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Couple Gets Refund Over Stinky Dog on Flight

New Zealand pair say they had to move from premium to economy over the smell

(Newser) - A New Zealand couple who say they were subjected to a drooling, snorting, and farting dog on a long flight have gotten a $1,400 refund for their trouble, reports Insider . Gill and Warren Press say they asked to switch their premium seats midflight from Paris to Singapore because the...

Missing Toddler Found in Woods With 2 Furry Protectors

Michigan police say one dog guarded 2-year-old, while another served as her pillow

(Newser) - The case of a missing toddler in Michigan had a happy ending earlier this week, but it was how she was found that bolstered, once again, dogs' status as man's best friend. Michigan State Police showed up at the home of a 2-year-old girl in Menominee County's Faithorn...

'Faint Yelps' From Rubble Lead to Happy Ending in Morocco

CBS engineer to adopt one of 2 dogs found alive in debris this week

(Newser) - The loss of life in Morocco following last week's 6.8 magnitude earthquake is hard to grasp. Luckily, signs of life have emerged from the rubble as well. The UK's Kent Fire and Rescue Service reported Wednesday that members had rescued a dog trapped among debris in the...

After Attacks, UK Is Banning American 'Bully' Dog

Prime minister says the breed will be outlawed by the end of the year

(Newser) - A large breed of dog known as the American Bully XL will be off limits in the UK as of the end of the year, reports the BBC . British Prime Minster Rishi Sunak announced the breed will be banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act after a series of attacks. The...

Determined Dog Escapes Shelter 3 Times, Picks Odd Forever Home

Now, 6 years later, Scout is a joyous part of the daily lives of seniors at Michigan nursing home

(Newser) - Nothing too exciting happens at the relatively calm Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility, a nursing home in Bellaire, Michigan, that cares for seniors with terminal illnesses and dementia—but despite that (or maybe because of it), a stray dog decided that was the place he wanted to make his forever...

10 Best US Cities for Dogs
10 Best US Cities for Dogs

10 Best US Cities for Dogs

Orlando, Florida, is tops

(Newser) - Orlando, Florida, is the apparently place to be if you're a dog. So says Lawn Starter , which ranked the 200 largest cities in the US on canine friendliness. Factors included the share of dog-friendly rental properties; the number vets, groomers, and dog parks; how easy it is to walk...

Dog Detects Thief, Does Not Deter Thief

Friendly pooch accepts a belly rub instead, and San Diego police release the video

(Newser) - A San Diego dog is excellent at detecting burglars. The next step could use a little work. As NBC San Diego reports, police released an unusual surveillance video of a burglar taking an electric bike from a homeowner's garage. "In a rather peculiar turn of events, as the...

The Case Against Dog Parks
The Case Against
Dog Parks

The Case Against Dog Parks

The dogs may not be having as much fun as you think, writes Julie V. Iovine

(Newser) - It's advice sure to rile up a certain breed of dog people: "Skip the dog park." So argues Julie V. Iovine in a New York Times essay. These parks may seem great for humans, but Iovine makes the case they are not so great for dogs. "...

Secret Service Officers Have Learned: Biden's Dog Bites

It's 10 times in 4 months for Commander

(Newser) - President Biden's dogs apparently don't like Secret Service officers. First, Major got shipped out after biting one. Now, Commander is in trouble. The German shepherd bit Secret Service officers at least 10 times between October 2022 and January, including one incident that required a trip to the hospital,...

Judge Rejects Attempt to Claim Lady Gaga's Dog Reward

Woman linked to 2021 theft of singer's pets wanted $500K reward plus $1M damages

(Newser) - Lady Gaga doesn't have to pay a reward to a woman who was charged in connection with the violent theft of two of her dogs in 2021, a Los Angeles judge has decided. Jennifer McBride, who was sentenced to two years of probation last year for receiving stolen property,...

