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Arizona Gun Club Lets Kids Pose With Santa, Weapon

Scottsdale Gun Club offers unusual St. Nick pics

(Newser) - Colt peacemaker on Earth, good ammo to men. That's apparently the holiday wish for all at Arizona's Scottsdale Gun Club, which is giving members and their kids a chance to pose with a "nervous-looking Santa" and the weapon of their choice, reports the Telegraph . "Get your...

Kids Who Won Somali Radio Contest Awarded ... AK-47s

Third-place had to settle for grenades

(Newser) - A Somali radio station run by al-Shabab held an, er, interesting trivia contest for kids this weekend. Kids aged 10-17 were quizzed on Islam and al-Shabab minutiae (example: “Which war was al-Shabab warrior Sheik Timajilic killed in?”), with the lucky winner and runner-up both walking away with a...

Autopsy: Chilean Leader Allende Died of Suicide

New findings put to rest 37-year debate

(Newser) - After 37 years, a new autopsy has confirmed that former Chilean president Salvador Allende killed himself with an assault rifle, and was not murdered by troops storming the presidential palace as leftists like Fidel Castro claimed. Forensic analysis showed that his head injuries were inflicted by a single AK-47 and...

US Gun Laws Hand AK-47s to Mexican Drug Lords

Loophole lets Romanian assault weapons into the country

(Newser) - It’s supposedly illegal to import semiautomatic weapons that don’t have a “sporting purpose” into the US. Yet Mexican drug cartels are buying hundreds of Romanian AK-47s legally here in the US of A, a Center for Public Integrity investigation finds. Mexico’s strict gun control laws have...

Bank Robbers Hide AK-47s in Baby Carriage, Steal $800K

They also killed three people in the Russian heist

(Newser) - Russian police are on the watch for a unique band of robbers: a group that hid AK-47 assault rifles inside a baby carriage. Bandits pulled the rifles from their deceptive carrying case and robbed an armored car as it pulled into a bank. They opened fire, killing two guards and...

Car Dealer: Buy a Truck, Get an AK-47

Gimmick triples sales

(Newser) - The general sales manager of a Sanford, Fla., dealership is taking his best shot at attracting vehicle buyers with an interesting freebie: Buy a truck, get a free AK-47. Nick Ginetta, who began the promotion last week in recognition of Veterans Day, has seen sales triple, and the business is...

Bridegroom Firing AK-47 Kills Own Father

Turkish man arrested after losing control of weapon

(Newser) - A Turkish man has been arrested after firing an AK-47 to celebrate his wedding and accidentally killing his father and two aunts. Celebratory gunshots are a tradition the Turkish government has tried and failed to stamp out, notes the BBC . The bridegroom lost control of the automatic assault rifle and...

Ex-Blackwater Prez Hit With Federal Weapons Charges

Gary Jackson, 4 others allegedly stockpiled arms

(Newser) - The former president of Blackwater Worldwide and four other former officials at the embattled security firm were indicted today on federal weapons charges, partially the result of a raid 2 years ago by agents that rounded up 22 weapons, including AK-47s. The indictment charges Gary Jackson, who left the company...

Tired of Pirate Attacks? Time to Call Blackwater

US forces aren't coming, Shippers need to hire their own army

(Newser) - Somali hijackers have free rein around the Horn of Africa, and neither the US nor any other nation has a prayer of stopping them with their ineffectual patrols. What to do? Call in the troops—or, more precisely, the fomer troops, writes Peter Hannaford in the American Spectator. Namely, Blackwater....

AK-47s Flooding US Cities
 AK-47s Flooding US Cities 

AK-47s Flooding US Cities

Gun dealers skirt import ban, as assaults with semiautomatics skyrocket

(Newser) - At least one of America’s borders is wide open: Gun manufacturers are selling imported semiautomatic weapons with ease ever since the Bush administration allowed 1994's assault weapons ban to lapse, writes Bruce Falconer for Mother Jones. “We’re being flooded with these AK-47s,” said Miami’s police...

Israel Arrests 8 in Yeshiva Attack
Israel Arrests 8 in Yeshiva Attack

Israel Arrests 8 in Yeshiva Attack

Gunman had ties to Hamas; family members detained

(Newser) - Israeli police have arrested eight people in Thursday's deadly attack on a Jerusalem seminary, including the father, two brothers, and two cousins of the gunman, who was killed by an off-duty soldier during the attack. The gunman was apparently following orders of Hamas leaders in Syria and Hezbollah, Palestinian sources...

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