Mark Sanford

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Mark Sanford Ate Piglets From His Pork Protest

'Pork' and 'Barrel' used to fatten politician after all

(Newser) - Remember Pork and Barrel, the two piglets Mark Sanford brought to the South Carolina statehouse to protest pork barrel spending in 2004? Well, "unfortunately, they were barbecued," he told the groaning hosts at MSNBC's Morning Joe today when asked about the pigs' whereabouts, as picked up by...

GOP Quaking in Its Boots Over Sanford's Chances

Women dislike him, and he's playing defense already

(Newser) - Yesterday, Politico was calling Elizabeth Colbert Busch the underdog in South Carolina's special congressional election; today, the site seems to have changed its tune . It's reporting that Republicans are concerned Mark Sanford's candidacy could cost them a safe seat in a district Mitt Romney took by 18...

Mark Sanford Wins Runoff, Faces Colbert's Sister Next

They'll vie for congressional seat in South Carolina

(Newser) - Well, this could be fun. Mark Sanford has easily won the Republican runoff for a congressional seat in South Carolina, reports AP . Which means, of course, that the former governor and congressman will face Elizabeth Colbert Busch, sister of Stephen Colbert, in the general election five weeks from now. Sanford...

Colbert's Sister a Step Closer to House Seat

As Mark Sanford advances to runoff

(Newser) - Elizabeth Colbert Busch won the Democrats' special-election primary for South Carolina's 1st District yesterday, putting her one step closer to Congress. Brother Stephen Colbert's " Colbert Bump " or no, Roll Call says she "easily" beat opponent Ben Frasier, a "frequent candidate," winning 95%...

Colbert Breaks Character to Campaign for Sister

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch is the first politician he's supported

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert—the person, not the Comedy Central character—hosted a fundraiser for sister Elizabeth Colbert-Busch , who is running for Congress in South Carolina, over the weekend. Mediaite spotted video from the otherwise "relatively private" bowling alley event, in which Colbert offered a touching introduction of the sister he...

Sanford Talks Mistress Scandal in New Ad, Sort Of

Says he's learned about 'God of second chances'

(Newser) - Mark Sanford doesn't shy away from the Argentina-mistress scandal that abruptly ended his tenure as governor of South Carolina in his first television ad for the 1st District congressional race . After pointing out that he has a history of fighting government spending, he says he recently "experienced how...

Colbert 2013: Stephen's Big Sister Makes a Run

Elizabeth Colbert Busch faces Mark Sanford for Tim Scott's House seat

(Newser) - The race to fill Tim Scott's South Carolina House seat is shaping up to be a doozy, and the AP profiles a most interesting longshot, one Elizabeth Colbert Busch —also known as "Lulu" and the older sister of Stephen Colbert. Colbert Busch says she's not worried...

Jenny Sanford: I Won't Run Against My Ex

Says she's not seeking congressional seat

(Newser) - There will be no dramatic contest between Jenny Sanford and her ex-husband, onetime South Carolina governor and no-time Appalachian Trail hiker Mark Sanford, when it comes to Tim Scott's open House seat. Mark Sanford is expected to run for the seat in a special election, and while some had...

He's Back: Mark Sanford to Run for Congress

Could end up running against ex-wife

(Newser) - From the Appalachian Trail to Capitol Hill: With Rep. Tim Scott grabbing Jim DeMint's old Senate seat, there's a vacancy in South Carolina's congressional delegation—and a former governor wants in, CNN reports. Republican Mark Sanford, who was considered a presidential contender before his extramarital affair became...

20% of SC Voters Want Colbert to Replace DeMint

But Gov. Nikki Haley may be leaning toward Rep. Tim Scott

(Newser) - Gov. Nikki Haley may not be into the idea , but her fellow South Carolinians really want to see Stephen Colbert replace Jim DeMint in the Senate. A Public Policy Poll finds that 20% of voters have the Comedy Central host at the top of their wish list, followed by Tim...

