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This City Just Got Way Too Wet
This City Just Got
Way Too Wet

This City Just Got Way Too Wet

Businesses, attractions in downtown Atlanta closed due to water main breaks

(Newser) - Downtown Atlanta businesses and attractions were closed Saturday as the city tried to repair water main breaks that led to water outages and low pressure. Water gushed into the street where three large water mains intersect, causing water problems at two downtown hospitals, a city jail, a county jail, and...

In Hack Update, UnitedHealth Reveals Ransom Was Paid

It says a 'substantial proportion' of Americans possibly had data stolen

(Newser) - Hackers stole health and personal data from what could amount to a "substantial proportion" of Americans, UnitedHealth said in a Monday update on the February cyberattack on its Change Healthcare subsidiary. UnitedHealth also confirmed that it paid a ransom "as part of the company's commitment to do...

4 States Hit by 911 Outages
Light Pole
Knocked Out
911 Calls

Light Pole Installation Knocked Out 911 Calls

Emergency calls were waylaid in multiple states

(Newser) - A cause has been identified in the 911 service outage that affected multiple states on Wednesday: A crew cut into a fiber line while installing a light pole in Kansas City, the AP reports. Lumen Technologies said Thursday that its line that was snapped, though the light pole was somebody...

You May Not Be Able to Get That Egg McMuffin Today

McDonald's restaurants worldwide are reporting system outages, shutting some sites for hours

(Newser) - System failures at McDonald's were reported worldwide Friday, shuttering some restaurants for hours and leading to social media complaints from customers, in what the fast-food chain called a "technology outage" that was being fixed. Chicago-based McDonald's Corp. said the problems weren't related to a cybersecurity issue,...

Meta Hit by Widespread Outage
Meta Hit by Widespread Outage

Meta Hit by Widespread Outage

Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and Messenger all hit on Tuesday

(Newser) - Users of Meta's Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and Messenger platforms are experiencing login issues in what appears to be a widespread outage. Internet traffic observer Downdetector is reporting vast outages on several Meta platforms Tuesday. The problems are being reported across the world, reports the AP , suggesting that the outage...

AT&T's Mea Culpa for Massive Outage: $5

Company is crediting affected customers the average cost of a day of service

(Newser) - AT&T says it will give affected customers $5 each to compensate for last week's cellphone network outage that left many without service for hours, the AP reports. The Dallas-based company said on its website that customers will get the $5 credit on their account within two billing cycles....

AT&T Explains Mass Outage
AT&T Explains Mass Outage

AT&T Explains Mass Outage

Apparently it wasn't a cyberattack, despite rampant speculation

(Newser) - AT&T says the mass outage that affected about 60,000 of its customers Thursday was caused by a software update. Specifically, "the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network" was to blame, the telecom company said in a statement to ABC...

If Your Cellphone Was Useless Today, You're Not Alone

Major carriers appear to have resolved most of the outages, but the cause is still unclear

(Newser) - It's been a lousy day for a lot of smartphones, but the trouble is mostly over: AT&T said late in the afternoon that its network was back again for an hourslong outage across the country, reports the AP . The trouble began overnight, leading to nearly 60,000 outages...

Eyebrow-Raising Bug Shuts ChatGPT Down for Day

OpenAI temporarily shuttered AI chatbot after user reports of seeing others' chat history titles

(Newser) - If you were playing around in ChatGPT on Monday before it experienced a major outage , you may have noticed something unusual in your user-history sidebar on the left of your webpage: the titles of a complete stranger's chats. That's exactly why OpenAI temporarily shuttered the artificial intelligence-driven chatbot...

FAA Has Its Culprit for That Massive Outage

Agency blames contractor who accidentally deleted files while trying to synchronize NOTAM databases

(Newser) - An error by "contract personnel" led to the grounding of flights across the US last week for the first time since the 9/11 attacks, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The unnamed personnel accidentally deleted files on the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) database, which notifies pilots of potential...

'Massive Missile Attack' Knocks Out Power Throughout Ukraine

Hundreds of thousands without electricity, and there are warnings about water supply in some areas

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of people in central and western Ukraine woke up on Saturday to power outages and periodic bursts of gunfire, as Ukrainian air defense tried to shoot down drones and incoming missiles. Russia has intensified its strikes on power stations, water supply systems, and other key infrastructure across...

It's Not Just You: Twitter Is Down
The 'Major Outage'
on Twitter Is Over

The 'Major Outage' on Twitter Is Over

Social media site went down for about an hour on Thursday morning

(Newser) - Update: Relax, people—Twitter is back. The social media platform went down for about an hour Thursday morning, but it seemed to have returned for most people by about 9am ET, reports CNBC . The outage affected the entire US, especially in larger cities like New York and Los Angeles, as...

Puerto Rico's 'Fragile' Grid Sees Major Blackout After Fire

More than 1 million customers are without power across the island

(Newser) - More than a million customers in Puerto Rico remained without electricity on Thursday after a fire at a main power plant caused the biggest blackout so far this year across the US territory, forcing it to cancel classes and shutter government offices. The blackout also left some 160,000 customers...

Tesla Users Find Out What Happens When App Doesn't Work

Drivers worldwide were stranded when apparent outage made them unable to unlock, start their cars

(Newser) - There's something to be said for a physical key to unlock and start your car. Tesla drivers around the globe found that out last week when the app they use to perform such functions was apparently affected by an outage, leaving them stranded. The BBC reports that just after...

Roblox, a Pandemic Hit, Leaves Children in Timeout

Gaming platform crashed Friday

(Newser) - To the dismay of millions of children—and the parents trying to keep them busy and cope with their anguish—the popular gaming platform Roblox crashed Friday, and the company was still trying to restore service Saturday. "The scariest part of Halloween this year is Roblox being down,"...

The Internet Broke This Morning, but Now It's (Mostly) Back

Multiple websites went down after outage at cloud services company Fastly

(Newser) - Numerous websites were unavailable Tuesday after an apparent widespread outage at the cloud services company Fastly. Dozens of high-traffic websites, including the New York Times, CNN, Amazon, Twitter, Target, Spotify, and the UK government's home page, couldn't be reached, per the AP and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Visitors trying...

Facebook's Outage Thought to Be Its Longest Ever

Some users couldn't access site for 14 hours

(Newser) - In a major embarrassment for Facebook, users had to turn to Twitter for updates after what's thought to be the biggest outage in the site's history. "We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps. We’re working to resolve...

YouTube Suffers Worldwide Outage
YouTube Suffers
Worldwide Outage

YouTube Suffers Worldwide Outage

'Please don't call 911,' Philadelphia police say

(Newser) - It wasn't just you: YouTube suffered a worldwide outage Tuesday night that lasted around two hours. The site tweeted around 9pm to thank users for their "reports about YouTube, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music access issues," and announced it was back at 11pm, CBS News reports. There...

Internet Acting Weird Today? You're Not Alone

Outages on Twitter, other sites after DDOS attack

(Newser) - If you like to ease your way into the day by flipping on some Spotify tunes and checking out your Twitter feeds and favorite Reddit forums, Friday morning was probably pretty miserable. That's because those sites, and dozens of others, experienced annoying disruptions (or were down completely for some)...

Fans Freak at ESPN Fantasy Football Outage

Network apologizes for glitch during highly trafficked Week 1 game

(Newser) - Last night's game between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts was anything but an ESPN fantasy: Rather, it turned into a social media nightmare after the network's fantasy football website and app went down—somewhat inconveniently during what USA Today Sports says was the "most trafficked fantasy...

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