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This State Will Shutter 3 Maternity Wards. It's Not Alone

'Maternity care deserts' are increasing in Alabama, and elsewhere, leaving pregnant women at risk

(Newser) - In Alabama, three hospitals are about to cease delivering babies, leaving pregnant patients with no birthing hospitals in Shelby and Monroe counties, and a drive of up to 100 miles for some to get to a labor and delivery unit. That's not even that unusual in the Yellowhammer State,...

This Is the Happiest State in America

Utah takes the top spot in WalletHub ranking, West Virginia is last

(Newser) - In some states, happiness seems to come more easily. WalletHub analyzed various environmental factors to see which US states boast more contented surroundings, examining 30 metrics in three main categories: emotional and physical well-being, including such factors as the share of adults with depression or alcohol use disorder, life expectancy,...

Here Are the 10 Best, Worst States to Live In

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list; New Mexico comes in last

(Newser) - Whether you're looking to relocate or just nosy about how your state ranks, WalletHub has a new analysis out on America's ideal places to live. The site looked at all 50 states across more than four dozen metrics, in five main categories: affordability; economy, including a state's...

Ammon Bundy Owes Millions Over Hospital Harassment
Ammon Bundy
Arrested at Fundraiser

Ammon Bundy Arrested at Fundraiser

Anti-government activist has been embroiled in defamation case brought by Idaho hospital

(Newser) - Ammon Bundy has been arrested in Idaho. KTVB reports that the 47-year-old anti-government extremist was taken into custody Friday night while attending a high school football fundraiser in Emmett. The station has video of an annoyed-looking Bundy being handcuffed and led away by law enforcement. Bundy was arrested on a...

This Is the Best State in America for Health Care

Minnesota tops WalletHub's list, with West Virginia coming in last

(Newser) - Health care in the US before COVID was already a prime political topic—and after the pandemic hit, it became even more so. WalletHub wanted to see which states offered the best, most affordable services, so it looked at all 50 states and Washington, DC, using more than 40 metrics...

Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty in Slayings of Idaho Students

Filing cites aggravating circumstances that could make Bryan Kohberger eligible for capital punishment if convicted

(Newser) - Prosecutors filed a court notice Monday that they will seek the death penalty against Bryan Kohberger, who is charged with fatally stabbing four University of Idaho students in November. Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin were killed in their rental house across the street from campus. The...

Court Filing Reveals DNA Evidence Against Kohberger

DNA on knife sheath a 'statistical match' to suspect

(Newser) - DNA on a knife sheath found at the home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death last fall is a "statistical match" to that collected from suspect Bryan Kohberger, prosecutors disclosed in a court filing. In the June 16 filing, prosecutors said the STR profile, a...

Idaho Shooting Suspect: I 'Lost It' After Man Exposed Self

31-year-old charged in shooting deaths of 4 neighbors

(Newser) - The 31-year-old Idaho man charged in the killings of four neighbors says he "lost it" after one of the victims exposed himself to his wife and daughters five days earlier. As NBC News reports, Majorjon Kaylor stands charged with four counts of murder in the deaths of his downstairs...

Teen Fell Asleep at Wheel Before Car Crashed, Killing Family: Cops

Teen driver, her younger siblings, and her father died in Idaho plunge

(Newser) - A Washington state father and his three children are dead after, police say, his 17-year-old daughter fell asleep behind the wheel as the family drove to see a dying relative in Idaho. Police say Spokane man Calvin "CJ" Miller and his children Dakota, 17, Jack, 10, and Delilah, 8,...

These States Are Pulling Their Weight for US Economy

Washington state has the best economy, West Virginia the worst, per WalletHub ranking

(Newser) - When it comes to the US economy, a variety of factors underlie its health (or lack thereof), with the economies of individual states playing a significant part. WalletHub wanted to see which ones are really pulling their weight when it comes to contributing to the national coffers, so it looked...

Report Alleges Chilling Tactic by Idaho Murder Suspect

Bryan Kohberger broke into female friend's place to make her feel unsafe, reports 'Dateline NBC'

(Newser) - As Bryan Kohberger prepares for his arraignment Monday in a quadruple homicide in Idaho , a disturbing new allegation has emerged about his background. A report at Dateline NBC alleges that the 28-year-old broke into a female friend's apartment and moved her things around to make her feel unsafe, reports...

Prosecutor Tells Jury Vallow Used Sex, Power

Panel begins deliberations after being told mother used sex and power in a murderous plot

(Newser) - The woman charged in the slayings of her two youngest children and a romantic rival wanted their money, so she used sex and power to manipulate her brother and a lover into carrying out the crimes, Idaho prosecutors told jurors Thursday. "Money, power and sex," Madison County Prosecutor...

Idaho Governor Signs 'Abortion Trafficking' Bill

First-of-its-kind law bans adults from helping minors get abortions without parents' consent

(Newser) - Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed a bill into law Wednesday that makes it illegal for an adult to help a minor get an abortion without parental consent. The law is the first of its kind in the US and creates a new crime of "abortion trafficking," barring adults...

2 More States Ban Gender-Affirming Care

Idaho, Indiana governors sign bans

(Newser) - Republican governors in Indiana and Idaho have signed into law bills banning gender-affirming care for minors, making those states the latest to prohibit transgender health care as Republican-led legislatures work to restrict LGBTQ+ rights this year, the AP reports. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday signed legislation that will prohibit...

Idaho Poised to Allow Firing-Squad Executions

Bill is headed for governor's desk

(Newser) - Idaho is poised to allow firing squads to execute condemned inmates when the state can't get lethal-injection drugs, under a bill the Legislature passed Monday with a veto-proof majority. Firing squads will be used only if the state cannot obtain the drugs needed for lethal injections—and one death...

After Idaho Murders, a 'Healing Step'

House where 4 University of Idaho students were killed is to be demolished, per the school

(Newser) - The off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were slain last year has been given to the school by its owner, and the school plans to knock it down. A university spokeswoman tells the Washington Post that the demolition will take place before the end of the spring semester....

Idaho Bill Would Make mRNA COVID Vaccines Illegal

A legislator behind the bill expressed concern vaccines were 'fast-tracked'

(Newser) - When it comes to COVID vaccination rates, Idaho is near the bottom of the barrel, with US News & World Report citing CDC data that shows 56.2% of residents are fully vaccinated. That's the sixth-lowest rate in the country, and if two Republican Idaho state legislators have their...

Kohberger Allegedly Ate at Restaurant Where 2 Victims Worked

And he also allegedly followed 3 of the victims on Instagram

(Newser) - At least two times before allegedly murdering four University of Idaho students, the suspect visited the restaurant where two of the victims worked, or so a former employee tells People . He ordered vegan pizza from the Mad Greek in Moscow, Idaho, per the source. Madison Mogen and Xana Kernodle were...

Here Are the Worst States in America for Drivers

And the best, per WalletHub's ranking, which puts Hawaii in last place

(Newser) - Whether we get behind the wheel for leisurely cruising, for our daily commutes, or to take care of errands, American drivers have long contended with traffic, potholes, fluctuating gas prices, and the other annoyances. WalletHub wanted to see which states were better to drive in than others, and it looked...

Lawmaker Apologizes After Likening Women to Cows

Editorial had warned comments could make Idaho 'a laughingstock'

(Newser) - A new Idaho legislator narrowly elected in November thought the first bit of wisdom he should share with a state House committee was that much can be learned about women's reproductive rights by observing milking cows. On Thursday night, hours after being called out in a newspaper editorial, Republican...

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