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Coyote Involved in Rash of NY Attacks Had Rabies

6 people were attacked, animals were attacked and killed

(Newser) - Over a 24-hour period last week, a coyote or coyotes attacked multiple people, killed a dog, and may have mauled three sheep—one fatally—in Yonkers and surrounding areas of New York. Now authorities say a coyote believed to have been involved was rabid. The coyote was captured and killed...

6-Year-Old Got a Scratch, Died Weeks Later

Ryker Roque contracted rabies after sticking hand in bucket with infected bat

(Newser) - Ryker Roque told his friends his father could "fix anything." Rabies was one thing that proved beyond him. Six-year-old Ryker died at a Florida hospital Sunday, weeks after putting his hand in a bucket holding a bat his father had found, reports NBC News . Henry Roque says he...

Maine Woman Drowns Rabid Raccoon With Bare Hands
Maine Woman Drowns Rabid
Raccoon With Bare Hands 

Maine Woman Drowns Rabid Raccoon With Bare Hands

'Imagine the Tasmanian devil,' says Rachel Borch

(Newser) - Rachel Borch was out for a jog in the woods near her home in Hope, Maine, when a "ferocious-looking" attacker with beady eyes and tiny teeth made a beeline for her, reports the Camden Herald . Borch, 21, knew immediately that something was wrong with the raccoon that was charging...

Salad Mix Included Bat: Report
Salad Mix Included
a Bat: Report 

Salad Mix Included a Bat: Report

CDC can't rule out rabies; 2 people in Florida being treated

(Newser) - A bag of salad mix went a little heavier on the "mix" than the "salad," reports CNN . Two people in Florida are now being treated for rabies exposure after finding a dead bat in a bag of Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix. Just in case you...

Vampire Bats Now Feasting on Human Blood

Scientists in Brazil say they're evolving because of a decline in birds

(Newser) - Human encroachment typically means bad news for a given species (recent examples include giraffes and cheetahs ), but one mammal appears to be fighting back. Researchers say the hairy-legged vampire bat has adapted surprisingly fast from drinking the blood of birds to that of humans to survive, reports the Telegraph ...

Rabies Kills a Pregnant Woman; Son Finds Better Fate

Tens of thousands of humans die of rabies every year, most poor and unvaccinated

(Newser) - Thanks to widespread vaccination campaigns across most of the developed world, very few people or their dogs in those areas contract rabies, which is almost always fatal in humans. But in parts of the world where vaccination rates remain far lower, rabies claims tens of thousands of human lives a...

'Exciting' New Rabies Strain Found in New Mexico

It was discovered after rabid fox bit woman

(Newser) - A new strain of rabies has been discovered in southern New Mexico, federal and state health officials have confirmed. While it doesn't present any more of a public health threat than the known strains of the potentially fatal disease, the discovery is generating curiosity in scientific circles because it'...

Rabies From Dogs Kills 160 People a Day
 Rabies From 
 Dogs Kills 
 160 People 
 a Day 

Rabies From Dogs Kills 160 People a Day

First global survey finds surprising numbers, especially in Asia and Africa

(Newser) - The first worldwide survey of rabies finds some surprisingly high numbers—figure about 160 deaths a day from dog bites alone. More than a third occur in India, and about half the victims are kids. Authors of the study in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases say it's ridiculous that tens...

75-Year-Old Attacked by Rabid Raccoon Strangles It

Cas Overton knew she couldn't get away from it

(Newser) - In 2012, a troop of Boy Scouts stoned a rabid beaver to death. Those upstate New York boys have nothing on Cas Overton, who strangled an attacking raccoon to death with her bare hands on Saturday afternoon. It's worth noting the Henrico County, Va., woman is 75 years old,...

Maryland Man Dies of Rabies From Kidney Transplant

Organ came from Florida man who died of encephalitis

(Newser) - Maryland's first fatal case of rabies in nearly 40 years came from a kidney transplant, reports the Washington Post . At first doctors doubted the victim could have contracted rabies from the transplant because he received the kidney 15 months before his death, and rabies rarely has an incubation period...

