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Taylor Swift Isn't Only One in the Relationship With a No. 1 Song

Turns out boyfriend Travis Kelce can also carry a tune, as heard on Christmas tune with brother Jason

(Newser) - Watch out, Taylor Swift— your new man can apparently sing. The BBC reports that a Christmas song recorded by Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, along with his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, shot to the No. 1 spot on Apple's iTunes, just hours...

Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Trial Is Becoming a Musical

Though you'll have less than 2 weeks to see it at a small theater in London

(Newser) - Gwyneth Paltrow's strange, and strangely fascinating, ski trial is being turned into a musical. It won't be on Broadway or the West End—at least not yet—but will debut at a small theater in London next month. Gwyneth Goes Skiing, written by singer-songwriter Leland and produced by...

Not Sure We Needed to Know This Superstition, Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs QB says he wears same pair of (supposedly washed) undies for every game

(Newser) - In the world of professional football, there are TDs, FGs, and now, thanks to Patrick Mahomes, TMI. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback showed up Monday on ESPN's ManningCast , hosted during Monday Night Football by brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, and the football veterans (and the world) found out just...

Pilots Send Out an SOS: 'We Have a Horse in Difficulty'

Plane bound for Belgium forced to return to JFK after equine passenger gets loose in cargo hold

(Newser) - A flight from Belgium out of New York City took a wild turn last week after a horse managed to get out of its enclosure in the cargo hold, forcing the plane to turn back to the US. Jalopnik reports that Air Atlanta Icelandic Flight 4592 took off Thursday from...

Strange Object in Space: a Lost Tool Bag

You may be able to spot it with a good pair of binoculars, near the International Space Station

(Newser) - It may not be as exciting as spotting a comet in space, but it's definitely ... weirder. With a good pair of binoculars, you might be able to spot a tool bag lost by astronauts, reports . It seems that astronauts Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O'Hara were doing...

Woman With a Rare Anomaly Has an Even Rarer Pregnancy

Alabama's Kelsey Hatcher has a double uterus, and she now has a twin gestating in each one

(Newser) - Kelsey Hatcher is set to receive quite the Christmas gift this year: Dec. 25 is the due date for her twin girls, which will give her and her husband, Caleb, a total of five children ages 7 and under. But while finding out they had two little ones on the...

Nuggets&#39; New 3-Point Line Was a Little Funky
There Was a Reason
Dallas Star's 3-Pointers
Weren't Hitting in Denver

There Was a Reason Dallas Star's 3-Pointers Weren't Hitting in Denver

Nuggets had court repainted for new in-season tournament, and 3-point line was a bit off

(Newser) - The 3-point shot of Dallas forward Grant Williams felt slightly off all morning in practice on the new, brightly painted Denver Nuggets court. Turns out, it wasn't his shot at all that was the issue. It was a wrongly measured 3-point line. The line's curvature was painted too...

Feeding Elk May Have Been Her Final Act

Woman trampled in what's now considered the first fatal elk attack in Arizona history

(Newser) - An Arizona woman has died eight days after she was apparently trampled by elk she may have been feeding outside her home. It's thought to be the first fatal elk attack in state history, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, which describes five known attacks in as...

5-Foot-8 Player Tries Jump Ball Against His 7-Foot-4 Rival

Alas, Samford's Dallas Graziani did not come out on top against Purdue's Zach Edey

(Newser) - The college basketball season has only just begun, but the Athletic thinks we already have a top contender for "image of the year." In the Samford-Purdue game Monday night, Samford sent out 5-foot-8 Dallas Graziani to take the jump ball against the Boilermakers' 7-foot-4 Zach Edey. A mere...

Found at Florida Thrift Store: Actual Human Skull

Police are investigating, but say case does not seem suspicious

(Newser) - A skull in the Halloween section of a Florida thrift store turned out to not be a Halloween decoration at all. An anthropologist just so happened to be browsing the store in North Fort Myers and recognized it was actually a real human skull, the Lee County Sheriff's Office...

