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Iraq Vet Wounded in Occupy Protest Wakes Up

Occupy protests around the country hold candlelight vigils for Scott Olsen

(Newser) - Scott Olsen, the 24-year-old Iraq war veteran who suffered a fractured skull when police raided the Occupy Oakland camp on Tuesday, is awake and lucid, and doctors have upgraded his condition from critical to fair, Reuters reports. “He’s able to understand what’s going on,” a hospital...

Mary Tyler Moore to Undergo Brain Surgery

Rep says the procedure is 'fairly routine'

(Newser) - Mary Tyler Moore will undergo brain surgery, her rep tells People . A meningioma, a benign tumor on the brain's lining tissue, will be removed. Her rep says Moore's neurologist "has been monitoring this for years" and that the procedure is "fairly routine." Click for a...

Only 5% Survive Gunshot to the Head
Only 5% Survive
Gunshot to the Head

Only 5% Survive Gunshot to the Head

Even with survival comes high risk of long-term brain damage

(Newser) - The survival rate of a gunshot wound to the head, as Arizona Rep Gabrielle Giffords suffered yesterday, is about 5%, and 3% of those who do survive carry lasting neurological deficiencies, such as loss of memory loss or motor skills, reports Fox News . The next three to four days are...

Ballesteros: Battle With Brain Cancer Is '6th Major'

(Newser) - Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros is taking his recovery from surgery for brain cancer as seriously as he used to work on his game, the Times of London reports. “The way I look at it,” says the 51-year-old five-time major-championship winner, “this is the biggest battle of my...

Baby Born With Extra Foot ... in Brain

Foot, other partly formed appendages may have been from twin that grew within

(Newser) - Surgery to remove a brain tumor from a 3-day-old Colorado boy turned up something “borderline unheard-of,” his doctors say: a foot. When the pediatric neurosurgeon operated Oct. 3 on Sam Esquibel, he saw a small foot, other half-formed appendages, and even intestines in the baby’s head, reports...

Ballesteros Released From Hospital

Golfer will receive outpatient care after brain tumor surgery

(Newser) - Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros was released from a Madrid hospital today, having undergone several operations on a brain tumor, Reuters reports. The retired legend, a five times major winner, will continue to receive treatment at an outpatient clinic. Since being diagnosed, Ballesteros, 51, has had four operations, including one routine...

Ballesteros Has More Surgery
 Ballesteros Has More Surgery 

Ballesteros Has More Surgery

Golf giant undergoes fourth brain operation

(Newser) - Seve Ballesteros is back in the hospital recovering from a fourth brain surgery, the BBC reports. The golf legend underwent a procedure in Madrid to drain fluid from his brain following the removal of a malignant tumor in October. The operation is an apparent medical setback for Ballesteros, 51, who...

Son Appears to Fetch Brain Doc for Kim

North Korean leader's eldest son seen soliciting surgeon in Paris

(Newser) - Adding to the evidence that Kim Jong-Il is in grave health, the North Korean leader’s eldest son was filmed while apparently securing the services of a brain surgeon in Paris, the Times of London reports today. Fuji TV also showed clips of an unnamed surgeon being driven in a...

Boxer Diaz In Coma After Brain Surgery

Welterweight fighter collapsed in the ring after 10 rounds

(Newser) - Boxer Oscar Diaz remains in a coma after undergoing surgery to relieve swelling on his brain after he collapsed during a match, ESPN reports. Although his vital signs are good, Diaz is relying on a ventilator to breathe and his condition is "touch-and-go, very critical," said fight organizer...

Ted Kennedy to Undergo Brain Surgery Today

Procedure begins at 9am; chemo to follow

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy will undergo brain surgery this morning at Duke University Medical Center to treat his malignant tumor, CNN reports. Afterwards, he will begin chemotherapy, but he doesn’t expect it to sideline him for long. “After completing treatment, I look forward to returning to the United States Senate...

Billy Graham Stable After Brain Surgery

Evangelist 'bright and alert' after shunt replacement

(Newser) - Evangelist Billy Graham was alert following brain surgery yesterday to replace a tube that helps drain excess fluid from his head, his doctor told AP. "He was bright and alert and conscious immediately after surgery and called me by name," said the surgeon. The hospital lists the 89-year-old...

Hospital Fined for Year's Third Botched Brain Surgery

Rhode Island state officials order new safety procedures

(Newser) - State health officials fined Rhode Island Hospital yesterday and ordered it to change procedures after a surgeon began operating on the wrong side of a woman's head, the Providence Journal reports. A patient died after a similar incident four months ago. Yesterday's incident is the third botched neurosurgical procedure this...

Two Docs' Heads Are Better Than 1
Two Docs' Heads Are Better Than 1

Two Docs' Heads Are Better Than 1

Always seek out a second opinion after these tricky diagnoses

(Newser) - When diagnosis is difficult, the procedure is risky, or less-invasive alternatives are available, a second opinion is essential. CNN lists five diagnoses that should send up red flags:
  1. Heart-bypass surgery: Alternatives may be better for some patients.
  2. Hysterectomy: The uterus isn't always the problem, and when it is, less dramatic

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