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Police Storm Home of Former Pakistan PM, Arrest 61

They swooped after Imran Khan departed for court hearing

(Newser) - Pakistani police stormed former Prime Minister Imran Khan's residence in the eastern city of Lahore on Saturday and arrested 61 people amid tear gas and clashes between Khan's supporters and police, officials said. Senior police officer Suhail Sukhera, who led the operation in an upscale Lahore neighborhood, said...

Pakistan&#39;s Musharraf, Key US Ally After 9/11, Dies at 79
He Became a Reluctant
US Ally After 9/11

He Became a Reluctant US Ally After 9/11

Former Pakistani leader Musharraf dies at 79

(Newser) - Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who seized power in a bloodless coup and later led a reluctant Pakistan into aiding the US war in Afghanistan against the Taliban, has died at 79. Musharraf, a former special forces commando, became president through the last of a string of military coups that roiled Pakistan...

Bomber Slipped by Security With Police Uniform

He wasn't checked by security in Peshawar, police confirm

(Newser) - A suicide bomber who killed at least 100 people inside a mosque within a high-security police compound in Pakistan on Monday simply drove in on a motorbike. "Those on duty didn't check him because he was in a police uniform," Moazzam Jah Ansari, who leads the provincial...

No One Knows How Attacker Got So Deep in Cop Compound

Death toll in suicide bombing at mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan, rises to 83

(Newser) - A Pakistani hospital spokesman says the death toll from Monday's suicide bombing at a mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar has risen to 83, the AP reports. Mohammad Asim, the spokesman, says more bodies were retrieved from the rubble of the mosque overnight and early on Tuesday, and...

Pakistan's Former Leader Shot in Assassination Attempt

Imran Khan reportedly shot in leg as bullets fly at campaign truck

(Newser) - At least one gunman opened fire at a campaign truck carrying Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday, wounding him slightly and also some of his supporters, according to a senior leader from his party and police, per the AP . Party official Asad Umar said Khan was wounded...

Gates Foundation Commits $1.2B to Ending Polio

Virus still spreads in Afghanistan and Pakistan

(Newser) - Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only remaining countries where the polio virus is in circulation. "The last steps to eradication are by far the toughest," said Mark Suzman, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which he said is committed to a global "polio-free future."...

Pakistan Asks US Ambassador to Explain a Biden Remark

President questioned nation's nuclear weapons safety

(Newser) - Pakistan has questions about President Biden's comment that it's "maybe one of the most dangerous nations in the world." Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said Saturday he's called in US Ambassador Donald Blome in Islamabad for an explanation, Reuters reports. In a speech Thursday, Biden said...

'Attribution Science' Sees Culprit in Pakistan Flooding

Study suggests climate change made heavy rainfall more likely

(Newser) - Human-caused climate change likely doubled the likelihood of the 1-in-100-year floods that have devastated Pakistan this year, per CNN . That's according to researchers in a fast-growing field known as attribution science, which seeks to determine how climate change contributes to extreme weather events, per the New York Times . Such...

A Rare Weather Pattern Is Upon Us
A Rare Weather Pattern
Is Upon Us
the rundown

A Rare Weather Pattern Is Upon Us

A 'triple dip' of La Nina, referring to 3 straight years of it, is here

(Newser) - The weather pattern known as La Nina has materialized in the equatorial Pacific. If that factoid sounds familiar, it's because this is the third consecutive year for the phenomenon—and that marks the first time in a century such a "triple dip" has occurred, according to the World...

Pakistan's Dire Situation Could Get Worse

More flooding is expected in southern Pakistan as Lake Manchar swells

(Newser) - More flooding was expected in southern Pakistan as Lake Manchar swelled from unprecedented monsoon rains that began in mid-June and have killed nearly 1,300 people, officials warned on Sunday. Meteorologists predicted more rain in the region in the coming days, and authorities urged villagers in the Jamshoro and Dadu...

