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Cops Warn About New iPhone Feature, Experts Say to Chill
Cops Warn About New iPhone
Feature, Experts Say to Chill
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Cops Warn About New iPhone Feature, Experts Say to Chill

Red flag on NameDrop says user contact info could be inadvertently shared, but tech geeks say no

(Newser) - A sharing feature built into Apple's latest iOS update has police departments nationwide issuing a warning to iPhone users, but security experts say the hubbub may be a bit hyped up. The new NameDrop feature allows consumers who have phones using iOS 17.1, or watchOS 10.1 on...

This Is Apple Music's Top Song Globally for 2023

Country star Morgan Wallen's 'Last Night' led a pack of tunes by Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and SZA

(Newser) - Country singer Morgan Wallen's "Last Night" topped Apple Music's global song chart in 2023 as the giant music streamer released year-end lists Tuesday and provided listeners with data on their own most listened-to tunes. Wallen's hit emerged as the country song with the most days—52—...

In DC, Crackdown on Car Crimes Comes With AirTags

Police in capital teach drivers how to install tracking devices as part of multipronged crime initiative

(Newser) - Jeff Pena contacted his father as soon as he heard that police in Washington, DC, were passing out auto tracking devices to try to stem a sharp increase in carjackings, auto thefts, and other crimes in the nation's capital. "It's just getting crazy out there," says...

This Isn't the Sort of Notification You Want to See Midflight

Passenger reports getting bomb threat via AirDrop on Frontier flight to Atlanta; plane landed safely

(Newser) - A Frontier Airlines flight from Maryland to Georgia made it safely to the ground after a passenger made a frightening report midair. WSB reports that Flight 1571 departed from Baltimore at around 7:30pm local time on Thursday, but as the plane cruised through the air, a passenger pulled a...

Report: Steve Wozniak Hospitalized in Mexico
Apple Co-Founder Says
He Had a Minor Stroke

Apple Co-Founder Says He Had a Minor Stroke

Steve Wozniak was to give a speech in Mexico City

(Newser) - This file has been updated with an interview of Wozniak Steve Wozniak has revealed the reason he was briefly hospitalized in Mexico City: "a minor but real stroke." The Apple co-founder, 73, was scheduled to speak at the World Business Forum on Wednesday afternoon. But Wozniak tells ABC...

Streisand Took Up Her Beef With Siri With Tim Cook

Singer didn't like how Apple's digital assistant pronounced her last name, so she made a call

(Newser) - Barbra Streisand must be annoyed at how often her first name is misspelled. Now, she's got another beef: how her last name is mispronounced. The 81-year-old singer is on the interview circuit to promote her new memoir My Name Is Barbra , coming out Tuesday, and in one interview airing...

Jon Stewart Suddenly Splits With Apple on Talk Show

Sources: Host of streaming program 'The Problem' broke with tech giant over creative control

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has two seasons of his talk show The Problem With Jon Stewart, which streams on Apple TV+, under his belt—but it now looks like there won't be a third, at least not through Apple. Sources tell the New York Times that the 60-year-old former Daily Show...

Help Is On the Way for Your Overheated iPhone 15

Apple releases patch to remedy Pro models running 'warmer than expected'

(Newser) - Complaints about Apple's new iPhone 15 Pro models running too hot have been heeded. The company released a patch on Wednesday, noting that the included updates and bug fixes included in iOS 17.0.3 should take care of the overheating issue. "We have identified a few conditions...

iPhone 15 Pro Might Be a Little Too Hot—Literally

In some tests, Pro Max hits 122 degrees

(Newser) - The iPhone 15 Pro just launched Friday, and already there are widespread reports that overheating is a problem. The Wall Street Journal reports that in its testing, the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached 106 degrees Fahrenheit while charging, and 112 degrees while charging and simultaneously running a "processor-intensive" task...

