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Baby's First Food Has Taken a Dramatic Turn

Taste writer Cathy Erway looks at the industry's response to a nation of avocado eaters

(Newser) - While the common recommendation from pediatricians not long ago was to spoon-feed weaning babies infant cereal, the mindset has shifted in many circles, compounded by concerns about contaminants in baby foods . So when Taste writer Cathy Erway introduced her baby to solid food, that solid food was avocado. Soft, subtle,...

You Won't Believe How Long Folks Will Wait for This Delicacy

Place your order now, get the Kobe beef delicacies in 2052

(Newser) - If you're looking to hold a party in 2052 and would like to serve what the Mirror says are "arguably the most famous croquettes in the world," you'd better order now. That's because there's a 30-year-plus waiting list for the "Extreme" Kobe beef...

The 'Naughty Way' to Eat Caviar: in 'Bumps'
Foodies Go Crazy
for Caviar 'Bumps'

Foodies Go Crazy for Caviar 'Bumps'

It's the traditional way to sample roe, but with an illicit-sounding name

(Newser) - You don't need some fancy cheese board or crudite to enjoy a spoonful of caviar, also known as roe from sturgeon fish. As Alyson Krueger writes at the New York Times , "caviar bumps"—in which a spoonful of caviar is licked off of one's fist between...

Researchers Call Out Nutrition Fads as Shams
Researchers Call Out
Nutrition Fads as Shams
new study

Researchers Call Out Nutrition Fads as Shams

Researchers 'debunk nutrition myths'

(Newser) - Love a good juice detox? Getting into gluten-free baking? Taking antioxidant dietary supplements with your meals? Not so fast, says a large team of researchers who investigated peer-reviewed studies on a variety of recent nutrition fads. In fact, the American College of Cardiology reports that many of these diet trends...

5 Food Trends to Watch for in 2017
5 Food Trends to
Watch for in 2017

5 Food Trends to Watch for in 2017

Veggie pasta, purple cauliflower, and more

(Newser) - Perhaps you've never considered a meal of kelp pasta with purple asparagus and seaweed, but it could be your new favorite dish by this time next year, based on Whole Foods' predictions for the top food trends of 2017, per Consumer Affairs . Here's what to expect:
  • You'll

The West Goes Wild for This Indian Remedy

 The West Goes 
 Wild for This 
 Indian Remedy 
in case you missed it

The West Goes Wild for This Indian Remedy

Turmeric lattes are all the rage

(Newser) - A burger and fries. Coffee and doughnuts. Milk and ... curry spice? If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out on what Saba Imtiaz at the Guardian calls "2016's drink of choice." Cafes from San Francisco to Sydney are selling their own version of the...

5 Foods That'll Be Hot in 2012
 5 Foods That'll Be Hot in 2012 

5 Foods That'll Be Hot in 2012

New year, new trends

(Newser) - If your New Year's Resolution is to "be more adventurous," this is the list for you. Writing for Time , Josh Ozersky lays out the five foods that he predicts will be hot in 2012, while admitting that these forecasts are typically "about as reliable as the...

Foodies, Meet Your New Obsession: Rooibos Tea

South African import has lots of buzz and the requisite health claims

(Newser) - Move over quinoa and acai berry. The next big thing in the culinary world just might be rooibos (roy-boss) tea. "It's a robust herbal tisane (not technically a tea), and its flavor has an almost tobacco-like, nutty quality," writes Jessica Grose at Slate . Full of antioxidants, the...

Your New Food Trend: Wine-Fed Cows

Canadian farmer has an inspiration

(Newser) - Teetotallng vegetarians, this food trend is definitely not for you: A Canadian farmer has latched onto the idea of giving each of her cows a liter of red wine for the last 90 days of before slaughter. "Yes, it seems strange at first, but when you stop to think...

Introducing the Footlong Burger
 Introducing the 
 Footlong Burger 
thanks, carl's jr.

Introducing the Footlong Burger

Sadly, it's not as exciting as it sounds

(Newser) - Just in case KFC’s Double Down isn’t sufficiently artery-clogging for you, Carl’s Jr. has the solution: A footlong cheeseburger. Creatively dubbed the “Footlong Cheeseburger,” the $4 sandwich is being tested in at least one California restaurant, the Orange County Register reports. The good news: The...

