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Ex-Arizona Senator Makes Disturbing Instagram Reveal
Suspect Arrested
in Attack on
Former Senator

Suspect Arrested in Attack on Former Senator

Martha McSally reported that she was sexually assaulted while running along Missouri River in Iowa

(Newser) - An arrest has been made in the sexual assault reported in Iowa this week by former US Sen. Martha McSally. Police in Omaha, Nebraska, said they took the 25-year-old into custody after officers saw him about 3:20am Friday. The man, who lives in the Nebraska town of Papillion, will...

2 Siblings of Girl Who Died of Starvation to Get $5M Each

Iowa will pay the penalty after Sabrina Ray's death in foster care

(Newser) - Iowa will pay $10 million to the siblings of an adopted 16-year-old girl who weighed just 56 pounds when she died of starvation in 2017, according to a state board that approved the settlement Monday. Sabrina Ray was severely malnourished when authorities found her body at her home in Perry,...

Ramaswamy's Big Ad Buy: 'This Is Just the Beginning'

Despite flagging in polls, billionaire to pay $12M for ads in early voting states of New Hampshire, Iowa

(Newser) - Vivek Ramaswamy is in fourth place in the national polls as of Friday among presidential candidates vying for the GOP nomination, and it's a distant fourth, with an average of 5.2%—he trails former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (7.8%), Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (12.6%), and...

Cancer Scammer Apologizes: 'I Didn't Do This for Money'

Madison Russo says it was an attempt to keep her family together; she will avoid prison

(Newser) - An Iowa woman who falsely claimed to have cancer and documented her "battle" on social media will stay out of prison after a judge gave her probation and a suspended sentence, per the AP . Madison Russo, 20, never had pancreatic cancer, leukemia, or the football-sized tumor wrapped around her...

Iowa Jury Apparently Agrees Killer Was Afraid

Teenager is convicted on lesser charges in shooting deaths of 2 students at alternative school

(Newser) - An Iowa teenager was found guilty on Thursday of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the deaths of two students he shot at a Des Moines alternative school earlier this year. Preston Walls, 19, had been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths, but jurors found him guilty of lesser charges....

What a New Iowa Poll Tells Us About the Race

Trump has a big lead, though not as big as in national polls, suggesting hope for rivals

(Newser) - Former President Trump holds a gargantuan lead over his Republican rivals in national polls. But critics of Trump say we should ignore the national polls and instead focus on those from places such as Iowa where the campaign is currently in full swing. Well, a major poll from Iowa is...

Having a Baby Soon? One State Outranks the Others

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list, while Mississippi comes in last

(Newser) - If your future plans include starting a family and you're open to a move (or wondering whether your current location is ideal), WalletHub has some insights. The site looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia, not only on the issue of costs tied to having a...

This Is the Best State in America for Health Care

Minnesota tops WalletHub's list, with West Virginia coming in last

(Newser) - Health care in the US before COVID was already a prime political topic—and after the pandemic hit, it became even more so. WalletHub wanted to see which states offered the best, most affordable services, so it looked at all 50 states and Washington, DC, using more than 40 metrics...

Motorcycle Crash, House Fire, Cancer: This Is a Bad Day

Iowa's Wendy Hansen is trying to keep in mind the silver lining of that diagnosis

(Newser) - It's one to remember when you think you're having a rough day: Earlier this month, Wendy Hansen of Iowa lost her home to a fire, crashed her motorcycle while racing to said fire, then was diagnosed with cancer while being treated for the injuries in that motorcycle crash,...

Abortion Will Soon Be Essentially Banned in Iowa

Republicans pass 'heartbeat' bill governor has promised to sign

(Newser) - Iowa's Republican-led Legislature passed a bill banning most abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy during a marathon special session Tuesday that continued late into the night. Gov. Kim Reynolds immediately said in a statement she would sign the bill on Friday, the AP reports. The bill passed with...

