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Tech Could Help Seniors' Brains Stay Young

According to a new study

(Newser) - Teaching mom and dad to use Facebook and Instagram may make you want to yank out your hair, but it could help keep parents mentally fit as they age, according to new research out of Austria. People over the age of 50 scored better on cognition tests in 2012 than...

Cops Find Meth Lab ... in Retirement Community

Neighbors say 64-year-old kept to himself

(Newser) - Ah, retirement, the golden years when you can relax, play some golf, and cook a little meth. At least, that's allegedly what it's been like for 64-year-old Robert Short. Police pulled over the senior citizen for a routine traffic stop on Saturday night, only to discover that he...

Hey, Pope Francis: Kids Aren't a Retirement Plan

Adults who have kids can still be plenty lonely, writes Keli Goff

(Newser) - Pope Francis recently exhorted his followers to have kids , saying that to do otherwise would lead to "old age in solitude, with the bitterness of loneliness." Well Keli Goff at the Daily Beast has some news for the pontiff: "Children are not a surefire way to inoculate...

Grim Search at Burned-Out Seniors' Home Buried in Ice

Cig may have caused fire that killed dozens

(Newser) - Work crews have resumed the grim task of searching for ice-covered bodies in the wreckage of a seniors' residence in Quebec, where a blaze is believed to have killed more than 30 people . Search teams working in bitter weather conditions are using hot air to melt more than 20 inches...

Firefighters Saw Seniors in Home, Couldn't Save Them

Fast-moving blaze trapped residents of Canada facility

(Newser) - A fire raged through a seniors' home in eastern Quebec yesterday, trapping residents dependent on wheelchairs and walkers. Five died, about 30 were missing and Canada's prime minister said there is little doubt the death toll will be high: Officials said firefighters saw and heard people in the building...

Angry Seniors Suspected in Spray-Paint Vandalism

Grandfather in gated community sees 'no kids' painted on his cars

(Newser) - More fodder for the jokes about Florida seniors: The Smoking Gun reports that a resident of a 55-and-older community in Vero Beach discovered that some apparently ticked off neighbor or neighbors spray-painted both his cars with the message "No kids." Bhaskar Barot's apparent offense was occasionally babysitting...

Stronger Economy Just Might Kill You
Stronger Economy
Just Might Kill You
study says

Stronger Economy Just Might Kill You

Study finds higher deaths in boom times among middle aged, elderly

(Newser) - A booming economy would seem to be good news all around, but a new study finds a strange thing: More middle-aged people and seniors tend to die in a strong economy than in a weak one, reports Medical News Today . Specifically, Netherlands researchers found that death rates in developed countries...

Teens Make Better Decisions Than Seniors
Teens Make Better
Decisions Than Seniors
study says

Teens Make Better Decisions Than Seniors

Study suggests older adults are less rational

(Newser) - The notion of a teenager seeking the counsel of a wise elder might seem like a good idea, but a new study suggests those roles should be reversed. Australian researchers gave people from various age groups a series of decisions to make on hypothetical wagers, and those older than 65...

Man Breaks Weightlifting Record ... at 91

Sy Perlis benches 187.2 pounds

(Newser) - He's from the city of Surprise, Arizona, and that's just what Sy Perlis did. Bench-pressing 187.2 pounds, the 91-year-old smashed the previous world record for over-90s—135 pounds—during a competition in Phoenix on Saturday. Perlis didn't even begin lifting weights until he was 60, the...

Cops Bust Prostitution Ring ... at Senior Citizen Home

Neighbors, 75 and 66, are suspected masterminds

(Newser) - The suspects are accused of running a prostitution ring out of their apartments, using cocaine, and ultimately causing drunks and drug addicts to bother others living in the building, pass out in the halls, and leave used condoms in the rec room. Oh, the building in question? It's a...

