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Twitter Closes Offices as Hundreds Reject Ultimatum
Twitter Closes Offices as
Hundreds Reject Ultimatum

Twitter Closes Offices as Hundreds Reject Ultimatum

Sources say critical engineering teams have been gutted

(Newser) - Elon Musk's ultimatum for Twitter employees to pledge to be "extremely hardcore" was rejected by many workers—perhaps more than the company's new owner bargained for. The Verge reports that according to internal Slack messages and tweets from departing employees, hundreds of employees chose not to respond...

Astronomer's Meteor Video Was Way Too Sexy for Twitter

Mary McIntyre's account was locked for 3-plus months after automated tools flagged the clip

(Newser) - Astronomers think celestial bodies are sexy, so much so that they often post about them on social media. For one UK space scientist, however, her video of a Perseid fireball over the summer was deemed too sexy for Twitter, resulting in her getting locked out of her account for three-plus...

Musk: 'I Frankly Don't Want to Be the CEO of Any Company'

The CEO/CEO/CEO testified in a Tesla shareholder trial in Delaware

(Newser) - Elon Musk is a CEO in triplicate: It's the title he has at Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter. But as he tells it, he'd prefer the count to be zero. Musk said as much from the witness stand Wednesday while in a Delaware court where he was battling...

Twitter Employees Get an Ultimatum From Elon Musk

They have until 5pm Thursday to decide if they're ready to be 'hardcore'

(Newser) - Those who remain employed by Twitter were given an ultimatum on Wednesday morning by Elon Musk, and they reportedly have until 5pm ET Thursday to make up their minds. The Washington Post reports staffers were sent an email from Musk that contained a link to an online form. The email...

Trump Re-Ups Fight Against the 'Cat's Paws' of Twitter

Former president files lawsuit in appeals court regarding his ban on social media platform

(Newser) - Elon Musk has previously said he would lift former President Trump's Twitter ban, and now it looks as if it might be just a matter of time before that happens. Trump doesn't seem to want to wait for the social media platform's answer on that, however: On...

Senator to Elon Musk: 'Fix Your Companies. Or Congress Will'

Dem Sen. Ed Markey of Mass. got into it with the Twitter CEO over the weekend

(Newser) - Elon Musk had it out over the weekend with a US senator on the platform he now owns. Axios reports that Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts kicked things off on Friday with a letter to Musk that he posted on Twitter , asking Musk to fill him in on how...

Twitter Pulls Check Marks as Tumblr Matches the Deal

Fake accounts sprang up immediately

(Newser) - Twitter has suspended the chaotic sale of its $7.99-a-month blue check mark after one day, when it became clear the internet could not be trusted to use it responsibly. The verification badge, which the company no longer verifies, immediately began showing up on fake accounts, the Washington Post reports....

In First Address to Twitter Staff, Musk Warns of 80-Hour Weeks

He also discussed plans for platform to offer financial services, spoke of bankruptcy

(Newser) - Elon Musk warned of possible bankruptcy Thursday when he addressed Twitter employees for the first time since taking over the company, insiders say. The Verge says it has obtained a recording of the session, in which Musk took questions from employees and discussed offering banking services through Twitter. He said...

Security, Compliance Executives Quit Twitter

FTC warns company, which risks violating consent decree

(Newser) - Federal regulators expressed alarm Thursday after several privacy and security executives resigned from Twitter. Those leaving include the chief information security officer, chief privacy officer, and chief compliance officer, the Washington Post reports. The news was met with a warning from the Federal Trade Commission, which said it could take...

Musk Says Remote Working Is Over at Twitter

'Work from home forever' policy has been axed

(Newser) - Twitter employees who made it through last week's mass layoffs got their first email from their new boss late Wednesday—and he wasn't delivering good news. Elon Musk told employees that the "work from home forever" policy i ntroduced in May 2020 is now history, and that,...

Twitter Does a Crazy Flip-Flop on Its New Gray Label

'I just killed it,' says Elon Musk

(Newser) - Pour one out for Twitter's gray "official" designation, which lasted all of a hot minute. Just hours after the new verification feature was rolled out, Elon Musk killed it, and he said exactly that: "I just killed it," he tweeted in reply to a tweet about...

Elon Musk Is Wildly Successful. That Won't Help Him at Twitter

He's facing a human problem, not an engineering one

(Newser) - Elon Musk has been at the helm of Twitter for less than two weeks, and at the Atlantic , Charlie Warzel writes that he's bungling it, badly. Warzel zeroes in on freewheeling tweets, advertisers running for the exits, and a train-wreck layoff process as proof that what "casual observers"...

Musk Hits Out at the Twitter Alternative Snagging His Users

Mastodon has drawn nearly 500K users since Musk's Twitter takeover

(Newser) - Elon Musk has a new problem on his hands: Under his leadership, some users are fleeing Twitter for a lesser-known, non-profit social media site called Mastodon, which Musk has insulted in a number of deleted tweets. What you need to know:
  • The basics: Mastodon, founded in 2016 by software developer

After Musk Suspends Her, Kathy Griffin Finds Workaround

Comedian begins tweeting from the account of her late mother

(Newser) - Comedian Kathy Griffin seems to have found a way around her recent banishment from Twitter. After her own account was suspended—because she impersonated Elon Musk (as did other celebrities unhappy with new verification rules)—Griffin began tweeting from her late mother's account , reports Variety . From there, she called...

Vote GOP, Musk Tweets

Elon Musk: Vote GOP

Twitter's new owner unfollows his guidance about political neutrality

(Newser) - Elon Musk abandoned the customary political neutrality of social media bosses on Monday, urging a Republican victory in Tuesday's midterm elections. In a tweet addressed to "independent-minded voters," Twitter's new owner wrote, "Shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties, therefore I recommend voting...

Whoops: Twitter Asks Some Laid-Off Workers to Return

Mistaken layoffs illustrate the chaos of last week

(Newser) - The thing about laying off 50% of your employees in a single day is that you're bound to make mistakes. Bloomberg reports that Twitter is now reaching out to "dozens" of laid-off workers and asking them to return. It seems the company either laid these particular employees off...

For First Time, Zuckerberg Readies Mass Layoffs

Meta, parent of Facebook, will reportedly lay off thousands of people this week

(Newser) - Twitter employees aren't the only tech staffers facing a bleak November : Facebook parent company Meta is expected to announce its biggest wave of layoffs since Mark Zuckerberg founded it in 2004, reports the New York Times . The numbers are unclear, but Wall Street Journal predicts "many thousands" of...

Twitter Rolling Out $8 Monthly Fee... After Midterms

Critics say the new verification system isn't up to snuff

(Newser) - Twitter won't roll out its new $7.99 "blue check" subscription service until after Tuesday's midterm elections, a source tells CNN . The news comes amid concerns that the new system would have made it easier to spread misinformation ahead of Election Day. Meanwhile, celebs were impersonating Musk...

UN Official Makes Public Plea to Musk

Letter expresses apprehension over Twitter's direction under new owner

(Newser) - Worried about the way Elon Musk's stewardship of Twitter is beginning, a UN official has made a public plea to the billionaire to ensure the platform reflects respect for human rights. Volker Türk, high commissioner for human rights, wrote an open letter to the new owner, the Guardian...

Jack Dorsey Apologizes to Twitter Employees

Co-founder says he expanded the company too fast

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey tweeted his regrets Saturday for the mass layoffs at Twitter, saying he expanded the company too rapidly. A day after new owner Elon Musk began cutting half of Twitter's workforce, the company's co-founder tweeted a message to the "past and present" staff, CNBC reports. "...

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