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Cindy McCain: I'm No Stepford Wife
 'Stepford Wife'? 
 I'm Just Shy 

cindy mccain

'Stepford Wife'? I'm Just Shy

Cindy McCain on the job of political spouse

(Newser) - When Cindy McCain married John, she expected to have a long life as a Navy wife; instead, her husband entered politics. “Back then, the political spouse was just a supportive role. I was expected to go to dinners, barbecues, rodeos, picnics, and not say too much,” she writes...

Meet America's Hottest Politician: Chris Christie

NJ governor tops poll; isn't running for president

(Newser) - Chris Christie isn't just hot stuff in his own mind: The New Jersey governor is the hottest politician in America right now, besting even the current occupant of the Oval Office by 57 points to 56.5 in Quinnipiac's latest poll. But while that's great for Christie, that's not so...

State Rep: My Hooters Career Got Me Where I Am Today

Tennessee lawmaker credits restaurant with much of her success

(Newser) - Julia Hurley won her position as a state representative in the November election thanks in large part to one thing: her experience as a Hooters girl. "If I could make it at Hooters, I could make it anywhere," Hurley writes in Hooters magazine, in a piece picked up...

Chris Christie: Too Fat to Be President?

Size could matter for leading GOP contender

(Newser) - Chris Christie is widely seen as a leading GOP contender for 2012 but some analysts see a hefty obstacle in the way: Chris Christie. America hasn't had an obese president since William Howard Taft a century ago and bias against the overweight could count against the New Jersey governor."...

NY Politician Busts Boys' Cupcake Stand

Young entrepreneurs ground up in legal Mix Master

(Newser) - A sweet deal turned into a sticky legal mess for two suburban New York boys aiming to raise some dough by selling cupcakes and brownies in a local park. A Westchester County politician called the cops on the 13-year-old kids because they were operating without a license. Young entrepreneur Kevin...

State Politics: Hotbed of Sleaze, Booze, Scandal

ABC investigation finds no shortage of sleaze at state level

(Newser) - You hear a lot more about the sleaze in Congress and governors' mansions than the sleaze at the state legislator level, but that's not because of a lack of low-down behavior, an ABC News investigation finds. Five grad students sent to cover a national convention of state legislators in Louisville,...

You'd Have to Be Crazy to Want to Run for Office
You'd Have to Be Crazy
to Want to Run for Office
Christopher Hitchens

You'd Have to Be Crazy to Want to Run for Office

That's why we've got such dopey candidates

(Newser) - Here’s the state of politics today: In Connecticut, we have a guy who lied about serving in Vietnam running against a woman who used to run the WWE. America has, in short, a total dearth of “convincing or even plausible candidates,” and it’s easy to figure...

Capitol Hill Workers Owed $9.3M in Back Taxes in 2009

They should be fired, critics say

(Newser) - The IRS doesn't have to go far to track down tax scofflaws: Capital Hill employees owed $9.3 million in overdue taxes at the end of last year, reports the Washington Post . And while their debt is only a sliver of the $1 billion owed by all federal workers, according...

Newt Gingrich's Ex-Wife Finally Speaks
 Newt Gingrich's 
 Ex-Wife Finally 

dirty details dept.

Newt Gingrich's Ex-Wife Finally Speaks

Marianne Gingrich on the proposal, the divorce

(Newser) - With a 2012 bid looking more than likely, John Richardson asks himself, "just who is Newton Leroy Gingrich, really?" The answer, as written for Esquire , is a story both "epic and bizarre"—and gossipy. Though Richardson interviewed Gingrich for the profile, some of the biggest revelations come...