Bus Full of Seniors Overturns in Texas

Two dead in crash: reports

(Newser) - A charter bus carrying many "older folks" rolled over on a Texas highway around 9am, the Dallas Morning News reports. The bus was en route to an Oklahoma casino when it reportedly hit a "rubber traffic control item" on the right side of the road, cruised across the...

This Year's Flu Shot Isn't Protecting Seniors

It helps in just 9% of cases, says CDC

(Newser) - Senior citizens who got the flu shot this year needn't have bothered, reports USA Today . For those ages 65 and older, this year's vaccine helped in just 9% of cases against the predominant strain, a percentage deemed to be statistically insignificant by the CDC. Factoring in all ages,...

Germans Save Money by Exporting Old People
Germans Save Money
by Exporting Old People

Germans Save Money by Exporting Old People

Opponents call practice 'inhumane'

(Newser) - With long-term care costs rising—and actual care standards falling—a growing number of Germans are saving money by shipping their elderly relatives to foreign homes, the Guardian reports. Most are headed to Eastern Europe; an estimated 7,146 were in Hungary last year, along with more 3,000 in...

To Prevent Shrinking Brain, Exercise in Your 70s

Just a few walks a week can help: Study

(Newser) - To keep your brain fighting fit in your 70s, it seems that physical exercise beats mental workouts. Scientists found that in 638 people beyond retirement age, the most physically active subjects suffered less brain shrinkage over three years, the BBC reports; shrinking is associated with trouble thinking and remembering. Just...

Big Medicare Change Widens Coverage
Big Medicare Change Widens Coverage

Big Medicare Change Widens Coverage

Nursing patients now won't need to show potential to improve

(Newser) - In order to receive coverage for therapies like skilled nursing, many Medicare beneficiaries have for decades had to show potential for improvement in their condition. But the Obama administration's settlement of a lawsuit is poised to change all that, the New York Times reports. The result is a big...

The Elderly Are Doing Just Fine

 The Elderly Are 
 Doing Just Fine 

The Elderly Are Doing Just Fine

Charles Lane thinks seniors can afford Medicare cuts

(Newser) - Paul Ryan's plan to reform Medicare has Democrats itching to resurrect their "Mediscare" campaign, depicting the elderly as victims. "I admire and like the elderly," writes Charles Lane of the Washington Post , playfully noting that "I myself hope to be elderly someday." But "...

The Best Cities for Seniors
 The Best Cities for Seniors 
study says

The Best Cities for Seniors

Topping the list: Provo, Utah

(Newser) - A new study ranks the best cities for seniors—and, when it comes to big cities, none in Florida crack the top 10. And just one Florida city makes it into the top 10 smaller cities for aging. "The traditional notions about retirement, about pulling up stakes and moving...

Old People Smell Better Than Young People
Old People Smell Better
Than Young People
in case you missed it

Old People Smell Better Than Young People

Seniors have a distinctive odor, and it's not so bad: Study

(Newser) - Old people do indeed have a distinctive odor, say scientists, but it's a lot better than reputation and bad jokes would suggest. A study involving the unenviable task of sniffing underarm pads found that those aged 75 to 95 gave off a scent more pleasant and less intense than...

Senior Citizen Attacks Golfing Bachelor Party

Tells them to respect their elders ... as he drives a golf cart into them

(Newser) - Things got pretty darn crazy at a Jacksonville Beach, Fla., bachelor party on Saturday, and not because of strippers or booze. The Florida Times-Union reports that a group of six golfing gents was attacked at the 18th hole—by a 61-year-old. James Alonzo Hines allegedly drove his cart into the...

90-Somethings Are Oldest-Ever Newlyweds

98-year-old weds 95-year old on Leap Day

(Newser) - They call themselves "the Romeo and Juliet of senior citizens," and with their wedding yesterday, they unknowingly broke a world record—for the newlyweds with the oldest combined age. Together, Lillian Hartley, 95, and Allan Marks, 98, are 193 years, 8 months, and 3 days old, the Desert ...

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