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How You Get to Be a Playboy Playmate
 How You Get to Be a Playmate 

How You Get to Be a Playmate

About a thousand girls audition each year to be the next Pamela Anderson

(Newser) - Just where does Playboy dig up the shapely women who grace its pages? It's actually something like an audition for American Idol, the Atlantic reports, but, you know, with a lot less clothes. Playboy holds a handful of casting calls throughout the US annually, each attracting a hundred or...

Meet Hef's New New Girlfriend

Shera Bechard takes No. 2 spot behind Anna Sophia Berglund

(Newser) - Is Hugh Hefner trying to prove something? It didn't take him long to move on to Anna Sophia Berglund after Crystal Harris dumped him pre-altar, and now he's added a second girlfriend into the mix, People reports. Shera Bechard, a 27-year-old Canada native who's starred in at...

Hef's Breakup Saga Heads to Lifetime

So that won't be depressing or anything

(Newser) - Coming soon: More than you ever wanted to know about Hugh Hefner's almost-wedding. At least, that's what Hef says. "The marriage special planned for Lifetime TV is now going to have a 'runaway bride' theme and will air in July," he tweeted last night. "...

What Wedding? Hugh Calls in the Twins, Crystal Parties

No one sat around moping on would-be wedding day

(Newser) - Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner didn't tie the knot yesterday, and they didn't mope, either. Hef took to Twitter to share his chin-up attitude: "This was going to be my wedding day, but life is full of surprises," the 85-year-old wrote. "After all is said...

Sad Crystal: 'I Wasn't the Only Woman in Hef's Life'

Harris spills details to 'Entertainment Tonight'

(Newser) - An explosive argument ? A mutual decision ? What really spelled the end of Hugh Hefner's relationship with Crystal Harris? A teary Harris spilled the story to Entertainment Tonight , claiming that she just couldn't live with Hef's playboy lifestyle, the Daily Mail reports. "I wasn't...

'Runaway' Hefner Bride Explains Cold Feet

Duh! Wedding wasn't what I wanted: Crystal Harris

(Newser) - Crystal Harris called off her wedding to Hugh Hefner because things with the 85-year-old were "just happening too fast," and she decided, upon reflection, that the marriage wasn't what she wanted, she says. "I'd been having second thoughts about everything, so I haven't really...

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Split: What Happened Before Canceled Wedding?
 What Killed Hef's Wedding? 

What Killed Hef's Wedding?

Was it just a bad fight, or was Crystal looking for cash?

(Newser) - America was shocked yesterday when the, ahem, storybook romance of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris came to an abrupt end . What could the problem possibly have been, other than their 60-year age difference?
  • The couple got into what E! calls a “rather explosive argument” over the phone, and Harris

Hugh Hefner's Wedding Canceled

Crystal Harris calls it off just days ahead of time

(Newser) - After much fanfare—including 300 Swarovski crystal-adorned wedding invitations—Hugh Hefner and playmate Crystal Harris won’t be getting married after all, People reports. The Playboy Mansion wedding was set for Saturday , but Harris canceled it today. “The split was a mutual decision and the two remain good friends,...

Hugh Hefner's Fiancee Gets Cozy With Dr. Phil's Son

24-year-old may be exploring her options

(Newser) - Hugh Hefner is set to wed 24-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris in June, but she may have a squeeze on the side. In a bizarre tabloid twist, her alleged other lover is...Dr. Phil's son. Harris and Jordan McGraw were spotted being extra cozy together at the ritzy Chateau Marmont in...

12 Famous Open Relationships

Charlie Sheen is the latest, the wackiest, but not the first

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen may be the craziest celebrity ever to have a relationship with multiple women simultaneously , but he's certainly not the only celebrity to do so. The Daily Beast rounds up a dozen:
  • Hugh Hefner: The Playboy founder's relationship record? Seven women at once. (He also, of course, dated identical

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Set the Wedding Date: June 18
 Hefner Sets a Wedding Date 

Hefner Sets a Wedding Date

It'll be a June wedding at the Playboy mansion for Hef, Crystal Harris

(Newser) - Looks like Hugh Hefner really is going through with this whole third marriage thing : He and Crystal Harris have selected June 18 as their wedding date, a Playboy rep confirms to Us . Hef has said the wedding will be “intimate with a close number of friends” and “very...