Scouts Stone Rabid Beaver to Death

Scoutmaster bitten 6 times in river attack

(Newser) - If they handed out merit badges for bravery during a beaver attack, the boys of Troop 32 would be first in line. One of the leaders of the upstate New York troop was swimming in the Delaware River when he was attacked by the rabid animal. "It came through...

US Sees 1st Death by Vampire Bat Bite

19-year-old died in Louisiana but was bit in Mexico, CDC finds

(Newser) - For the first time in history, someone has died inside the US after being bitten by a vampire bat, according to a new CDC report. A 19-year-old Mexican man worked a single day at a Louisiana sugar cane plantation last year before fatigue, numbness, and pain in his shoulder sent...

Rabid Bats Plague Los Angeles
 Rabid Bats Plague Los Angeles 

Rabid Bats Plague Los Angeles

Infestation hitting one Ventura County man harder than everyone else

(Newser) - It's probably only a matter of time before someone writes a screenplay about this: Rabid bats have been invading Los Angeles in increasing numbers this summer. The city public health department says 12 have already been found, up from the eight to 10 typically discovered over a full year,...

Girl, 8, Beats Rabies Without Vaccine

Only the third in the US to have done so

(Newser) - An 8-year-old girl in Northern California has survived rabies—without receiving antiviral inoculations immediately after becoming infected. She’s only the third person in the US to have conquered the disease without getting the usual series of shots, hospital officials say. Precious Reynolds was likely bitten by a feral cat...

Vt. Neighborhood Terrorized by ... Rogue Squirrel?

Residents scratched, bitten by renegade rodent

(Newser) - A rogue gray squirrel has been terrorizing a neighborhood in Vermont. One resident says he was shoveling snow when the squirrel jumped onto his back three separate times, scratching and clawing him before he finally managed to chase it away. At least two other people on the street have been...

Peru Battles Plague of Vampire Bats

500 bitten, 4 dead in Amazon attacks

(Newser) - Peru has dispatched emergency teams to deal with an outbreak of rabies spread by vampire bats. The bloodsuckers have attacked over 500 people in a remote Amazon area, including four children who died, the BBC reports. Most victims have now been vaccinated. Experts believe the bats have started preying on...

Rabid Bali Dogs Kill 78 at Tourist Hotspot

Island dangerously short of vaccine

(Newser) - At least 78 people have been killed over the last two years by bites from rabid dogs roaming Bali, a top tourist hotspot. The island is dangerously short of rabies vaccines for humans, and overwhelmed by more than 30,000 dog bites each year. Officials recently killed some 200,000...

Slaughter of 37K Dogs Outrages Chinese

Angry response to slaughter highlights shifting attitude towards animal welfare

(Newser) - The slaughter of 37,000 dogs, both strays and pets, in a city in eastern China has outraged the country's growing ranks of animal lovers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dog ownership has become more widespread as China becomes wealthier, and the Hanzhong cull, ordered in response to a rabies...

Jogger Gives Rabid Fox a Run
 Jogger Gives Rabid Fox a Run 

Jogger Gives Rabid Fox a Run

Woman runs mile with animal's jaws clamped into her arm

(Newser) - An Arizona woman ran about a mile with a rabid fox’s jaws clamped around her arm, the Prescott Daily Courier reports. A fox attacked Michelle Felicepta, 30, while she was jogging Monday, biting deeply into her arm. Knowing the fox would need to be tested, she ran the mile...

Puppy Rescued From Baghdad Had Rabies

National alert follows dog's death; other pets on flight seized

(Newser) - Twenty-four animals flown to the US from Iraq have been taken back from their adoptive homes after the CDC learned a puppy on their flight had rabies, the New York Times reports. The dogs and cats, befriended by troops in Iraq, were vaccinated only days before being exposed to the...

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