braved angry mobs in Egypt, faced potential radiation poisoning in Japan, and rescued a bloodied child in Haiti, shows a decidedly less hard-hitting side on his new daytime show . Case in point: On the second episode of Anderson yesterday, Coop went for a spray tan with—...

Anderson Cooper's Fave News Anchor: Snooki

CNN host waxes poetic about 'Jersey Shore' star

(Newser) - In case you missed it, Snooki launched her own news show this week (watch the entire awe-inspiring three minutes here ), and she already has one very high-profile fan: Anderson Cooper. The CNN host called out "every news station in the world" last night on the Ridiculist for missing...

Tim Gunn on Jersey Shore: Vulgar!

All that Spandex gives 'Project Runway' star the shivers

(Newser) - You know how Project Runway daddy-dearest Tim Gunn hates to be nasty. But dish it out he will if he must. Take Jersey Shore: The fashion is vulgar!" he says on Lopez Tonight . "It's all that stretch material—the Spandex, the Lurex, the tightness, the skin. It'...

Jersey Shore Not Hurting New Jersey's Reputation

Snooki and the Situation could actually bring the state good publicity

(Newser) - Here's the real situation: It turns out MTV's Jersey Shore isn't killing New Jersey's reputation after all. A new nationwide poll finds that the reality show about a group of hard-drinking, foul-mouthed 20-somethings at a beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ, may even be helping a...

Vinny Ditches Jersey Shore
 Vinny Ditches 
 Jersey Shore 

Vinny Ditches Jersey Shore

And no one wants him back: TMZ

(Newser) - A furious Vinny "Sea Biscuit" Guadagnino stormed out of the Jersey Shore crew's current house, jumped into a cab, and headed home—for good, reports TMZ . The big breakup occurred after Vinny had a major fight with another cast mate, sources say. He's holed up in his...

Jersey Shore Will Head Back to New Jersey

'Jersey Shore' cast returns to Seaside Heights for fifth season

(Newser) - They came, they saw, they crashed into stuff ... the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore will return to New Jersey to tape the fifth season of the reality series after the cast says ciao to Italy. Production of the next season will begin in Seaside Heights sometime in June, according...

Italian Police Revoke Snooki's License

'Jersey Shore' star crashed into Italian police car escorting ... her car

(Newser) - Italian police say they have revoked Snooki's international driver's license following the Jersey Shore star's fender-bender with a police car . The police car was escorting the Jersey Shore vehicle when the accident occurred on Monday; two policemen were slightly injured but not hospitalized. No alcohol was involved,...

Florence to Jersey Shore: No, Grazie

Old World Italians don't care for vulgar American-Italian cast

(Newser) - Old World Italians are face to face with the self-described guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore—and they definitely don't like what they see. The hard-drinking, sex-ravenous East Coast crew is an embarrassment to Florentines, who are trying to figure out how to keep the reality stars quiet...

Snooki in Custody After Crashing Into Cop Car

Reality star could be in big trouble ... in Italy

(Newser) - The often-tipsy emissary from MTV-land may have finally gone a tad too far in Italy. Snooki is in custody after a car crash involving a cop car in Florence. A car she was driving plowed into into the cruiser, reports TMZ . One cop was taken away by ambulance in a...

Anderson Cooper Slams 'Freakishly Tan' Snooki

Why is everyone paying her so much just to be herself, he wonders

(Newser) - Apparently Anderson Cooper is not a Jersey Shore fan. On the Tuesday night edition of Anderson Cooper 360, the host slammed all the people paying Snooki to "show up and throw up," including the MTV execs giving her a raise and, of course, Rutgers . In his opinion, Snooki...

Rutgers Kids to the Boss: Please Save Our Reputation

To make up for Snooki brouhaha, they want Springsteen on campus

(Newser) - Rutgers has suffered some bad publicity lately, most recently when news surfaced that Snooki was paid more than Toni Morrison to give a talk there. But a group of students believes it has a solution: Bring Bruce Springsteen to campus. A Facebook event titled "College Ave Freeze Out: Let's...

To Give Talk, Rutgers Pays Snooki More Than It Paid...

...Toni Morrison, a Nobel-winning author

(Newser) - Apparently, Rutgers University thinks Snooki is worth more as a guest speaker than Nobel-winning novelist Toni Morrison. Beloved author Morrison will be paid $30,000 to give the commencement speech in May—the first time Rutgers has paid for a graduation speaker—but Snooki snagged $2,000 more when she...

Celebs Who Penned NYT Best Sellers

...or, at least, whose name is on the dust jacket

(Newser) - At this very moment, Barack Obama, Amy Chua, George W. Bush, Malcolm Gladwell, and Mark Twain are sitting pretty on the New York Times Best Sellers list —and so are Jay-Z, Keith Richards, and Portia de Rossi. Further proving that you don't have to be a literary genius to...

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