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How Much Juice to Give Your Kids? None Is Best

New guidelines call for mostly milk and water in early years

(Newser) - Parents of young kids should steer them clear of juices and plant-based milk and focus instead on cow's milk and water, according to new guidelines. The nutrition advocacy group Healthy Eating Research commissioned scientists to create updated advice on what children should drink through age 5, reports the New ...

Company Behind Mocked Juicer Squeezed Out of Business

Juicero is shutting down but still offering refunds for $400 juicer through Dec. 1

(Newser) - A company whose investors and customers went sour on its high-tech $400 juicer after a scathing Bloomberg report earlier this year has shuttered, CNNMoney reports. "After selling over a million Produce Packs, we must let you know that we are suspending the sale of the Juicero Press and Produce...

Stop Giving Juice to Babies: Pediatricians

Older kids shouldn't drink much either: AAP

(Newser) - Handing your child a juice box might be easier than slicing up an apple. But for children under 1, it's the wrong move, according to pediatricians. Updated guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics state children under 1 shouldn't drink fruit juice "unless there is a strong...

Bad Press on Bad Press Leads to Juicero Refunds

Those who prefer to squeeze juice with their bare hands can get their $400 back

(Newser) - The company that once hawked a product vying to be "the most technologically advanced thing in the kitchen" is now offering refunds for the uber-appliance, Fortune reports. The $400 Juicero machine, a WiFi-enabled juicer billed as the "Keurig of juicers," received $120 million in startup funds, but...

Silicon Valley Invests $120M in Hilariously Inessential Juicer

Human hands are more efficient than Juicero's WiFi-enabled juicer

(Newser) - The Juicero juice machine —basically a fancy WiFi-enabled Keurig machine but for juice—was already an "unnecessary luxury," the Verge reports. Now it's just "flat-out unnecessary." That's because—as revealed by Bloomberg —a pair of human hands work just as well as...

Cranberry Juice Stops UTIs? Um, Nope

Cranberry Juice
Stops UTIs?
Um, Nope

Cranberry Juice Stops UTIs? Um, Nope

Scientists say it's just an old wives' tale

(Newser) - Among things all females learn early on is that you guzzle cranberry juice to prevent a urinary tract infection, which one in five women will eventually get. The reason: cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, or PACs, which can keep bacteria from sticking to the bladder and urinary tract. That's why a...

How Two $1.69 Bottles of OJ Cost Dollar General $277K

Diabetic employee drank a juice, paid for it, told her bosses, was fired for 'grazing'

(Newser) - Two bottles of OJ that retailed for $1.69 at Dollar General will end up costing the chain more than a quarter of a million dollars. That after a diabetic former employee won a lawsuit connected to the juice. Linda Atkins was working at a Maryville, Tenn., location in the...

Say Hello to the $700 Juicer
 Say Hello to the $700 Juicer 

Say Hello to the $700 Juicer

An 8-ounce glass can cost up to $10

(Newser) - If you like juice—as in really like juice—there's a gadget just for you. The Juicero, which made its debut this month, is "competing to be the most technologically advanced thing in the kitchen," the Christian Science Monitor reports. It's also among the priciest: The...

Portland Thieves Take Off With Tofu Truck

Vehicle was eventually found—but not the tofu or organic juice that was inside

(Newser) - In what could be the most Portland crime ever, the hapless driver of a refrigerated truck for a Seattle natural-foods wholesaler reported his tofu-laden vehicle stolen Tuesday, the Oregonian reports. The driver made a morning stop at a Safeway, but came back out after 20 minutes or so to find...

FDA Cracks Down on Arsenic in Apple Juice

Must meet standards for drinking water

(Newser) - Warnings of low levels of arsenic in apple juice have parents worried, but the FDA is taking action. Though the agency has insisted the amounts found in the juice aren't hazardous, it will now require that arsenic levels in apple juice be no higher than those allowed in drinking...

Starbucks Launches Juice Bar Chain

Opens Evolution Fresh near Seattle

(Newser) - Instead of venti cappuccinos, veggie juices: Starbucks has opened its first juice bar, called Evolution Fresh, in Bellevue, Washington. Customers can purchase smoothies or bottled fruit and vegetable juices (sample: the Spiced Carrot, made with carrots, blueberries, and cinnamon); calorie-conscious food options include vegan options. It's not clear yet...

In Cash Grab, Tropicana Adding Water to Orange Juice

PepsiCo exec says many consumers prefer it that way

(Newser) - PepsiCo's plan to increase profit margins for its Tropicana orange juice is simple: Just add water. Apparently some consumers are already doing that on their own, in order to get a less-thick or lower-calorie beverage. "They themselves add water before drinking OJ," a PepsiCo exec tells Bloomberg...

FDA: Fungicide Is in Your OJ
 FDA: Fungicide Is in Your OJ 

FDA: Fungicide Is in Your OJ

An anonymous juice company alerted agency to problem

(Newser) - Nothing says "good morning!" quite like some fungicide in your OJ. Fungicide? That's what's in there, as per the FDA itself. In a letter sent to the entire juice industry yesterday, the FDA revealed that an anonymous juice company last month detected low levels of carbendazim...

Starbucks Sells Juice, Preps New Health Chain

Coffee mega-chain acquires Cali juice maker

(Newser) - Coffee might be healthy —but juice definitely is. And Starbucks wants you to have your vitamins. Having bought a California fruit and veggie juice maker for $30 million, the coffee mega-chain is adding "super-premium juice" to the menu. It also plans to launch a health and wellness chain...

Dark Chocolate Healthier Than Juice ...Says Hershey

Call it a 'super-fruit,' researchers say

(Newser) - Chocolate lovers, rejoice: Your beloved treat may actually be healthier than fruit juice. A comparison of cocoa products to fruit juice powders suggests dark chocolate has more antioxidant power than juices, as well as more of certain chemicals that are good for your heart, the New York Daily News reports....

Finally, a 'Leak-Proof' Tomato
 Finally, a 'Leak-Proof' Tomato  

Finally, a 'Leak-Proof' Tomato

(Newser) - Dutch scientists say they've built a better tomato, ABC News reports. The “Intense” variety is being heralded as “leak-proof” and an end to soggy sandwiches by Tesco, the British supermarket chain that will sell it. The tomato—the result of a Dutch seed-breeding program—leaks virtually none of...

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