Maine Woman Punches Bear in the Nose

64-year-old was treated for puncture wounds after bear chased her dog

(Newser) - Maine woman Lynn Kelly was working in her garden Friday morning when her dog began barking before running off into the woods. Kelly, 64, went to see what was going on, and as the frightened dog ran back out of the woods, a bear was following close behind. "The...

Meet Scooter, New 'World's Ugliest Dog'

7-year-old pooch crowned in competition is a Chinese crested with reversed hind legs

(Newser) - "From the second he sits his hairless little booty and backward legs on your lap, you feel his warm, huggable power to change the meaning of the word 'ugly.'" The hairless booty in question belongs to a pooch named Scooter, and the description comes via a...

Good Dogs Can Have Bad Days: Postal Service

Agency reports thousands of attacks on employees last year, with California tops

(Newser) - The Postal Service has released its count of workers bitten by dogs last year, an effort to increase awareness and inspire owners to mind their pets. California, Texas, and New York again were responsible for the most bites, CNN reports—675, 404, and 321, in order. All were increases from...

Not Everyone Is Happy About Dogs in Outdoor Dining Spaces

Diners are pushing back at dogs in the dining area

(Newser) - Just in time for the summer dining season, the US government has given its blessing to restaurants that want to allow pet dogs in their outdoor spaces. But even though nearly half of states already allow canine dining outdoors, the AP reports the issue is far from settled, with...

Cops: Driver Makes Bold Move in Bid to Avoid DUI

Officer says Colorado driver put his dog in the driver's seat

(Newser) - An alleged drunk driver in Colorado tried to avoid arrest by putting his dog in the driver's seat, according to police, who were not fooled. Indeed, the police officer who caught the unidentified male driving 52mph in a 30-mph zone shortly before midnight Saturday "watched the entire process"...

City's Mayoral Race Certainly Has Interesting Candidates

Molly the rescue pup, comedian, former police chief, high school senior all vying for Toronto title

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan made his picks for the six top contenders to be the next mayor of Ontario's capital, after Friday's deadline for submitting candidacy papers came and went. Most notable in this year's mayoral race, Keenan wrote: the "whopping" 102...

Cops: Deputy Died Protecting Son From Dog Attack
Deputy Killed in
Dog Attack at Home

Deputy Killed in Dog Attack at Home

Police believe Tamieka White was protecting 8-year-old son

(Newser) - A 17-year veteran of the Marion County Sheriff's Office died "protecting the most important person in her life," her commander says. Deputy Tamieka White, 46, was killed in a dog attack at her Indianapolis home Tuesday night, the Indianapolis Star reports. Police believe she was protecting her...

Oldest Verified Dog Ever Turns 31
This Dog Just Turned 31

This Dog Just Turned 31

Bobi of Portugal is the oldest dog ever, according to Guinness World Records

(Newser) - Seeing a dog reach 21 years is remarkable. In Portugal, a dog named Bobi has just turned thirty-one, reports UPI . In fact, Bobi currently holds two Guinness World Records —oldest living dog (which he earned earlier this year, per Smithsonian ) and, more impressively, oldest dog ever. Bobi's...

This Is the First 'PBGV' to Win Westminster

Petit basset griffon Vendéen wins best in show

(Newser) - This Buddy Holly no longer has to sigh, “That’ll be the day.” A petit basset griffon Vendéen named for the late rock ‘n’ roll legend won best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show Tuesday night, a first for the rabbit-hunting breed, the...

Dog Walkers Are Ending Up in the ER in Droves
Dog Walkers Are Ending
Up in the ER in Droves
in case you missed it

Dog Walkers Are Ending Up in the ER in Droves

Researchers: Leashed strolls have led to 420K injuries over last 20 years or so

(Newser) - Dogs may be man's best friend, but they're also unintentionally sending a lot of their humans to the ER. That's the upshot of a new study out of Johns Hopkins, where scientists discovered that, over the past 20 years or so, more than 422,000 people in...

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