'Pontiac Fever' Crashed Playboy Mansion Party

Fog machine spread bacterium, attendees suspect

(Newser) - The culprit behind the dozens of people sickened after a party at Playboy Mansion? Officials think it's Pontiac Fever, a milder form of Legionnaires' disease that's known as legionellosis. The bacterium that causes legionellosis lives inside warm water and can take root in ventilation systems; some suspect that a fog...

Inside Hef's Bedroom, Sex Life
 Inside Hef's 
 Sex Life 
nyt profile

Inside Hef's Bedroom, Sex Life

Fiancée doesn't know how to answer when asked about their sex life

(Newser) - Everything you ever wanted to know about Hugh Hefner and more: The New York Times Magazine has just that in a lengthy profile of the Playboy founder. Highlights:
  • His final resting place ... is already picked out; a Los Angeles crypt featuring none other than Marilyn Monroe as a neighbor.
  • His

Hef: Uncensored Playboy Coming to iPad

Could this mean a wave of porn for the tablet?

(Newser) - Has Apple gotten over its porn hang-up? Hugh Heffner set off a wave of speculation by suggesting as much on Twitter today. “Big news! Playboy—both old & new—will be available on iPad beginning in March,” he tweeted, according to Apple Insider . Playboy already has a censored...

Playboy's New Owner? Hugh Hefner
Playboy's New Owner?
Hugh Hefner

Playboy's New Owner? Hugh Hefner

Founder will buy company back, take it private

(Newser) - Can Hugh Hefner save Playboy by buying it back? That’s what the founder—and the company’s largest shareholder—has decided to do, Chicago Breaking Business reports. Hef’s Icon Acquisition Holdings LP will take Playboy Enterprises private . The price of $6.15 a share is an 18% premium...

Hugh Hefner: My Mansion's No Squalid Prison

But, uh, that thing about not wearing condoms...

(Newser) - Hugh Hefner would like you to know that he does not hand out Quaaludes, let his dog poop all over the carpets of the Playboy mansion, or refuse to wear condoms. Er, well, actually, that part about not wearing condoms might be true. But most of the dirt dished by...

Inside Hefner's Not-Exactly-Romantic Proposal

It involved ... a 'Little Mermaid' music box

(Newser) - The story of Hugh Hefner’s Christmas Eve proposal to 60-years-younger galpal Crystal Harris just keeps getting more and more romantic. Turns out he didn’t actually ask her to marry him, he just handed her a Little Mermaid music box (yep, really) that was holding the ring, and said,...

Playboy Mansion a 'Squalid' Prison
Playboy Mansion
a 'Squalid' Prison

Playboy Mansion a 'Squalid' Prison

Dog doo, stained mattresses, pocket money and a 'dead fish Sex God'

(Newser) - Is there anything more cringe-worthy than a 24-year-old babe sleeping with 84-year-old Hugh Hefner? Maybe: Living in Hef's "squalid" Playboy mansion and being part of his stable of second-string women who feel like prostitutes servicing a viagra-popping, plastic-surgery-obsessed octogenarian, reports the Daily Mail . The buxom crew's bedrooms have "...

Lay Off Hugh Hefner: May-December Unions Fine
Lay Off Hugh Hefner:
May-December Unions Fine

Lay Off Hugh Hefner: May-December Unions Fine

Slate columnist: Big age gaps don't mean bad marriages

(Newser) - The usual complaints emerged with the news that Hugh Hefner, all 84 years of him, got engaged to 24-year-old Crystal Harris. You know the ones—gold digger, "rich old horndog," etc., writes Christopher Beam at Slate . Instead of joining the chorus, Beam offers a defense of the May-December...

Hugh Hefner Engaged, but Not Getting Married

Sources say a very, very long engagement is likely

(Newser) - Hugh Hefner is engaged , but don't expect to see his fiancee walking down the aisle anytime soon. Sources tells Bill Zwecker that a wedding is unlikely, and that his union with 24-year-old Playmate Crystal Harris will remain a long-term Hollywood engagement. “Though in Hef’s case, how long can...

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