LAPD Honcho Accused of Stalking Officer With AirTag

Al Labrada, assistant chief in department, on leave after allegations of tracking officer with Apple AirTag

(Newser) - A top-level official with the LAPD who's been there for three decades is now on administrative leave after allegations of stalking a co-worker. Per the Los Angeles Times , Chief Michel Moore made the announcement about Al Labrada, one of his three assistant chiefs, during a Tuesday gathering of the...

Apple Unveils Next Generation of iPhones

New phones will have USB-C chargers

(Newser) - Apple on Tuesday unveiled its next generation of iPhones—a line-up that will boast better cameras, faster processors, a new charging system, and a price hike for the fanciest model. As has been case with Apple and other smartphone makers, the four types of iPhone 15 models aren't making...

Beta Test Photos Cause a Fuss Over 'End Call' Button

iPhone's familiar icon may be moving a bit, but apparently not as much as first feared

(Newser) - Almost a week after the Apple faithful collectively gasped at the first evidence that the iPhone's red "end call" button might be vacating its familiar position, it looks like it might have been (mostly) a false alarm. The initial shock followed the release of last week's test,...

Apple's 4GB Phone Flopped. One Just Sold for $190K

Phone from 2007 fetches a record price at auction

(Newser) - Earlier this year, an original iPhone—still sealed— sold for a world-record $63,000 . Consider the record broken and then some. Another original iPhone just sold for more than $190,000 at the US auction house LCG Auctions , reports the BBC . This one had a little extra cache: It was...

Apple Passes Huge Financial Milestone

Company is now worth more than $3T, and analysts expect it to stay that way

(Newser) - Apple, the world's most valuable company, had a market capitalization of more than $3 trillion for the first time at the close of trading Friday—and analysts believe it's likely to stay above that level, unlike in early 2022 when it briefly hit that milestone during daily trading....

Swiss Apple Growers Not Thrilled With Apple

Farmers group worries it may have to change its century-old logo in trademark battle

(Newser) - Apple the company has been around since 1976. Apple the fruit, a lot longer—which helps explain how a Swiss farmers organization has been using an apple as its logo for 111 years. But as Wired UK explains, perhaps not for much longer. The Fruit Union Suisse is in the...

Zuckerberg: Apple's Vision of Computing Isn't One I Want

Meta chief isn't impressed with rival's new headset

(Newser) - Meta's Quest and Quest Pro headsets have been the leading goggles for accessing the somewhat moribund metaverse. However, Apple's announcement of its long-awaited entry into the augmented and virtual reality game, the Vision Pro , changed the game immediately—and according to Variety , Meta co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has...

These Companies Just Made Fortune 500's Top 10

Walmart takes top spot in annual ranking of largest US firms

(Newser) - Fortune has released its annual Fortune 500 rankings, its 69th version of the list of the country's largest corporations, based on revenue for 2022's fiscal year. Per a release , a company had to bring in $7.2 billion to be included, a jump of 13% from last...

Apple Has Ducking Great News for iPhone Pottymouths

Company's iOS 17 features enhanced autocorrect that makes it easier for you to type out curses

(Newser) - Technically, "improved autocorrect functionality" is what MacRumors is calling one of the upgrades that comes with Apple's iOS 17 for the iPhone. CNET puts into perspective what that actually means: "Your iPhone keyboard can learn curse words now." Apple unveiled its newest operating system Monday at...

Apple Unveils $3.5K 'Vision Pro' Goggles

'This marks the beginning of a journey that will bring a new dimension to powerful personal technology'

(Newser) - Apple on Monday unveiled a long-rumored headset that will place its users between the virtual and real world, while also testing the technology trendsetter's ability to popularize new-fangled devices after others failed to capture the public's imagination. After years of speculation, Apple CEO Tim Cook hailed the arrival...

Judge Approves $50M 'Butterfly' Keyboard Settlement

Customers in 7 states could get up to $395

(Newser) - Almost a year later, Apple's $50 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit regarding the company's much-maligned "butterfly" keyboards has received final approval from a US federal court, Engadget reports. Judge Edward Davila says the settlement, which does not require Apple to admit wrongdoing, is “fair, adequate...

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