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Baboons May Not Like Our Prying Eyes
Baboons May
Not Like Our
Prying Eyes
new study

Baboons May Not Like Our Prying Eyes

Study finds they had more sex at safari when the public was locked out during pandemic

(Newser) - When the public was locked out from zoos during the pandemic, did the animals miss their human visitors or welcome the peace? UK researchers set out to answer that question, and while they didn't settle on a definitive answer, they did find some interesting changes in behavior, reports the...

Mother Lion Kills Zoo Intruder
Mother Lion
Kills Zoo Intruder

Mother Lion Kills Zoo Intruder

Officials say he may have been trying to steal rare white lion cubs

(Newser) - A man was mauled to death Sunday at the zoo in Accra, Ghana, after he entered an enclosure housing a female lion and her two cubs, per the Telegraph. The intruder, described only as a man in his 40s, was reportedly attacked as soon as he entered the enclosure. In...

After Fatal Antelope Goring at Zoo, 'We're All Grieving'

Employee in Sweden was reportedly taking animals into stables at the end of the day

(Newser) - An employee of an animal park in southeastern Sweden was gored to death by a large antelope, the attraction's owner said Monday. The goring happened late Sunday at the Oland Animal and Entertainment Park on the island of Oland. Police said the case is being considered a "workplace...

Male Lion Kills Intended Female Partner at Alabama Zoo

Akili was fatally injured by a lion named Josh

(Newser) - A female lion was fatally injured while being introduced to a newly acquired male companion at the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama, officials said Tuesday. Akili, who was born in 2005 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and had been at the Birmingham Zoo since 2007, couldn't be saved after being injured...

Zoo Officials Fear Worst for Missing Wallaby Joey

The missing joey is barely old enough to be outside its mother's pouch

(Newser) - Officials at the Detroit Zoo are clinging to the last shreds of hope that they will find a wallaby joey, which vanished from the Australian Outback Adventure habitat sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, according to MLive . The five-month-old joey, named Sprocket, was about the size of a baby...

Fox Kills 25 Flamingos at Smithsonian Zoo

(Newser) - The Smithsonian National Zoo says it is "devastated" after a fox made its way into the outdoor flamingo habitat and killed 26 birds—25 flamingos and one pintail duck. Zoo officials say workers spotted the dead birds Monday morning and saw a wild fox in the enclosure, the Washington ...

For Anteater in Tennessee Zoo, a Big Rabies First

Rabies has never been seen in this species before; anteater may have brought it from Va. to Tenn.

(Newser) - A rabies variant not usually seen in Tennessee apparently found its way there via Virginia, and a captive anteater is getting the blame. A CDC report published Friday cites the case of a particular southern tamandua, aka lesser anteater (even fancier name: Tamandua tetradactyla), that may have exposed more than...

Ex-Zoo CEO: I Did Nothing Wrong, Here Is $400K Back

Thomas Stalf agrees to return $400K to Columbus Zoo; lawyer says he's a scapegoat

(Newser) - A former chief executive officer has agreed to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium after audits concluded that improper spending and questionable business practices cost the institution more than $630,000, per the AP . The zoo's board of directors announced approval of a...

Injured Zoo Worker May Have Tried to Pet Tiger
Report Clears Zoo
in Tiger's Attack, Death

Report Clears Zoo in Tiger's Attack, Death

Florida man survived, but the animal didn't

(Newser) - Update: A zoo in Naples, Florida, is not to blame for a tiger's attack that ended with the animal shot to death, a state investigation has found. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that River Rosenquist, 26, ignored clear signs and barriers to reach into the tiger'...

Zoo Hippos Test Positive for COVID
Zoo Hippos Test
Positive for COVID

Zoo Hippos Test Positive for COVID

Zoo says only symptom was 'expelling snot'

(Newser) - Add hippos to the list of animals that can be infected with the coronavirus. In what zookeepers believe is a world first, two hippos at a zoo in Belgium tested positive for COVID-19 after workers noticed they had runny noses, the Washington Post reports. Keepers say that apart from "...