Pakistan Suffering From 'Crisis of Unimaginable Proportions'

One-third of country is under water due to historic monsoon season

(Newser) - As water shortages plague the US , Pakistan is suffering a very opposite problem. A brutal and historic monsoon season has left "a trail of deadly havoc" across the country, reports the BBC , washing out roads and crops and isolating entire villages. Minister of Climate Change Sherry Rehman makes...

He Died in 1984 Avalanche. His Body Was Just Found

Body of Indian soldier Chandrashekhar Harbola found in ruined shelter on Siachen Glacier

(Newser) - An Indian soldier who disappeared in an avalanche in the Himalayas almost 40 yers ago will finally be laid to rest. The body of Chandrashekhar Harbola was discovered Saturday on the Siachen Glacier along the India-Pakistan border, a disputed area the two countries have been fighting to control since 1984....

Less Tea, More Cash in Bank, Government Tells Pakistanis

Plea is greeted with skepticism that cutting back a cup will help economy

(Newser) - A government plea to Pakistanis to drink less tea to help the nation out of its economic crisis has been met with skepticism. Pakistan is the largest importer of tea in the world, with a tab of more than $600 million last year, the BBC reports. The nation's foreign...

2 Sisters Slain in Suspected Honor Killing

So far, 6 men, including relatives, have been arrested

(Newser) - The topic of honor killing is again in the headlines, and this time it's killings—plural. Police in Pakistan have arrested six men and charged them with murdering two sisters in their 20s, reports the Guardian . Based on accounts in the AP and Express Tribune , authorities laid out the...

Pakistan Suffers Through a &#39;Spring-Less Year&#39;
Pakistan Suffers Through
a 'Spring-Less Year'
the rundown

Pakistan Suffers Through a 'Spring-Less Year'

India is grappling with extreme heat months ahead of usual as well

(Newser) - "Last week was insanely hot in Turbat. It did not feel like April," a Pakistani man tells the Guardian . If you think "insanely hot" must mean around 100, guess again. The temps in the region were closer to 120 degrees, and it's not even May—the...

The Heat in India Is Becoming Unbearable

Relief from record-breaking heat wave could still be weeks away

(Newser) - A record-breaking heat wave in India and Pakistan is affecting more than a billion people— and the worst is still to come. Reuters reports that the extreme heat making life almost unbearable across a wide swath of the subcontinent this week follows the hottest March since the India Meteorological Department...

Pakistan to Have New Leader
Pakistan's Leader Voted Out

Pakistan's Leader Voted Out

Prime Minister Imran Khan loses key support before no-confidence vote

(Newser) - Pakistan's political opposition ousted the country's embattled prime minister in a no-confidence vote early Sunday, which they won after several of Imran Khan's allies and a key coalition party deserted him. The combined opposition that spans the political spectrum from the left to the radically religious will...

Blaming US, Khan Dissolves Parliament and Stays in Office

Prime minister's maneuvers shock opposition and push Pakistan into crisis

(Newser) - Prime Minister Imran Khan dissolved Pakistan's parliament on Sunday, staying in office by preventing a no-confidence vote from taking place. The nation reached a crisis point, as shocked opposition lawmakers said that they would challenge Khan's actions at the Supreme Court, calling them violations of the Constitution. The...

Pakistani Leader's Threat: 'No One Will Marry' Your Kids

Prime Minister Imran Khan goes after his rivals ahead of no-confidence vote

(Newser) - Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is fighting for his political life, one that could come to an end as early as Monday with a no-confidence vote in Parliament. The former cricket star, however, is trying to convince his political critics—particularly members of his own party—that a vote against...

India Accidentally Fired a Missile at Pakistan

Says 'technical malfunction' caused missile firing into Punjab province

(Newser) - Tensions between India and Pakistan haven't been too bad over the past few months, but a missile that landed this week in the eastern part of the latter country may have just raised ire again. Per Reuters , India acknowledges the missile originated within its borders, but a statement from...

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