Mark Sanford Engaged to Argentine Girlfriend

No longer 'hiking,' Sanford says he's 'happy, excited'

(Newser) - Honeymoon on the Appalachian Trail? More than a year and a half after unceremoniously leaving office, Mark Sanford is engaged to Argentine mistress Maria Belén Chapur, reports CNN , which also has exclusive photos of the happy couple. "Yes, we are engaged, and I’m both happy and excited...

Mark Sanford, Lover Cozy Up at Uruguay Resort

It's the place they first met—how romantic!

(Newser) - Mark Sanford "hiked the Appalachian Trail" again last week, but this time he did so a bit more publicly: An Argentine celebrity magazine has published an eight-page spread on the former South Carolina governor that catches him frolicking with “soul mate” Maria Belen Chapur at a Uruguay resort...

Sanford Leaves Office Saying, 'Never Say Never'

Fallen conservative rock star considers the next chapter

(Newser) - Mark Sanford leaves the South Carolina governor's mansion next week a 50-year-old divorcee whose adultery ground his race toward political rock stardom to a screeching, sobbing halt. But though he's free to head out on the Appalachian trail for real this time, the AP notes in an exit interview that...

Inside DC's Secret Christian Frat House

John Ensign, Chip Pickering, Mark Sanford all prayed at C Street

(Newser) - When they learned of his affair, John Ensign’s housemates confronted him. They told him he was ruining his marriage, and offending God. In attendance, as Ensign broke down crying, were Republicans and Democrats alike, all residents of 133 C Street, a kind of boarding house for Christian lawmakers. Chip...

Nikki Haley Denies Claim of 2nd Affair
 Nikki Haley Denies 
 Claim of 2nd Affair 
lobbyist has no evidence

Nikki Haley Denies Claim of 2nd Affair

Nothing but 'disgusting politics,' she says

(Newser) - Here we go again: A South Carolina lobbyist resigned from a rival political campaign yesterday and then became the second man to claim he had a tryst with Nikki Haley . Lobbyist Larry Marchant says he and Haley, who's running for governor, had a "one night indiscretion" in a Salt...

Are Sex Scandals a Guy Thing?

Or do we just ignore the indiscretions of women?

(Newser) - Nikki Haley joined an elite club when she was accused yesterday of having an affair with a blogger: women who've been caught in sex scandals. Women seem to get the scarlet letter treatment a lot less than men, writes Rebecca Dana of the Daily Beast . Are they more prudent, or...

Sanford's Would-Be Successor Denies Affair

SC governor hopeful Nikki Haley denies blogger's claim

(Newser) - A political blogger claimed today that he had an affair several years ago with a married Republican vying to become the state's first female governor. Rep. Nikki Haley vehemently denied the allegation, made in a post on Will Folks' blog that contained no proof. Haley called the claim a "...

Mark Souder: Class of '94's Latest Hypocrite
Mark Souder: Class of '94's Latest Hypocrite
Dana Milbank

Mark Souder: Class of '94's Latest Hypocrite

'Republican Revolution' beginning to look like horndog revolution

(Newser) - Mark Souder may be leaving Congress as a disgraced hypocrite, but hey, at least he ought to fit in at the Republican House Class of '94 reunion. He can hang out and talk sex with Mark Foley, or Mark Sanford, or John Ensign, or any of the whopping 15 Republican...

Jenny Sanford to Dr. Phil: I'm Looking for Love

But she's already found somebody new to snuggle with

(Newser) - Jenny Sanford is open to dating again. “I just have to make sure I pick someone who maybe loves me back,” she told Dr. Phil in an interview airing today, reports Politics Daily . “I've chosen to move on, and I've chosen to be happy about it.”...

Mark Sanford Back With Mistress
Mark Sanford Back With Mistress

Mark Sanford Back With Mistress

He admits Florida rendezvous after it goes public

(Newser) - Mark Sanford's life may have officially become a reality show today. The South Carolina governor announced during an unrelated news conference that he spent the weekend with the Argentine lover who cost him his marriage and nearly his job, reports the State . "The purpose was obviously to see if...

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