Alaska Exports Salmon Vodka
 Alaska Exports Salmon Vodka 
here's to you, wasilla

Alaska Exports Salmon Vodka

Sounds gross, but apparently people order it

(Newser) - Wasilla, Alaska, is about to become known for something other than Sarah Palin: vodka flavored with smoked salmon. The scary-sounding liquor is the brainchild of the Alaska Distillery, and there was “some madness and some drunkenness involved” in its creation, one partner tells the AP . “I was trying...

The New Bachelor Party Excess: Food

Goodbye strippers, hello suckling pig

(Newser) - Heading to a bachelor party soon? Instead of waking up the next morning wondering, “Do you remember anything?” you might find yourself saying, “Do you remember the agnolotti with the octopus and the pork belly?” More and more soon-to-be brides and grooms are opting to spend their dollar...

Only in NYC: Cafe Starts Selling $12 cup of coffee
 NYC Cafe Introduces $12 Coffee 
only in new york

NYC Cafe Introduces $12 Coffee

This cup o' joe is quite fancy

(Newser) - Attention coffee snobs: You have a new mecca. Starting today Café Grumpy in (where else?) New York will offer a $12 cup of coffee. That’s just coffee—not a cappuccino or a latte—so why the high price tag? “There are flavors you would expect in a really...

9 Foods Weirder Than Breast Milk Cheese
 9 Foods Weirder Than 
 Breast Milk Cheese 
squirrel pancake, anyone?

9 Foods Weirder Than Breast Milk Cheese

Feeling adventurous? Try cat stew.

(Newser) - If you think chef Daniel Angerer’s breast milk cheese is a bad idea, check out these nine questionable culinary creations, from The Frisky :
  • Cat stew: An Italian chef called "cat, soaked for three days in the running water of a stream" a "delicacy."
  • Squirrel canapés:

10 Signs the Bacon Craze Has Gone Too Far

Let's find another ingredient instead of putting bacon in coffee: Tim Love

(Newser) - Don’t get him wrong—Tim Love appreciates bacon as much as the next celebrity chef, but “I have to speak truth to power: The bacon craze has gone too far.” When you can get “bacon coffee, bacon cereal, bacon ice cream,” it’s “high...

Today's Hippest Beer Accessory: The Growler

64-ounce takeaway bottles offer cheaper alternative to bar-hopping

(Newser) - Looking to host your Super Bowl party with beer that’s a bit more interesting than Coors Light? Look no further than the current beer trend sweeping New York: Growlers. The 64-ounce glass containers allow for fresher, cheaper, more interesting beer in the comfort of your own living room—and...

New Cocktail Hotshot: Sherry
 New Cocktail Hotshot: Sherry 

New Cocktail Hotshot: Sherry

Don't just cook with it; mix a drink with it

(Newser) - After decades relegated to a spot in the cooking aisle, sherry is making a comeback. The Spanish fortified wine is becoming a trendy cocktail ingredient, especially in Los Angeles, the Times reports. The drinks can get pretty swanky—one involves gold dust; another, reportedly loved by Frank Sinatra, flamed orange...

'Extreme Beer' Features High Alcohol, Cost
 'Extreme Beer' 
 Features High 
 Alcohol, Cost 

'Extreme Beer' Features High Alcohol, Cost

One new highbrow bottle, with 27% alcohol, costs $150

(Newser) - Beer with a high alcohol content is in the spotlight after two breweries announced supercharged creations—Boston Beer Company's Utopias, with 27% alcohol, and BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin, with 32%. Are they good for the average guzzler? Salon gets details from expert Brooks Hamaker:
  • They don’t come cheap: Utopias

Worst Food Trends of the Decade
 Worst Food Trends 
 of the Decade 
check, please

Worst Food Trends of the Decade

From onion blossoms to overhyped chefs, these things need to go away

(Newser) - Asked to name the decade's worst dining trends, chefs and other food experts couldn't shut up. There were too many (including "mache, water sommeliers, organ-meat entrees, unisex bathrooms, bacon tattoos on chefs, over-flaunted kitchen burns, chefs tables") for Christopher Borrelli to list them all, but he...

12 Food Trends That Need to Die
 12 Food Trends 
 That Need to Die 

12 Food Trends That Need to Die

Calorie counts are a bummer, and unisex bathrooms are embarrassing

(Newser) - Why must everything, from burgers to pizza to Vietnamese street sandwiches, have a high-end gourmet version? Those three things should die, along with 9 other food trends that bug Esquire:
  1. Faux speakeasies: spots with no phone number, sign
  2. "Farm to table": idea is fine, but the expression must die

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