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Best, Worst US Cities for Staycations
Best, Worst US Cities
for Staycations

Best, Worst US Cities for Staycations

Orlando ranks first, with Fremont, California, dead last

(Newser) - When it comes to ranking cities for staycations, Orlando appears to have a Disney-shaped advantage. The Florida city is No. 1 out of 182 cities in a new Wallet Hub ranking. The site used a number of metrics, including things to do (having Disney World in your backyard evidently scores...

Here Are the Best Cities in America for a Staycation

Honolulu tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - Want to save your wallet this summer and hover closer to home for some R&R? Those contemplating a "staycation" might want to check out WalletHub's latest rankings , which lists which US cities are best for such homebound holidays. The site looked at more than 180 of the...

10 Top US Cities for Staycations
10 Top US Cities
for Staycations

10 Top US Cities for Staycations

Being stuck close to home during the pandemic doesn't mean you can't take a break from it all

(Newser) - Even, or maybe especially, amid a pandemic, thoughts of vacation are bubbling up—and the idea of a "staycation" is looking more likely for most of us. WalletHub decided to figure out which US cities are the most appealing for those remaining close to home, looking at more than...

America's 10 Best Cities for 'Staycations'

Honolulu is No. 1

(Newser) - Looking to start your vacation as soon as you clock your last hour at work? WalletHub looks at the best cities for "staycations," looking at more than three dozen metrics in the "Recreation," "Food and Entertainment," and "Rest and Relaxation" categories. Virginia Beach,...

Best, Worst US Cities for Your Staycation

One surprising state in particular dominates the worst rankings

(Newser) - Planning on taking some time off without leaving home? The beauty of a "staycation" is that you can get some R&R without having to travel far, or at all, though some cities are more conducive than others to kicking back locally. WalletHub looked at 150 of the biggest...

These Are the Best and Worst Cities for Staycations

And it's Florida for the win

(Newser) - Don’t have the time or resources to embark on a full-blown vacation this summer? You’re not alone: Some two-thirds of Americans are opting to keep it local this year. But you don’t have to be housebound. A “staycation” could satisfy your itch to hit the road....

The 5 Best US Cities for Staycations

And the 5 worst

(Newser) - With the summer getting underway, perhaps you're eager for a vacation. But perhaps you're not so eager to spend wads of cash. This summer, the average vacationer plans to spend $1,246 per person, up 9% from last year, WalletHub reports. A staycation could be the money-saving solution,...

Americans Gave Up $34.3B in Vacation Days This Year

Average worker skipped 2 days of time off

(Newser) - America, you’re working too hard. The average worker earned 14 vacation days this year, but only used 12 of them, according to a survey from Expedia. That works out to about 226 million unused days in total and, based on the national average salary of $39,416 per year...

Economy Curbs Holiday Travel
 Economy Curbs Holiday Travel 
sleighs need fuel, too

Economy Curbs Holiday Travel

Americans stay home or scale back vacation plans

(Newser) - The weak economy is taking a toll on Americans' plans for holiday travel, forcing cash-strapped would-be vacationers to alter trips or abandon them altogether. A recent poll found that, of those who planned to travel more than 100 miles for the holidays, a third said they had been forced to...

Staycations Rule Labor Day Weekend

Recession prompts many to cut out leisure travel

(Newser) - Many Americans feeling the bite of the recession will forgo a Labor Day getaway this weekend, instead opting for stay-at-home activities, Bloomberg reports. AAA predicts that weekend travel will fall by 13% from last year. “We need to be a little bit more reserved with the times the way...

Webster's New Words: Frenemy, Staycation

(Newser) - Merriam-Webster will make 100 additions to its Collegiate dictionary this year, and many may sound familiar, the AP reports. “These are not new words in the language, by any means,” said the publisher. An expert elaborates: They've “been around for a while but for some reason they...

Strapped for Cash? Try 2-Day Safari

Travel industry shrinks itineraries for customers seeking quick getaway

(Newser) - Strapped travelers unwilling to spend the time or bucks on a “staycation” now have a new option: a "daycation." With hotel occupancy at a 20-year low and bookings down at least 20%, many vacation companies are shrinking travel itineraries to one or two days, and hotels and...

Vacation Too Pricey? Try the Staycation

Strapped would-be travelers get creative in turning home into exotic destination

(Newser) - Some Americans aren’t letting high fuel prices and a weak dollar get in the way of travel plans, the Wall Street Journal finds. Wannabe wayfarers are taking the “staycation”—a holiday spent at home—to new heights of creativity, with one Bronx woman swapping a trip to...

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