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Triathlete Attacked by Crazed ... Otter

Minnesota woman bitten 25 times

(Newser) - Triathletes face some serious challenges—but bloodthirsty otters aren't usually among them. While preparing for her second Ironman Triathlon, a Minnesota woman was attacked by just such a creature, which bit her 25 times before she was rescued. Leah Prudhomme was in the midst of a half-mile swim in...

Man's Foiled Plan: Sell Bear Cubs at Gas Station

Says he shot their mother in self-defense

(Newser) - What do you do with an extra pair of bear cubs? A California man wasn't sure—so he tried to pawn them off at a gas station, according to wildlife authorities who stopped him. Chris Puett says he had shot the cubs' mother when she charged him at his...

Dog Reunited With Family After 700-Mile Journey

'Bear' somehow made it from Sacramento to Tacoma in two days

(Newser) - Sounds like something out of a movie: A dog was reunited with his Sacramento, California, owner yesterday after he disappeared and was found two days later … in Tacoma, Washington. Bear, a 2-year-old Patterdale terrier, is only 20 pounds and 15 inches tall, and it’s unclear how he made...

'Genius' Horse Nabs World Record

Lukas can identify numbers, colors, letters

(Newser) - He’s been called the “world’s smartest horse,” and now he’s got a Guinness World Record: Lukas holds the record for “Most Numbers Correctly Identified by a Horse in One Minute”—19. The 17-year-old thoroughbred has a wealth of tricks under his belt, including...

How a Giraffe-Size Dinosaur Managed to Fly

16-foot creatures could traverse continents: scientists

(Newser) - Scientists think they’ve finally figured out how a dinosaur the size of a giraffe was able to soar through the air: It used its huge wings to pole-vault, the Daily Mail reports. Researchers from the UK and US say their theory trumps longstanding claims that pterosaurs couldn’t possibly...

Piggy Banks Made From Real Pigs Cause Ruckus

Humane Society in Canada is not amused

(Newser) - A website known for outrageous products has hit a nerve with its latest: a piggy bank made from an an actual piglet. The description of the item on notes that the "taxidermied" bank is made only from piglets that have died of natural causes. Nonetheless, it's a...

YouTube Lion Weeper Roaring to Big Screen

Lion cub love gets blockbuster treatment

(Newser) - A film currently working its way through Hollywood development has everything a movie producer could want: animals, family reunions, and a story people already know about. The film is Christian the Lion, based on a pair of Brits who bought a lonely lion cub at Harrod's department store, raised it...

Snakes Headed the Way of the Dinosaur?
 Snakes Headed the 
 Way of the Dinosaur? 


Snakes Headed the Way of the Dinosaur?

Snakes may face fate similar to that of frogs and fish

(Newser) - After more than 150 million years on earth, snakes may be slithering toward extinction. A new study shows snake populations plummeting around the world, with an especially sharp and mysterious drop in 1998. Researchers who tracked 17 snake populations in Africa, Europe, and Australia were "alarmed" to find 11...

Newborn Kitten Has Two Faces

Birth defect reduces chance tiny feline will survive

(Newser) - A newborn kitten is turning heads because she has an unusual birth defect—two faces. The funky feline, inventively named Two Face by her startled owner, has a condition called diprosopus , her veterinarian tells WCHS , the ABC affiliate in Charleston, WV. "I gave her about a 50-50 prognosis, and...

Calvin Klein's 'Obsession' Entrances Big Cats

Men's scent becomes secret weapon for zookeepers

(Newser) - Obsession for Men, Calvin Klein's musky scent for guys, may or may not work to lure the ladies, but it's a huge hit with tigers, leopards, and jaguars of both sexes. It's become the secret weapon of zoologists trying to entice big cats to linger, the Wall Street Journal reports....

