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Spears' Ex Hears Fate Over Wedding Crash

Jason Alexander convicted of trespassing after showing up uninvited at star's June nuptials

(Newser) - A man once briefly married to Britney Spears has been convicted of aggravated trespassing and battery at the pop star's June wedding. Jason Alexander, 40, pleaded no contest to the two misdemeanor counts in a California court, prosecutors in Ventura County announced Thursday. The Ventura County judge sentenced him...

A Seinfeld Alum Has Finale Advice for Thrones Stars

Jason Alexander tells them to take heart they were part of a show that moved people

(Newser) - In the wake of the Game of Thrones finale , sites are running lists assessing the most controversial finales of all time. USA Today , for example, puts Game of Thrones and Seinfeld in its worst five. Now, a star from the latter is offering support to stars of the former, notes...

Biden Has a Message for Julia Louis-Dreyfus

'We Veeps stick together,' he tweeted Thursday

(Newser) - Support for Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pouring in after the actress revealed she has breast cancer . One person to show his support: Joe Biden. "We Veeps stick together. Jill and I, and all of the Bidens, are with you, Julia," Biden tweeted Thursday, alongside a photo of the pair...

'George' Is Really Regretting Those Seinfeld Comments

He apologizes on social media

(Newser) - Jason Alexander is sort of wishing he hadn't retold an old Seinfeld story to Howard Stern on Wednesday. As Alexander, aka George Costanza, explains on TwitLonger , Stern asked about the actress who played George's fiancee Susan, who was killed by toxic glue on the show. When Stern said,...

'George' Reveals Why Seinfeld Killed Susan

Bad chemistry was deadly for character

(Newser) - In Seinfeld's seventh season, George Costanza's fiancee, Susan, was killed by toxic glue on their wedding invitations—and the man who played Costanza has now revealed that the cast had plotted to have her killed. Jason Alexander told the Howard Stern Show yesterday that while Heidi Swedberg, who...

'Short-ish' Seinfeld Reunion Coming

It will be 'one and done,' says Jerry, and it's out soon

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld confirmed today that he, Jason Alexander, and other members of the Seinfeld cast have worked on a "short-ish" project that will be seen "very, very soon," reports BuzzFeed . Seinfeld wouldn't divulge much, however, during his appearance on the Boomer & Carton radio show on...

Jason Alexander Stirs the Pot on Gun Rights

Offers lengthy post on 2nd Amendment

(Newser) - George Costanza's political stature just keeps growing. Former Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander has taken to Twitter to voice his stance on gun control, noting that the weapon on the Dark Knight massacre was "a military weapon. Why should it be in non-mil hands?" After that prompted online debate,...

'George Costanza' Rips Romney After Debate Nod

Newman for Postmaster General?

(Newser) - George Costanza for president? After Mitt Romney referred to the Seinfeld character during Wednesday night's debate —telling the audience "as George Costanza would say, when they’re applauding stop"—Jason Alexander decided to weigh in. "Thrilled Gov. Romney enjoys my old character," he tweeted....

Celebs Who Hawked McD's Before They Got Famous

These commercials must be seen to be believed

(Newser) - Before there were Oscars or legendary sitcoms, there were apparently McDonald’s commercials for a number of actors. Huffington Post rounds up eight amazing commercials that must be seen to be believed, featuring everyone from Michael J. Fox to (our favorite) Jason Alexander. Watch a selection in the gallery or...

Jason Alexander Begs: Help White People Keep Netflix

Donate to the Netflix Relief Fund today!

(Newser) - This year has seen "tsunamis, wars, earthquakes" ... but surely the worst tragedy of all has been Netflix's decision to raise prices . "This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to white people," says Jason Alexander in a Funny or Die PSA. Fortunately, there is...

History's Most Badass Jews
 History's Most Badass Jews 

History's Most Badass Jews

Bugsy Siegel, Kerri Strug and, of course, Jesus make the list

(Newser) - The beginning of Hanukkah gave Sam Greenspan the excuse to give us his list of history’s most-badass Jews. Some highlights:
  • The Maccabees: “Led Jewish fighters into battles against the armies of Seleucia, Syria, and Rome … and won,” leading to the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem

'Pathetic' Seinfeld Reunion Invades Curb
 'Pathetic' Seinfeld 
 Reunion Invades Curb 
tv preview

'Pathetic' Seinfeld Reunion Invades Curb

HBO show resuscitates Larry David's other brainchild 10 years later

(Newser) - Tonight's episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm will go farther than usual to satisfy your Seinfeld craving, but it's hardly the real thing—nor is it meant to be. The eagerly awaited reunion arc kicks off with Jerry Seinfeld himself deeming the very idea "desperate" and "pathetic,"...

Hollywood's Funniest Fat Men

(Newser) - It jiggles. It droops. It covers naughty parts. Let's face it, fat is funny, especially when a guy knows how to work it. Super Tremendous lists the funniest fat men:
  • Jason Alexander: His George Costanza character on Seinfeld revealed the tragic life of "a short, stocky, slow-witted bald man.

No Post-Curb Reunions, Seinfeld Insists

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t worried that reuniting with George, Elaine, and Kramer might be considered double-dipping, Entertainment Weekly reports. “There was a little part of me that said, ‘Do we really want to tamper?’” he says, emphasizing that the Seinfeld cast's upcoming appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm...

David: Seinfeld Reunion Will Be Big Part of Curb

(Newser) - So what are Kramer, George, Jerry, and Elaine up to 11 years after Seinfeld went off the air? Larry David says fans can get an idea of how the characters turned out on the seventh season of his Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, reports the Star-Ledger. He shed more details...

Seinfeld Curse? Don't Be Absurd: Larry David

Whatever Works star gets prickly

(Newser) - If you ever run into Larry David, don't bring up the Seinfeld curse. Scott Raab, who interviewed David for Esquire, learned the hard way. "It was the most absurd, silliest, stupidest thing to say that there was a curse," said the star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Woody...

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