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Iranian Couple Going to Jail After Dancing in Video

Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, Astiazh Haqiqi convicted of promoting prostitution, corruption

(Newser) - A young Iranian couple filmed dancing in front of Tehran's Freedom Tower have each been sentenced to more than 10 years in jail. A video shows Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, 22, picking up and twirling Astiazh Haqiqi, 21, who is not wearing a headscarf, allowing her long hair to flow...

Imprisoned in Iran, He Has Message for Biden

American Siamak Namazi slams Biden, Trump, Obama for failing to secure his release since 2015

(Newser) - Three Americans have been wrongfully detained in Iran for years, and one of them is now taking desperate measures to gain President Biden's attention. CNN reports that Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American oil executive who was taken into custody during a visit to Tehran in late 2015, has embarked on...

Iran Sentences Former Defense Official to Death

Britain demands Tehran spare the life of dual citizen Ali Reza Akbari

(Newser) - Iran is poised to execute a former defense official it accuses of being a spy for Britain. And Britain is demanding that Tehran spare the life of Ali Reza Akbari, who has dual British-Iranian citizenship, reports the BBC . "This is a politically motivated act by a barbaric regime that...

Marchers in Europe Back Iranian Protests After Suicide
Marches Follow Protest Suicide

Marches Follow Protest Suicide

Iranian Kurdish man distraught over turmoil drowned himself in France

(Newser) - Hundreds of people marched Sunday in France to honor an Iranian Kurdish man who took his own life in a desperate act of anguish over the nationwide protests in Iran. French police estimated the crowd that gathered for Mohammad Moradi at about 1,000 people. They marched in the city...

Iran Stops Family of Beloved National Athlete From Leaving

Soccer great Ali Daei says wife and daughter were forced to disembark from plane

(Newser) - The wife and daughter of Iranian soccer legend Ali Daei were prevented from leaving Iran Monday. Per CNN , a Dubai-bound flight out of Tehran was ordered to land on the Iranian island of Kish, where the two were ordered to disembark, though they were not arrested. According to state news...

Iran Hangs 2nd Protester
Executions Continue in Iran

Executions Continue in Iran

A 2nd protester is hanged less than a month after alleged crime

(Newser) - Iran said Monday it executed a second prisoner detained and convicted amid nationwide protests challenging the country's theocracy, airing footage on state television it claimed showed him stabbing two men to death and running away. The public hanging of Majidreza Rahnavard, less than a month after he allegedly carried...

Iran Hangs the First of Its Protesters

Mohsen Shekari, 23, was accused of attacking a security official with a knife

(Newser) - Iran has carried out the first execution of an anti-government protester convicted over recent unrest triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini. Mohsen Shekari, 23, who in a video shared by state media admitted to attacking a member of a volunteer paramilitary force with a knife or machete and blocking...

Iranian Patrol Boat Tries to Temporarily Blind US Navy Ships

US Central Command decries 'unsafe and unprofessional' incident

(Newser) - In what US Central Command is calling an "unsafe and unprofessional" incident in the Strait of Hormuz Monday night, an Iranian patrol boat tried to temporarily blind two US Navy ships. The US ships were transiting international waters in what Yahoo News calls a routine crossing when the Islamic...

Iran: Construction Has Begun on $2B Nuclear Plant

300-megawatt power plant will take 8 years to build, announcement says

(Newser) - Iran on Saturday began construction on a new nuclear power plant in the country's southwest, Iranian state TV announced, amid tensions with the US over sweeping sanctions imposed after Washington pulled out of the Islamic Republic's nuclear deal with world powers. The announcement comes as Iran has been...

Protesters Cheered Iran's World Cup Exit. Then Bullets Rained

At least 1 shot dead, 30 injured across Iran, human rights groups say

(Newser) - Anti-government protesters in Iran celebrated their team's exit from the World Cup early Wednesday as another blow to the regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, though the jubilation was soon interrupted by gunfire. Human rights activists say 27-year-old Mehran Samak was shot dead after honking his car horn in the...