Locals Shrug, Visitors Fret at Bright-Green Slime in NYC

Freon? Plumbers' dye? 'Ghostbusters' fuel? No one seems to know

(Newser) - What is it? Where did it come from? Is it dangerous? Those are the three questions Insider posed Friday after a strange, neon-green slime oozed into lower Manhattan this week, worrying tourists even as locals walked right past it without much concern. "So there's literal green sludge bubbling...

On Florida&#39;s Roads, &#39;Deja Vu All Over Again&#39;
On Florida's Roads,
'Deja Vu All Over Again'

On Florida's Roads, 'Deja Vu All Over Again'

Mysterious yellow lines keep popping up in the middle of St. Johns County thoroughfares

(Newser) - There's plenty of other stuff to worry about, but a roadway mystery has captured the attention of residents in Florida's St. Johns County. WSVN describes an "enigmatic marking" that's popped up along US 1 near St. Augustine: a nearly 2-mile-long yellow line, between International Golf Parkway...

Cops Use Cover of Halloween to Make a Drug Bust

Officers in Peru dress as Freddy Krueger, others, and march right into suspects' neighborhood

(Newser) - It's not every day you see Freddy Krueger making a drug bust, but not every day is Halloween. Police in Peru released video , per the AP, of agents in costumes walking into the Lima neighborhood of San Juan de Lurigancho looking for all the world like happy Halloween revelers....

How Not to Call Attention to Yourself as a Tourist

Viral video shows car full of Americans driving in pedestrian-only Munich square

(Newser) - An American dad channeled his inner Clark Griswold as he was driving the family around Munich while on vacation. A gone-viral TikTok video shows the family's car in the German city's iconic Marienplatz square, which is pedestrian-only, reports USA Today . "Look at everybody staring," says a...

DeSantis Addresses the Boot Question
DeSantis Addresses
the Boot Question

DeSantis Addresses the Boot Question

Florida governor insists he doesn't wear lifts, but a Politico analysis suggests otherwise

(Newser) - It's one of the weirder political stories of the day: Politico Magazine talked to three boot-makers about the pair worn by Ron DeSantis, and all suspect the Florida governor is wearing lifts to boost his height. The governor's boots have been the topic of much speculation, and critics'...

NZ Residents Plead for End to &#39;Siren Battles&#39; With Celine
NZ Residents
Plead for End
to 'Siren Battles'
With Celine
in case you missed it

NZ Residents Plead for End to 'Siren Battles' With Celine

Residents petition town to stop youths from cranking the music from special speakers at night

(Newser) - They mean no offense to Celine Dion, but residents of the town of Porirua, New Zealand, have launched a petition to stop hearing her songs blasted through the night, reports the BBC . The petition takes aim at what are known as "siren battles," in which groups typically consisting...

Florida Road Workers Make &#39;Incredible&#39; Find Under Highway
Florida Road Workers Make
'Incredible' Find Under Highway
in case you missed it

Florida Road Workers Make 'Incredible' Find Under Highway

Shipwreck believed to be from 1800s discovered in St. Augustine, 'encapsulated in soil and mud'

(Newser) - A construction crew doing routine roadwork in a Florida city have made a decidedly unroutine find. FOX 35 and 10 Tampa Bay report that workers with the state's Department of Transportation were recently working on a stretch of road near the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, the continuation...

The Call to Police Sounded Ominous. It Was Anything But

Officer doesn't end up finding bones, but a beer bong

(Newser) - It sounded potentially ominous: a call made to police about possible human remains in a cave in Washington state. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police responded and did indeed find a skull and spinal column—that together made up a plastic beer bong. In a Facebook post , the...

Feature of Home for Sale for $1.55M: Meth Contamination

It's on the market in San Jose, California

(Newser) - A recent Zillow survey found 67% of homeowners would be willing to buy a "haunted" house if it was otherwise a good fit. A San Jose, California, real estate agent is likely hoping buyers there are as open-minded about homes with a criminal past. The Los Angeles Times reports...

Man Gets Trapped Overnight in NYC Bank Vault

He was freed about 9 hours later when vault doors automatically reopened

(Newser) - A man accessing his safe deposit box at a New York City bank Tuesday night ended up trapped in the bank's vault when the doors closed around 8:45pm; someone apparently closed them not realizing he was inside. The 23-year-old called 911 and firefighters tried to free him, but...

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