11 Items Weirdly Made From Animal Parts

Fabric softeners, cigarettes, sugar, and other meaty products

(Newser) - Turning down a cheeseburger is one thing; truly abstaining from all products containing animal parts is a wee bit trickier. Hugh Ryan reveals 11 surprising everyday items made from an animal ingredient for the Daily Beast .
  1. Fabric softener: The reason your clothes are so Downy soft? Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium

Elderly Donkey Thrives on Beer Diet

Rosie drinks Guinness twice a day

(Newser) - A British donkey is so old her owner thinks she may be a record-setter, and she's enjoying the privileges of age—including Guinness stout twice a day. Rosie may be as old as 54, but her age can't be documented. Her diet is on the record, though. "I used...

Stray Dog Sides With Greek Protesters

Photogenic 'Kanellos'—or perhaps 'Louk'—goes where the action is

(Newser) - You weren't imagining things when you saw a dog trotting around downtown Athens this week as riots raged around him. The tawny shorthaired mutt has turned up in a surprising number of images over the past couple of years, reports the Guardian , which IDs the dog as Kanellos. But Gawker...

BBC News - German man 'marries' his dying cat
 Man Marries Dying Cat 

Man Marries Dying Cat

German wanted to tie the knot before animal's death

(Newser) - Most spouses consider their pets better listeners than their partners , but a German man is taking animal companionship to a whole new level: Uwe Mitzscherlich, 39, has unofficially married his dying cat, Cecilia, reports the BBC . Animal marriage is illegal in Germany, so Mitzscherlich paid an actress $395 to perform...

Dogs, Whales Display Special Connection

Video, anecdotes support notion of interspecies bond

(Newser) - Do dogs and whales share a mysterious special bond? Yes, according to Discovery News writer Jennifer Viegas. For proof, she offers the YouTube clip above and some anecdotal evidence from Carrie Newell, who runs Whale Research EcoExcursions. Newell often brings her dog on her whale watching expeditions, and she reports...

Americans Learn to Say 'Mmm, Rabbit'
 Learn to Say 
 'Mmm, Rabbit' 
menu choices

Americans Learn to Say 'Mmm, Rabbit'

Furry friends are also perfect food animal for budding DIY farmers

(Newser) - Rabbit as food is a troubling conceit for many Americans—“it’s this weird association with Easter,” a chef says—but the animal is taking off with a small group of budding butchers, urban farmers, and those just enamored of its lean, healthy meat. “This is my...

Pig Lung Transplants for Humans Move Closer

Ethicists object to creating human-animal hybrid

(Newser) - Animal organ transplants in humans are now a step closer to reality: Scientists have successfully combined animal lungs with human blood, keeping a pig lung alive and functioning as the blood flowed through it. “The blood went into the lungs without oxygen and came out with oxygen, which is...

Horny Lesbian Koalas Upstage Andy Roddick
 Horny Lesbian Koalas 
 Upstage Andy Roddick 
wild kingdom

Horny Lesbian Koalas Upstage Andy Roddick

Marsupial web sensations sneak into tennis star's TV appearance

(Newser) - The week's hot viral video is an interview with tennis star Andy Roddick in which the background activity becomes so compelling that it quickly turns into a video of the tennis star's left shoulder. Yes, those are koalas, getting busy in a tree. The video was a sensation—Roddick, not...

Rudolph Is Female, and Other Crazy Reindeer Facts

Reindeer travel 3K miles a year—not including flights

(Newser) - Climate change is blamed for a drop of nearly 60% in reindeer numbers in recent decades and scientists warn that Arctic ecosystems are likely to suffer as a result. LiveScience lists other surprising—and less depressing—facts about St. Nick's beasts of burden.
  • They're actually caribou. Caribou and reindeer are

Pet Health Insurance Gets Complicated, Too

With the numbers rising, all kinds of options are available

(Newser) - Health insurance for pets is getting just as tricky as insurance for humans. With the cost of pet medical care rising, along with the number of insured pets, a dizzying range of options is suddenly available—complete with choices on deductibles and depth of coverage. Some policies cover hereditary conditions...

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