USA-Iran Match Is Huge, and Not Only Over Soccer

Teams face each other Tuesday in World Cup showdown

(Newser) - Teams USA and Iran play each other Tuesday in the World Cup, and the stakes are big for both teams on and off the field. The game begins at 2pm Eastern.
  • The soccer: The Americans must win if they want to advance to the next round. Iran will likely be

Iran, US Soccer Now Have Bad Blood Over Altered Flag

Iran takes offense after US federation's display of support for protesters

(Newser) - In a move well beyond posting a cliche quote in the locker room, the US Soccer Federation angered Iran by publicly airing its support for Iranian protesters—two days before the nations' teams meet in the World Cup. The US federation posted Iran's flag on social media in a...

Iranian Leader Calls Protesters 'Tools' of US

Eye doctors raise alarm about injuries from rubber bullets

(Newser) - Iran's supreme leader praised paramilitary volunteers tasked with quashing dissent on Saturday in a televised address, as dozens of eye doctors warned that a rising number of demonstrators have been blinded by security forces during anti-government protests. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed members of the Basij, the volunteer paramilitary wing...

Iranian Move a 'Challenge' to World's Nonproliferation

Per IRNA, nation is enriching uranium to 60% purity, a step away from weapons-grade levels

(Newser) - Iran has begun producing enriched uranium at 60% purity at the country's underground Fordo nuclear plant, official media reported Tuesday, describing it as a response to a resolution by the United Nations' nuclear watchdog. The increased enrichment, reported by the official news agency IRNA, was seen as a significant...

'This May Be My Last Post,' Iran Film Star Says Before Arrest

Tehran is targeting prominent protest supporters

(Newser) - Two prominent Iranian actors have been arrested for supporting anti-government protests and removing their headscarves during demonstrations. According to state-run media, Hengameh Ghaziani, 52, and Katayoun Riahi, 60, are accused of "collusion with the intention of acting against the state security," the BBC reports. Both women have won...

Intelligence Shows Iran Is Helping Russia Build Drones

Deal will help increase weapons stockpile for use against Ukraine

(Newser) - Iran has agreed to help Russia build hundreds of weaponized drones for use against Ukraine, new intelligence shows. Production in Russia could begin in months, officials told the Washington Post . Iran contends it's officially neutral in the Russia-Ukraine fight, though drones it made have attacked Ukrainian military and civilian...

Report: Saudis Warn of 'Imminent' Attack by Iran

US is 'concerned about the threat picture'

(Newser) - Relations between Saudi Arabia and the US have cooled since the OPEC+ alliance decided to cut oil production last month—but the US is still concerned about potential Iranian attacks on the kingdom. The Wall Street Journal , citing US and Saudi officials, reports that the Saudis have shared intelligence with...

They Marched to Protest Mahsa's Death. Now, Public Trials

Thousands who demonstrated against death of teen will appear before Iran's hard-line judiciary

(Newser) - Thousands of Iranians who protested the September death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini , who died in police custody after being arrested for not wearing a hijab, are about to see themselves put on public trial. The Guardian reports that 1,000 individuals in the capital of Tehran who've been indicted...

Trouble Befalls Man Walking From Spain to World Cup

Santiago Sanchez may have been arrested in Iran

(Newser) - A Spanish man trekking from Madrid to Doha for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is believed to be under arrest in Iran, where he went missing more than three weeks ago, his family said Wednesday. "We learned this morning from the (Spanish) foreign ministry that there's a 99%...

Iran's New Target: Britney Spears
Iran's New Target:
Britney Spears

Iran's New Target: Britney Spears

State media brings up conservatorship after she expresses support for protesters

(Newser) - As Iranian security forces attempt to crush the country's biggest protests in years, the state-controlled Islamic Republic News Agency is targeting the regime's celebrity critics overseas—especially Britney Spears. While numerous celebrities have expressed their support for protesters, Spears has apparently been singled out because of her complicated...

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