TV Meteorologist Stepping Down After Death Threat
TV Meteorologist
Stepping Down
After Death Threat
in case you missed it

TV Meteorologist Stepping Down After Death Threat

Chris Gloninger of Iowa's KCCI says messages last year left him with PTSD

(Newser) - Meteorologists around the world are facing increasingly aggressive pushback due to their coverage on climate change, with some cases turning outright abusive . Now, the chief weather forecaster at Iowa's KCCI is stepping down from his post for just such a reason. Chris Gloninger, a Regional Emmy winner for his...

Stuart Residents Spot Problem With New Water Tower

Town's name was misspelled on one side

(Newser) - Residents of Stuart, Iowa, say it was the talk of the town last weekend: The town's new water tower had STUART painted on one side—and START on the other, which faces a highway. "A lot of people saw it from the interstate and started to complain about...

3 Bodies Recovered in Iowa Building Collapse

Injured resident is suing city, building owners

(Newser) - The bodies of three men have been removed from the site of a collapsed six-story apartment building, the police chief in Davenport, Iowa, announced Monday. "We don’t have any other information at this time that there are any additional people missing," Chief Jeff Bladel said. Branden Colvin...

As Heartbroken Son Graduates, Dad's Body Is Pulled From Rubble

2 people remain unaccounted for in Davenport, Iowa, building collapse

(Newser) - The body of one of the three people who remained unaccounted for last week after an Iowa apartment building partially collapsed was recovered Saturday—the same day his son graduated from high school. "He’s proud of me. He is the reason I was even able to have enough...

8 Republican Candidates Roll In for Iowa Rally

All, minus Trump, speak at senator's yearly event

(Newser) - Amid plates of sliced pork, statement-making leather ensembles and piles of political T-shirts, eight Republican presidential hopefuls descended on Iowa on Saturday to pitch themselves to voters and—in Mike Pence's case—hop on a motorcycle. The former vice president and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were among the White...

She Didn't Give Up on Her Wife: 'I Don't Feel Like She's Gone'

Spouse details Quanishia White-Berry's rescue, including amputation, from debris in Iowa building

(Newser) - A resident pulled Monday from the apartment building that partially collapsed in Davenport, Iowa, the day before was only able to be yanked from the rubble after doctors amputated her left leg above the knee. It took hours for surgeons and first responders to rescue Quanishia White-Berry, reports the Quad-City ...

Teen Who Killed Alleged Trafficker Is Resentenced

Pieper Lewis, who could have faced 20 years, again receives probation

(Newser) - A teenage sex trafficking victim who fatally stabbed the man she accused of abusing her was resentenced Wednesday to probation, telling an Iowa judge that she now has a support system to help keep her on track. Prosecutors agreed that Pieper Lewis should continue her probation rather than be incarcerated....

Days After Building Collapse, 3 Residents Still Missing

They lived in the apartment building in Davenport, Iowa

(Newser) - Three residents of an Iowa apartment building that partially collapsed on Sunday are still unaccounted for, police said Thursday. Earlier this week, authorities said five people were missing, but Davenport Police Chief Jeff Bladel said two have since been accounted for and are safe, per the AP . One moved out...

In Campaign Kickoff, DeSantis Has Fighting Words for Trump

In Iowa speech, Florida governor says 'I'm going to fight back' against his main GOP presidential rival

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stepped into Iowa on Tuesday for the first time as a Republican presidential candidate and stepped up to former President Trump, vowing to "fight back" against Trump as the GOP's 2024 campaign enters a new phase. Until now, the 44-year-old Republican governor whose slogan...

Amid Demolition Talk, Residents Remained in Collapsed Building

2 women rescued Monday in Davenport, Iowa, including one in critical condition

(Newser) - A ninth person was removed from a partially collapsed apartment building in Davenport, Iowa, on Monday, more than 24 hours after rescue efforts began. Footage showed 52-year-old Lisa Brooks speaking to protesters from an upper-floor window of the six-story building after city officials claimed the search and rescue operation had...

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