3 Star Attractions of Children's Zoo Fall to COVID

Nebraska zoo announces deaths of trio of snow leopards

(Newser) - Big cats at zoos have contracted COVID during the pandemic previously, but this time the cases were fatal. The Lincoln Children's Zoo in Nebraska says the snow leopards Ranney, Everest, and Makaly have died after testing positive last month, reports CBS News . The cats were star attractions at the...

Woman's Stunt at Bronx Zoo May Have Been Her 2nd

Police are seeking trespasser who climbed over barrier at lion exhibit, much like incident in 2019

(Newser) - An incident at the Bronx Zoo this week was reminiscent of one that took place about two years ago in the same spot—and it looks like it may have been a stunt pulled off by the same perpetrator. NBC News reports that at around 4pm on Thursday, a blonde...

World's Oldest Male Gorilla Has COVID

A dozen others in addition to Ozzie have also tested positive at Zoo Atlanta

(Newser) - The coronavirus has overtaken more than a dozen gorillas at Zoo Atlanta, officials say, including the oldest male gorilla in the world. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Ozzie —a 60-year-old, 350-pound silverback who's sired 12 gorillas at the zoo and is said to be a "terrific father"...

Zoo Director on Panda Birth: 'I Was Relieved,' Then 'Shocked'

Japan's Ueno Zoo welcomes its first twin panda cubs

(Newser) - Japan's oldest zoo was one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country before closing for five months due to the pandemic. Shortly after reopening, it's suddenly even more attractive. In a surprise, a giant panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo gave birth to twins early Wednesday....

63-Year-Old Chimpanzee Dies
Zoo Loses Chimpanzee, 63

Zoo Loses Chimpanzee, 63

Cobby had been at the San Francisco Zoo since the 1960s

(Newser) - Cobby, 63, who was "part of San Francisco" and the oldest male chimpanzee in an accredited US zoo, has died. The San Francisco Zoo & Gardens said in a statement that cause of death was not known, though officials cited old age. Cobby had been ill, the Guardian reports....

Woman Invades Spider Monkey Exhibit, Gets Fired

Law firm calls El Paso Zoo stunt 'irresponsible and reckless'

(Newser) - A law firm in Texas has decided it doesn't want to be associated with a woman who was seen climbing into the monkey enclosure at El Paso Zoo and trying to feed the spider monkeys. Lovett Law Firm says the woman was fired Monday after they found out she...

Animal Activists Lose Battle As Whales Arrive to Aquarium

Five Belugas made a day-long trek from Canada to Connecticut

(Newser) - Five Beluga whales have arrived at their new home in a Connecticut aquarium after a years-long legal battle to import them and two others from Canada. The first three animals were flown from Ontario to Connecticut on Friday, per the AP . They arrived in Mystic on three tractor-trailers, where they...

Jack Hanna to Retire After Diagnosis

Wildlife expert and conservation advocate has dementia, family says

(Newser) - Jack Hanna—a wildlife expert, conservation advocate, and TV personality—is stepping out of public view. "Doctors have diagnosed our dad, Jack Hanna, with dementia, now believed to be Alzheimer's disease," his daughters posted on Twitter . His condition has deteriorated quickly in the past few months, the...

1.2M Watched Her Give Birth. Now, a Farewell to April

Giraffe at upstate NY zoo is euthanized due to advancing arthritis

(Newser) - April, the giraffe that became a sensation when a rural New York zoo livestreamed her 2017 pregnancy and delivery, was euthanized Friday because of advancing arthritis, the zoo said. "She is a precious member of our family, and while we knew this day would eventually come, our hearts are...

They Put Out the Fire at the Zoo. Then, a Tragic Find

2 giraffes, including one named Waffles, killed during blaze at Roer's Zoofari in Reston, Va.

(Newser) - Two giraffes were found dead Monday evening after firefighters battled a blaze at a Virginia zoo, officials said. A two-story barn at Roer's Zoofari caught fire around 5:30pm Monday night, news outlets reported, via the AP . The two giraffes were found after the fire was extinguished. Fairfax County...

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