10 Failed Celeb Political Bids
 10 Failed Celeb Political Bids 

10 Failed Celeb Political Bids

Wyclef Jean will be in good company if he loses

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti , but already things aren’t going well for the controversy-plagued singer. If he loses, he won’t be the first celebrity to suffer a failed political campaign: Time lists 10 others:
  • Norman Mailer: Despite being a literary giant, the Pulitzer Prize- and

The 50 Hottest People in DC
 The 50 Hottest People in DC 

The 50 Hottest People in DC

Kirsten Gillibrand is the unexpected No. 3

(Newser) - Kirsten Gillibrand: Hillary Clinton’s replacement, a senator fighting for reelection …and the third most beautiful person in politics. That's according to the Hill , which released its “50 Most Beautiful People” list today. Many are obscure lobbyists or staffers, but another notable name on the list is Cosmo-posing...

Tea Party MC: Conservative Women Are Smarter, Hotter

MC at rally really digs Palin's look

(Newser) - The MC at yesterday's Tea Party rally in Boston floated a new reason to swing to the right politically: Conservative women are sexier than their left-of-center peers. Coming on just after Sarah Palin, sporting a red leather jacket, spoke on Obama, oil and energy, he commented, "You hear that...

Dear Conservatives, Stop Hating on Hollywood
 Dear Conservatives, 
 Stop Hating on Hollywood 
bill maher

Dear Conservatives, Stop Hating on Hollywood

At least the liberal actors don't have political aspirations

(Newser) - The Best Picture winner is unknown, but one thing is certain on Oscar weekend: “Talk radio hosts and conservative columnists will trot out their annual complaints about Hollywood,” and that whole shtick is getting old. First of all, writes Bill Maher in Variety , “You never see Hollywood...

Public Prefers Fat Politicians— If They're Men

Study finds fat men, thin women believed to be more reliable

(Newser) - Female politicians hungry for power should be hitting the gym while their male counterparts should be thinking about supersizing, a new study suggests. Researchers found that people considered fatter men more reliable, honest, and better able to cope with the pressures of public life. The opposite was true for heavier...

Mormon Church Aimed to Cover Tracks on Marriage Ban
Mormon Church Aimed to Cover Tracks on Marriage Ban

Mormon Church Aimed to Cover Tracks on Marriage Ban

Directed funds to outside organization

(Newser) - The Mormon church wanted its members to support the 2008 effort to ban same-sex marriage in California, but urged they do it through an outside organization to give the leadership “plausible deniability,” according to documents released today in the Proposition 8 trial in San Francisco. The Catholic church...

Downtrodden Detroit Can Rise Again, Green

Cheap labor, empty factories, can-do legacy scream green revolution

(Newser) - The Detroit of Daniel Okrent’s childhood is gone. The “elm-lined streets” of the “City of Homeowners”—“the place that America once knew as the Arsenal of Democracy”—have become “the urban equivalent of a boxer's mouth, more gaps than teeth.” A devastating...

Kennedy First on Hill With Own Site
 Kennedy First on Hill 
 With Own Site 

Kennedy First on Hill With Own Site

(Newser) - Amid the praise for the late Ted Kennedy, one blogger reminds that the Massachusetts senator was the first member of Congress with his own website. “Back in 1993, this was no small feat,” writes Paul Blumenthal for the Sunlight Foundation. “At the time there were no congressional...

Abbey Road Crosswalk May Hit the Road

(Newser) - The Abbey Road crosswalk made famous by the Beatles' album cover may be eliminated because hordes of fans are making it unsafe, say legislators. Accidents at the London intersection have climbed as an increasing number of fans pose on the striped crosswalk for photos, reports the Telegraph. “Maybe it...

China Trusts Prostitutes More Than Politicians

Oldest profession comes in third in poll; farmers are tops

(Newser) - The Chinese people trust prostitutes more than they trust politicians, scientists, or soldiers, according to a new survey from Insight China Magazine. Sex workers finished third, the BBC reports, with 7.9% of the vote, just behind farmers and religious workers. “A list like this is at the same...

Nabbed NJ Pols Lived in 'Ethics-Free Zone': Feds

(Newser) - The 44 New Jersey politicians and New York and New Jersey rabbis arrested this morning were the subject of a 10-year probe, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. “The politicians willingly put themselves up for sale,” the US Attorney says. “For these defendants, corruption was a way of life....

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