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Huffington Moves to Trademark the Letter 'H'

But, to be fair, only if it's underlined

(Newser) - Here's hoping you've had a healthy helping of the letter "H" already, because Arianna Huffington may soon own it. OK, so that’s exaggerating—a lot—but Gawker is still in a tizzy over two new trademarks filed by the Huffington Post in December. The first seems pretty fair:...

Sorry, HuffPo Bloggers, You're Not Worth Anything

Stats guru Nate Silver does the math on HuffPo's bloggers

(Newser) - Huffington Post bloggers should stop whining about their lack of pay , even after the online site was bought by AOL for $315 million—they're just not worth it, writes stats king Nate Silver at the New York Times . Silver crunched the numbers and estimates that the median blog post is...

HuffPo Writers: How About Some Pay?

$315M deal leaves unpaid contributors out in cold

(Newser) - The Huffington Post's sale to AOL for $315 million —and the estimated $18 million to $100 million Arianna Huffington made on the deal—has left the news site's unpaid contributors wondering where their piece of the pie is, the Daily notes. "My share of the Huffington Post sale,...

AOL-HuffPo Deal Seems Pretty Win-Win

 Deal Seems 
 Pretty Win-Win 

AOL-HuffPo Deal Seems Pretty Win-Win

HuffPo gets cash, AOL gets a vision, advertisers get eyeballs

(Newser) - AOL's purchase of the Huffington Post is drawing plenty of muted cheers—and a few harsh critiques. Most seem to agree that both sides come out ahead.
  • “The content rollup has begun,” writes Michael Wolff at MediaWeek , and new media is becoming old media—"if it’s

AOL Buying Huffington Post for $315M

Arianna Huffington will head AOL content

(Newser) - AOL is buying the Huffington Post for a whopping $315 million, and Arianna Huffington will become the owner of AOL news content. The purchase will bring the AOL news operation another 25 million visitors a day, reports AP. That's expected to help AOL boost its struggling display advertising business. The...

2 Dems Sue Huffington for Stealing Website Idea

Arianna says it's a scam, a 'completely absurd, ludicrous supposition'

(Newser) - Two Democratic political consultants are alleging, in a lawsuit filed in New York State Court, that Arianna Huffington and her business partner stole their blueprint for the website now called the Huffington Post, reports Ben Smith for Politico. James Boyce and Peter Daou claim that they had a handshake agreement...

Take a Ride on the HuffPo 'Sanity Buses'
 Take a Ride 
 on the HuffPo 
 'Sanity Buses' 
what was it like?

Take a Ride on the HuffPo 'Sanity Buses'

Two people write about their NY-DC treks

(Newser) - Adrianne Jeffries and Chadwick Matlin both rode the free Huffington Post buses to yesterday’s Rally to Restore Sanity , but they had vastly different experiences. Jeffries woke up at 3:50am with one thought on her mind: “This sucks.” She shlepped to “the far side of Queens,...

Brown, Huffington Tweak Feud Report

HuffPo, Daily Beast proprietors trash Guardian rumors

(Newser) - Sure, the Daily Beast's Tina Brown wants a Newsweek merger because she crazy-hates rival Arianna Huffington, or so claims the Guardian. "We are sooooo busted," laments one AriHuff in a "leaked" IM conversation with one TBrown. "How did they find out we 'simply cannot stand each...

The 25 Most Valuable Blogs
The 25 Most Valuable Blogs

The 25 Most Valuable Blogs

Gawker, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton in the top 10

(Newser) - 24/7 Wall St. is out with its fourth annual ranking of the 25 most valuable blogs in America, with the caveat that valuation is as much an art as it is a science. A number of blogs have increased in value since last year, not only because they have...

The Blaze: Will Glenn Beck's News Site Actually Work?

Or is it really a beatnik art joke?

(Newser) - Glenn Beck has jumped into the online news game with “The Blaze.” Will it live up to the hype? Here’s what people are saying:
  • The Blaze is a great move for Beck, because it allows him to expand his media empire “without simply serving up more

AP Scribe Debunks HuffPo Blogger's War Tale

Media darling with lovable dog has sketchy lawsuit and criminal past

(Newser) - Huffington Post blogger Luis Carlos Montalván started out as an anti-war liberal's dream: a decorated Iraq vet with a compelling war story, vocally opposed to the war and accompanied by a lovable golden retriever to stave off PTSD-related anxiety. But an AP reporter who's been digging into the self-promoting...

