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FDA to Bakery: Stop Saying Your Products Have Allergens

Agency says Bimbo has been labeling foods as having allergens that don't actually have them

(Newser) - Federal food safety regulators said Tuesday that they've warned a top US bakery to stop using labels that say its products contain potentially dangerous allergens when they don't. Food and Drug Administration inspectors found that Bimbo Bakeries USA—which includes brands such as Sara Lee, Thomas', Entenmann's,...

Consumer Reports Warns of Pesticides on Grocery Produce

It found worrisome levels in 20% of US produce

(Newser) - Roughly 20% of the fruits and vegetables in your local grocery store may pose a "significant" health risk because of pesticides, according to a Consumer Reports analysis. Its report is based on USDA routine pesticide testing of nearly 30,000 samples of fresh, frozen, organic, and canned produce collected...

How Much Plastic Packaging Ends Up in Our Bodies?

In Canadian grocery stores, 71% of the food available was bound in plastic

(Newser) - When you're out shopping, finding food not encased in some kind of plastic is no easy task. In fact, per Modern Farmer , a recent study of Canadian grocery stores found 71% of products on their shelves were packaged in plastic; for baby food, it was even higher, at 76%....

Family Dollar Fined $41.7M Over Rat-Infested Warehouse

Prosecutors say company knew about infestation, continued shipping products

(Newser) - Family Dollar Stores has agreed to pay a record fine for shipping goods from a warehouse that it knew was rat-infested . The company was fined $41.7 million, a record in a food safety case, after it pleaded guilty Monday to holding food, drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics under insanitary...

California Bans Controversial Food Additives

Red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil, propylparaben are targeted

(Newser) - California became the first state in the nation to ban four controversial food additives when Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday signed a law targeting red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil, and propylparaben. The chemicals have been found to be potentially harmful, and as of 2027 when the...

'Best By' Labels on Food Receive a Fresh Look

Varying wording may add to consumers' confusion about whether a product is safe to eat

(Newser) - As awareness grows around the world about the problem of food waste, one culprit in particular is drawing scrutiny: "best before" labels. Manufacturers have used the labels for decades to estimate peak freshness. Unlike "use by" labels, which are found on perishable foods like meat and dairy, "...

FDA: This Is a Really Bad Way to Cook Chicken

Agency issues warning on NyQuil challenge

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration wants Americans to know that cooking chicken in cough syrup is as bad an idea as it sounds. In an FDA warning about social media challenges, the agency referred to a TikTok video that showed somebody cooking chicken in NyQuil cough and cold medication, which...

Man Whose Meal Killed 1: I'm a Better Chef Now
Chef Sentenced to 4 Months
for 'Rushed' Shepherd's Pie
in case you missed it

Chef Sentenced to 4 Months for 'Rushed' Shepherd's Pie

John Croucher's 2018 meal served to church congregation sickened dozens, killed one

(Newser) - John Croucher served up a shepherd's pie in 2018 that ended up giving 32 people food poisoning, including one woman who died. Now, the former head chef at a UK country pub has been sentenced to four months in prison, with a year's suspension, after conceding that he'...

US Decides There Are Now 9 Major Food Allergens

Sesame must be specified on labels starting in 2023

(Newser) - For years now, any food that contains one of eight food allergens—milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or soybeans—must say so on the label. Now there's a ninth ingredient on that list: sesame, reports the New York Times . President Biden late last week signed legislation...

The Premier Tried to Speak. Then Came the Pig Guts

'Disgusting' Taiwan protest was in response to allowance of US pork imports with ractopamine

(Newser) - It's not out of the ordinary for fights to break out in Taiwan's parliament, but Friday's brawl was more stomach-turning than usual. As Premier Su Tseng-chang tried to answer questions during a session of the Legislative Yuan, punches flew and members of the Kuomintang (KMT) opposition party...

Jimmy John's Implicated in 5 Illness Outbreaks

Chain stops selling sprouts after FDA warning about 'adulterated' food

(Newser) - Veggies served by sandwich chain Jimmy John's have been linked to five outbreaks of E. coli and salmonella over the past seven years, affecting consumers in at least 17 states, the FDA said Tuesday. The most recent outbreak saw 22 people in Iowa sickened with E.coli in late...

Hard-Boiled Eggs Linked to Listeria Outbreak

CDC warns retailers, consumers about bulk eggs sold in pails by Almark Foods of Georgia

(Newser) - The CDC is linking a deadly listeria outbreak in multiple states to hard-boiled eggs from an Almark Foods plant in Georgia. For those worried about getting sick, however, the warning is tricky. It involves eggs sold in bulk mainly to food-service operators, stores, and restaurants, meaning they might turn up...

Food Experts Warn: Don't Rinse That Turkey

And don't leave it to thaw at room temperature, either

(Newser) - Go ahead and rinse your cranberries, potatoes, and green beans. But food experts say don't—repeat don't—wash the turkey before popping it in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. Experts at the US Department of Agriculture say that could spread the germs lurking on your turkey—to be...

2M Pounds of Chicken Need to Be Thrown Away

Recall issued for Simmons products

(Newser) - Consumers in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania should check their fridges for potentially contaminated poultry products, authorities say. A recall notice has been issued for chicken products from Simmons Prepared Foods Inc. produced from Oct. 21 through Nov. 4 over fears they may have been contaminated...

Company Recalls 114K Bags of Flour
King Arthur Flour
Announces Recall

King Arthur Flour Announces Recall

Wheat was linked to E.coli outbreak

(Newser) - King Arthur Flour has recalled 14,218 cases of flour—around 114,000 5-pound bags—over potential E.coli contamination. The recall affects unbleached all-purpose flour sold through Target, Walmart, and distributors nationwide, USA Today reports. The company says no illnesses have been linked to the flour, but it is...

Feds Ask Food-Makers: Can We Eat This, or What?

'Best by,' 'sell by' and other terms leave some of us confused

(Newser) - If milk is a few days past its "Sell By" date, is it safe to drink? US regulators are urging food-makers to be more consistent with labeling terms like "Best By" and "Enjoy By" that cause confusion, the AP reports. By clarifying the meaning of such dates,...

CDC: You May Be Handling Raw Chicken Incorrectly

Agency advises against rinsing it off before cooking

(Newser) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a message: "Don't wash your raw chicken!" The agency estimates a million people fall ill each year after eating contaminated poultry, but it warns in a tweet that rinsing off the meat before cooking can do more harm than...

Food Inspectors Heading Back to Work Without Pay

FDA inspections of 'high risk' items were to resume

(Newser) - The FDA says it will resume inspections of some of the riskiest foods—such as cheeses, produce and infant formula—that had been briefly halted as a result of the partial government shutdown. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said Monday that the agency is bringing back about 150 unpaid employees for...

Shutdown 'Puts US Food Supply at Risk'

FDA has suspended domestic inspections

(Newser) - The government shutdown has put America's food supply at risk despite the best efforts of the Food and Drug Administration, experts warn. The agency has had to suspend routine testing of most domestic food production facilities, though inspections of imports are continuing. Inspectors working without pay are continuing to...

29K Pounds of Sausage Recalled Over Risk of Metal

5 people have found metal fragments in Jimmy Dean sausage links

(Newser) - Check your freezer for 23.4-oz. packages of Jimmy Dean's "Heat 'n Serve" sausages, recalled over an apparent risk of metal fragments. The Monday announcement from the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service refers to five customer complaints of metal pieces in the frozen...

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