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Everyone Needs to Calm Down About the Wrestling Tweet

Columnist thinks media outlets are overreacting to a dumb joke

(Newser) - By some of the reaction to President Trump's wrestling video , you'd think he directly ordered his supporters to attack journalists. Come on, people, writes Jon Levine at Mediaite . The video was a "stupid joke," and that's all. Those on the left who have long been...

John Oliver Cracks 'Most Influential' List for Political Media

Mediaite's ranking of movers and shakers puts Roger Ailes at No. 1

(Newser) - It's been a "contentious, bizarre, and always entertaining primary season" so far in the world of politics, Mediaite notes in its roundup of the 25 "biggest movers and shakers" in the political media arena. And that type of season may have served as the perfect breeding ground...

Abrams' 'Gossip Cop' Worst of Both Worlds
 'Gossip Cop' 
 Worst of Both Worlds 
OPINION roundup

Abrams' 'Gossip Cop' Worst of Both Worlds

Media weigh in on new site

(Newser) - It seems that Dan Abrams just launched Mediaite, but he’s already back with another venture: Gossip Cop. The initial post compared it to "TMZ meets Smoking Gun," but Laura Schreffler, in the New York Daily News, deems it “sort of like TMZ meets the Huffington Post....

New Site Targets Chattering (and Now Tweeting) Classes

(Newser) - There's been lots of media chatter about, the website Dan Abrams rolled out this morning, most of it sight-unseen, challenging the former MSNBC host's intention to continue to run a media strategy firm alongside the site. Howard Kurtz, one of those critics, now takes a look at the...

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