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German Politician Caught With His Pants Down—Literally

Alexander Gauland's clothes stolen during swim

(Newser) - A far-right politician in Germany is battling some unfavorable press related to two incidents in a week, one rather comical, the other not at all. Alexander Gauland, 77, first drew censure over the weekend for comments addressed to the youth division of the Alternative for Germany party, the country's...

Lawmaker Kills Himself After Woman's Accusation

She said Dan Johnson molested her when she was 17

(Newser) - A state lawmaker in Kentucky under investigation for allegedly molesting a teenager posted a farewell message on Facebook and shot himself Wednesday night, police say. Rep. Dan Johnson died in what the coroner says was a "probable suicide" after posting that the accusations were false and only God knows...

New Allegations of Sex Misconduct, This Time in Congress

Current and former female lawmakers, including Mary Bono, reveal past instances of harassment

(Newser) - For years, GOP Rep. Mary Bono endured increasingly suggestive comments from a fellow House lawmaker. But when the congressman approached her on the House floor and told her he'd been thinking about her in the shower, she confronted the man, who she said still serves in Congress, telling him...

Crafty Politician Channels Frank Underwood, Goes Viral

He says he wanted 'the world's attention'

(Newser) - He might not have the speech-writing skills of Frank Underwood, but it appears he can spin a story just as well: Mexican politician Miguel Angel Covarrubias Cervantes shared a Facebook video Tuesday in which he delivers a speech that will sound awfully familiar to any fan of House of Cards ...

Party 'Altercation' Puts UK Pol in Hospital

But Steven Woolfe is apparently improving after apparent face punch in UKIP fracas

(Newser) - A UK politician said by the Telegraph to be the favorite in the race for leadership of Nigel Farage's UKIP party is in the hospital after sources tell Sky News he was punched in the face during a skirmish with UKIP members Thursday. "I deeply regret that following...

Ohio Politician Questioned for Running as a Young Mom

Jennifer Herold has two sons, ages 1 and 3

(Newser) - Ohio state Sen. Tom Patton is a term-limited Republican who's now going after an Ohio House seat, and he's running against a real "sweetie." At least, that's what the 62-year-old called his chief Republican opponent in a radio interview last week, but it's a...

Japanese Politician Hammered Over Decision to Take Paternity Leave

'Paternity leave is for workers. Lawmakers are not workers'

(Newser) - When his child is born sometime in the coming weeks, Kensuke Miyazaki will become the first Japanese politician to take paternity leave, the BBC reports. It's been an unpopular decision, to say the least. "Does he realize that if a lawmaker goes on paternity leave, his voters' voice...

Jim Jeffords, Who Flipped Senate Control, Dead at 80

Vermont independent praised for work ethic, patriotism

(Newser) - Former Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords, who in 2001 tipped control of the Senate when he quit the Republican Party to become an independent, died today in Washington, the AP reports. He was 80. Jeffords served more than 30 years in Washington, having won election to the House in 1974 as...

Pols Demand Missile Defenses on Airliners

Thousands of surface-to-air missiles believed owned by terrorists

(Newser) - A pair of prominent legislators are reviving a decade-old measure that would outfit passenger planes with anti-missile technology, at a cost of up to $2 million per $200 million plane, the New York Post reports. Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Steve Israel want on-board lasers, warning systems, flares, and infrared...

Performers Live Shorter Lives Than Other Celebs

They can expect to live to 77: study

(Newser) - If you crave a long life in the spotlight, become a ... CEO. Researchers perused 1,000 New York Times obituaries from between 2009 and 2011 in a bid to glean some conclusions about the life expectancy of celebs, the BBC reports. What they found, in terms of average life expectancy:...

Knock, Knock: Embattled Pol's Wife Soaks Reporter

Sign on door warns nosy journalists they'll 'get wet'

(Newser) - An Emmy-winning Miami political reporter didn't get quite the scoop he was looking for when he knocked on the door of an aspiring local politician: A sign on the home of Democratic congressional primary candidate Justin Lamar Sternad, who's currently busily not answering questions about a scandal he'...

Disgraced Bo Xilai Ejected From Communist Party

China: Politician will 'face justice'

(Newser) - Former Chinese political star Bo Xilai has been expelled from the country's Communist Party, Voice of America reports, following his wife's suspended death sentence in the murder of a British businessman. Once the party leader in the city of Chongqing and a likely candidate for high national office,...

Our Best Presidents Weren't 'Family Guys'

So we should stop insisting on it: Michael Kazin

(Newser) - These days, each and every political candidate can agree on one thing: How much they love their families. Voters practically insist that presidential candidates, in particular, exhibit close familial relationships—but, as Michael Kazin points out in the New Republic , hardly any of our best presidents actually fit that bill....

Eyes Settle, Once Again, on Christie's Weight

Obesity a challenge for governor

(Newser) - GOP conventioneers might have been transfixed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's hard-hitting speech last night, but there was something else they couldn't help noticing: He seemed larger than ever. The portly politician has said in the past he needs to do something about his weight, but he'...

Where to Find Politicians&#39; Deleted Tweets
Read the Tweets That Politicians Deleted
link inside

Read the Tweets That Politicians Deleted

Politwoops keeps a stash of those hasty deletions

(Newser) - Note to tweeting politicians: Watch what you post, because Politwoops will remember it forever. The transparency-minded website is safeguarding politicians' deleted tweets, enabling the rest of us to giggle or ponder over them at our leisure, The Atlantic reports. The site's current 6-month stash includes a few doozey deletions,...

Obama, Romney 'Shy' Introverts Who Love Star Trek

Barack and Mitt could even share Vulcan symbols at a barbeque

(Newser) - President Obama and Mitt Romney may not be so different after all. Both like grilled chicken and Star Trek—and iPads, Modern Family, and spicy food. On a more serious note, both are considered aloof, analytical introverts who prefer cautious decision-making to gut instinct, and eschew the emotional tone of...

Oklahoma May Drug Test Would-Be Politicians

Amendment tacked onto welfare recipient bill

(Newser) - Oklahoma Republicans want welfare recipients to pass a drug test before receiving public assistance—and the state's politicians may be subjected to the same requirement before seeking office. Democratic legislators, irked by the original Republican-sponsored welfare drug test bill, added an amendment that would require would-be politicians to also...

We Need More Scientists in Office
 We Need More 
 in Office 

We Need More Scientists in Office

John Allen Paulos: Time to put aptitude over attitude

(Newser) - In China, eight of the country's nine top leaders have scientific training; wealthy Singapore has scientists for prime minister and president; Germany's chancellor is a chemistry PhD. But among 435 lawmakers in the US House, just a handful have science backgrounds, notes John Allen Paulos in the New ...

DC's 50 Most Powerful People

Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell top the list

(Newser) - Who are the real power brokers in Washington? GQ names the top 50 in its biennial list of the most powerful people in DC—although, the magazine notes, "People with the last names Obama and Biden not included." The top five:
  • Eric Cantor: The House majority leader is

Forget 'Humble Service'— Ego Prods Politicians to Run

Vanity, swag inspire presidential candidates: Frank Bruni

(Newser) - Investment bankers admit to greed and actors confess their vanity, but "politicians feel compelled to perform an elaborate pantomime of unalloyed altruism," groans Frank Bruni in the New York Times . Michele Bachmann was called to run by God? Rick Perry by his wife? "Oh please," writes...

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