HuffPo Blogger Unmasked as Fake Rothschild

'Stefan de Rothschild' is really Brit hoaxer Monty Roberts

(Newser) - Huffington Post editors were thrilled to find blogger Stefan de Rothschild, a wealthy heir whose $2.5 million donation to Haiti made national news. The only problem? None of it was true. Stefan "Monty" Roberts of Britain was unmasked by a group of flinty-eyed Wikipedia editors who noticed his...

HuffPo's New Faves: Nip Slips, Nude Pics

Once a political site, the Huffington Post turns NSFW for traffic

(Newser) - Though the Huffington Post is run by a liberal, feminist woman, it’s taken a misogynistic, traffic-grabbing turn of late. Take, for example, the gratuitous use of the word “whore” (headline count: three instances) and equally gratuitous shot of Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre in a recent story about...

Fox Caught Fudging Footage Again
 Fox Caught Fudging 
 Footage Again 

Fox Caught Fudging Footage Again

This-just-in Palin video actually from '08 campaign

(Newser) - The incident isn’t on par with Jon Stewart catching Fox News host Sean Hannity passing off old video as new, but lefty blogger Faiz Shakir found the network doing something similar today. Noting huge crowds for Sarah Palin’s book tour, host Gregg Jarrett alerts viewers to “pictures...

Oh, Poor Polanski, Child Rapist
 Oh, Poor Polanski, Child Rapist 

Oh, Poor Polanski, Child Rapist

He pleaded guilty and fled. How can anyone rationalize that?

(Newser) - Kate Harding would like to remind everyone crowing about the injustice of arresting a 76-year-old man who’s put in 31 years of exile that Roman Polanski is a fugitive and, coincidentally, a child rapist. The director “gave a 13-year-old girl a Quaalude and champagne,” according to her...

Huffington Post: A Hotbed of Junk Medicine
Huffington Post: A Hotbed of Junk Medicine

Huffington Post: A Hotbed of Junk Medicine

Unpaid bloggers push enemas for swine flu, vaccine hokum

(Newser) - During the height of swine flu panic, a Huffington Post blogger advised dumping the Tamiflu and sticking with "deep-cleansing enemas," which will supposedly keep you influenza-free and help you lose weight, too. HuffPo is a hotbed of junk medicine, Dr. Rahul K. Parikh writes in Salon, with...

Gawker Catches HuffPo Falling for Hoax
 Gawker Catches HuffPo 
 Falling for Hoax 


Gawker Catches HuffPo Falling for Hoax

Arianna must be thrilled, Gawker blogger muses

(Newser) - An airport in Central Park? Sounds ridiculous, but the Huffington Post fell for it yesterday—much to the delight and amusement of Gawker. HuffPo ran a satirical story on its homepage last night (caught in a screenshot by Gawker before it was removed) with what appeared to be a straight...

Bloggers Differ on Merits of HuffPo Question
Bloggers Differ on Merits
of HuffPo Question

Bloggers Differ on Merits of HuffPo Question

(Newser) - Michael Calderone of Politico suggests that the Huffington Post and the White House got a little too cozy today before President Obama's press conference. "In what appeared to be a coordinated exchange," Obama called on HuffPo reporter Nico Pitney for a question on Iran, and he seemed to...

Parasitic, Tabloid HuffPo Just Pretends to Do Journalism

The 'supposedly revolutionary über-blog' wears no clothes: Dumenco

(Newser) - Syracuse University’s SI Newhouse journalism school recently awarded Arianna Huffington one of their lifetime achievement awards, an honor that strikes Simon Dumenco as absurd, he writes for Advertising Age. It sounds like a brutally ironic joke: a school for training journalists honors someone who’s built a popular website...

Palin Lawyer Blasts Plagiarism Charges

Huff Post blogger accused Palin of "repeatedly" lifting Gingrich words

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's attorney has ripped charges by a Huffington Post blogger that she plagiarized phrases from a Newt Gingrich article. Palin "repeatedly lifted" Gingrich's wording when she introduced Ronald Reagan's son in Anchorage last week, wrote Geoffrey Dunn, who's writing a book on Palin. But Palin's lawyer said she...

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