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China Introduces 'Husband Storage' Pods in Mall

Tiny rooms with gaming consoles let users play retro games

(Newser) - For men who are willing to accompany their wives to the mall but not actually inclined to shop with them, a mall in Shanghai has devised a novel answer: "husband storage" pods replete with retro video games from the 1990s, reports the BBC . The Global Harbor mall currently offers...

Nintendo Caught Off Guard by Popularity of the Switch

The company is projecting a seven-year high in operating profits

(Newser) - Nintendo thought its new Switch console would do well; it had no idea it would do this well. Time reports Nintendo sold 2.74 million Switches in March after launching March 3. The video game company only expected to sell 2 million, which is one reason the Switch is still...

This Is the 'PS4' a Boy Got for Christmas

It was a wooden fake purchased at Target

(Newser) - "This is the best present ever, thank you, Santa!" was 9-year-old Scott Lundy's initial reaction when he unwrapped his big gift Christmas morning: a Sony PS4. But that exuberance quickly turned to tears when Scott and his dad, Brian, actually opened up the box to set the...

Nintendo: The Wii U Bombed
 Nintendo: The Wii U Bombed 

Nintendo: The Wii U Bombed

Company slashes sales forecast almost 70%

(Newser) - Nintendo's console business might be on its last life. The company today slashed its Wii U sales forecast for the year ending in March by a staggering 70%, anticipating sales of just 2.8 million units, Reuters reports. It also halved its projection for Wii U game sales to...

China Relents, Will Finally Allow Video Game Consoles

Sony, others weigh their next move

(Newser) - China famously outlawed the sale of video game consoles in 2000, citing worries about the mental health of the nation's youth. Beijing is apparently worried no more: It has lifted the ban at least temporarily, paving the way for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to tap a potentially huge market,...

XBox One Launches Latest Console War

It's got loftier ambitions, price tag than PlayStation 4

(Newser) - The XBox One launched at midnight, and with it, the latest generation of the eternal console war. Around the country, XBox devotees are lining up for the new system, which, like its rival, the PlayStation 4, is expected to be in extremely short supply, USA Today reports. Microsoft says it'...

Sony Finally Kills the PS2
 Sony Finally Kills the PS2 

Sony Finally Kills the PS2

After 12 years, best-selling console of all time is no more

(Newser) - It was the console that seemed like it would never die, but after 12 years, Sony has finally ceased production on the PlayStation 2, the Guardian reports. (We know what you're thinking: Yes, they were still making PS2s.) The console, originally launched in 2000, ends its run as...

Nintendo Wii U Arrives Unique, Unfinished

 Nintendo Wii U Arrives 
 Unique, Unfinished 
Tech Review

Nintendo Wii U Arrives Unique, Unfinished

2nd screen a revolution, but lots of questions remain unanswered

(Newser) - Nintendo's Wii U console hit shelves yesterday, and now everyone's talking about it—and its revolutionary new tablet-esque GamePad controller. Here's what people are saying:
  • The console streams video to the pad flawlessly, which "opens up a Pandora's box of ideas for both game developers

Wii U Hits in November for $299
 Wii U Hits in November for $299 

Wii U Hits in November for $299

It won't come with any of the old Wii's accessories

(Newser) - Nintendo's new Wii U console will hit stores in the US on Nov. 18 for as low as $299, the company announced today. For that price, you'll get just the console, its unique gamepad controller, a charger, and an HDMI cable, Mashable reports. Upgrade to the $349 "...

$99 Gaming Console Smashes Record at Kickstarter

Ouya creators meet original goal in just 8 hours, pass $3M

(Newser) - The creators of Ouya, a cheaper and hacker-friendly gaming console built on Android , wanted to raise almost a million bucks in a month. Well, they got that much through their Kickstarter campaign in about eight hours, reports an impressed CNET . And in about a day, they had raised more than...

$99 Console Aims to Reinvent Gaming

Kickstarter project OUYA welcomes hackers

(Newser) - Video gaming is about to go indie. Running on Android, a new console will encourage developers to alter its software and hardware to suit their specifications. What's more, players will get lots of games for free, though developers can make money on things like virtual goods. OUYA is currently...

Nintendo Announces Wii 2
 Nintendo Announces Wii 2 

Nintendo Announces Wii 2

New console will replace Wii, could be called 'Stream'

(Newser) - Nintendo will follow up its popular Wii with a new console system next year, the company announced today. The new system, which IGN notes is codenamed Project Cafe AKA Wii 2, will be showcased at Los Angeles's E3 Expo in June. The announcement comes as Nintendo reported sagging earnings...

Gamers: Nintendo 3DS Makes Us Sick
Gamers: Nintendo 3DS
Makes Us Sick

Gamers: Nintendo 3DS Makes Us Sick

Nintendo: Don't play it so much then

(Newser) - Gamers— including some reviewers —who have tried out Nintendo's new 3D-effect console say it has left them feeling distinctly woozy. Customers complain that the Nintendo 3DS, which flashes separate images into each eye, has caused headaches and nausea, and now they're having trouble getting full refunds from retailers, the...

Nintendo Going 3D, Without Glasses
Nintendo Going 3D, Without Glasses

Nintendo Going 3D, Without Glasses

Handheld DS system will be upgraded eventually

(Newser) - Nintendo is planning to release a 3D version of its portable DS system, with one really intriguing twist: there won’t be any glasses. Dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, the company is calling the device the successor to the current DS series. Nintendo won’t reveal any more details until June,...

Video Game 'Console Killer' to Launch June 17

Service will let users stream games online

(Newser) - The days of PlayStations and Xboxes are now officially numbered—or at least, they will be if OnLive has its way. The much-hyped online streaming game platform will launch on June 17, the company announced today. The service allows users to play whatever game they want, instantly, and because it...

Clock Bug Shuts Down PS3s Worldwide

Sony warns users not to turn on system for 24 hours

(Newser) - Sony is advising many PS3 owners not to use their consoles for 24 hours while the company fixes a massive bug affecting consoles around the world. Older versions of the system have been unable to log on to the Playstation Network, and in some cases even unable to play games,...

Mom Calls Cops on Grand Theft Auto-Addled Teen

Boston police talk boy into shutting off PlayStation

(Newser) - A Boston teen's excessive video game playing caused his mom to call 911 this weekend. Angela Mejia awoke at 2:30am to find her son still playing Grand Theft Auto IV, so she unplugged his PlayStation. "I want to help my son, but I can’t find a way,...

The Secret of Facebook's Hidden Code
 The Secret of 
 Hidden Code 

The Secret of Facebook's Hidden Code

'Konami code' also yields wonders on other sites around the web

(Newser) - For those who remember first-generation Nintendo cheats, the Internet has many surprises in store. Case in point: If you enter the “Konami code” that made, say, Contra remotely beatable—at least for this writer—on Facebook, photographic lens flares will accompany every click of the mouse. To try it,...

Slumping Wii Surprises Nintendo

Lack of hit games hits sales

(Newser) - With hit games few and far between, consumers aren’t exactly fighting in the aisles to get their hands on a Wii anymore. Nintendo slashed its full year sales forecast for Wii hardware 23% yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reports, and offered little hope of a swift turnaround. “Right...

Netflix Comes to PlayStation 3
 Netflix Comes to PlayStation 3 

Netflix Comes to PlayStation 3

Sony console can finally stream like Xbox

(Newser) - At long last, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to stream Netflix movies to their TVs, the companies announced today. Xbox users have been able to do the same thing for a year, but an exclusive deal with Microsoft kept the service off the PS3 until now. But PS3 users...

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