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Atheists Know the Most About Religion: Study

Average member of the faithful has big knowledge gap

(Newser) - The people who know the most about religion are the people who don’t have one. In a recent Pew survey, atheists and agnostics knew more, on average, about religion than followers of any of the major faiths, the LA Times reports. The faithful displayed startling gaps in knowledge—a...

NYC Cabbies World's Rudest

 NYC Cabbies World's Rudest 
Survey Says...

NYC Cabbies World's Rudest

But they're still second-best overall, behind London

(Newser) - New York City’s taxis may be the second-best in the world, but their drivers are tied with Paris being as the rudest in the world, according to a new survey from New York also took the prize for most available taxis in the annual poll. London, meanwhile,...

Women Like Abs Best, Say 50% of Men

 Women Like Abs Best, 
 Say 50% of Men 
2010 Great Male Survey

Women Like Abs Best, Say 50% of Men

No, they don't, says

(Newser) - Want to get inside the mind of a man? Easy: Just check out the results of ’s 2010 Great Male Survey, which more than 100,000 responded to:
  • Beer: Is the ultimate man’s drink, according to 38% of respondents.
  • Abs: Are what women care about most,

Women Spend 3 Years of Life Shopping
 Women Spend 3 Years
 of Life Shopping 

Women Spend 3 Years of Life Shopping

That's more than 25,000 hours over 63 years

(Newser) - It’s official: women shop a lot. A survey by a marketing firm finds that over a 63-year lifespan, the average female will spend about 2 years and 10 months—or 25,184 hours and 53 minutes—shopping for food, clothes, and the like. A spokesman says the results aren’...

Online News Overtakes Radio, Print
 Online News 

Online News Overtakes Radio, Print

But television news remains most popular according to Pew study

(Newser) - More Americans get their news today from Internet sources than from local or national print newspapers or from the radio. More than 60% of respondents in a Pew survey get their news online, and most use a variety of sources. The most popular information is weather, at 81%, followed by...

1 in 3 Fear Being 'One of Those iPhone People'

But though some find it 'dangerously alluring,' most 'love' gadget

(Newser) - It's “dangerously alluring,” but the iPhone makes most Stanford students so giddy that they don’t really care. About a third of respondents in a recent study said they worried about becoming addicted to the gadget. But the torrid affair is far from over—roughly three-quarters said that...

Top Fashion Buzzword: 'Lady Gaga'

Michelle Obama falls from 2 to 15 on Global Language Monitor list

(Newser) - The Global Language Monitor has crunched the numbers, and the “Top Fashion Buzzword of the upcoming season” is…Lady GaGa! Interestingly, this is the first time a personage has topped the list. First lady Michelle Obama came close in the previous survey, at No. 2, but “Mobama” has...

39% of Republicans Want Obama Impeached

And 36% believe he's foreign-born, says Daily Kos poll

(Newser) - Self-identified Republicans are more than unhappy with President Obama—63% think he’s a socialist—and a host of other social ills, says a survey commissioned by liberal blog Daily Kos . Regarding Obama, 39% of the 2,003 Republican respondents say the president should be impeached, 36% believe he was...

Republicans Beat Dems on News Quiz

GOP averaged 6 of 12 questions right, Democrats 5

(Newser) - Republicans are a bit more up on current events than Democrats, says a new Pew survey. Americans overall scored 5 out of 12 on the questionnaire; on average, Republicans had a score of 6, ahead of Democrats' 5. A measly 2% of respondents got all 12 questions right; 6% got...

US Spends $340M to Urge People to Get Counted
 US Spends $340M to Urge 
 People to Get Counted 
census kickoff

US Spends $340M to Urge People to Get Counted

Super Bowl ads and cross-country tour aim to boost response

(Newser) - The Census Bureau today launched a $340 million campaign to publicize this year’s survey, beginning with the rollout of the Census Portrait of America Road Tour, a flotilla of 13 vehicles that will travel across the nation to public events and tout the benefits of being counted. Also in...

US Innovation Stagnates: Survey

Americans think China is winning—and China thinks we're on top

(Newser) - Most Americans are anxious about a future they believe will be fueled by innovation—innovation they are doubtful will come easily in this country without major changes to the education system. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the recession has hobbled the country’s ability to innovate, and just 41% see...

Autism Much More Common Than We Thought: CDC

New survey shows 1 in every 100 kids autistic

(Newser) - Roughly 1 in every 91 American 8-year-olds has been diagnosed with autism, a rate significantly worse than the 1 in 150 estimated in 2007, finds a new CDC survey that will be released later this year. The study showed that autism is “an urgent public health concern,” CDC...

40% of Employers to Hike Health Plan Costs Next Year

Another 8% to drop coverage entirely, survey reveals

(Newser) - Many Americans are happy with their employer-sponsored health care plans and eager to keep them, but they won't be keeping them at the current price, the Washington Post reports. In a survey released yesterday, some 40% of employers said they expect to increase the amount their employees paid for health...

Young Adults Biggest Fans of Health Care Reform

Also top supporters of public option: survey

(Newser) - Making up 30% of the uninsured population, young adults are the biggest supporters of health reform and the public option, a poll finds—but they're also among the quietest. Only 53% of working young adults qualify for employer-based insurance, and they usually can’t afford to take out their own...

Women of the Future: Powerful, Stressed

Women feel overworked amid gains in economic clout

(Newser) - Women are gaining economic clout, but they’re also feeling overburdened, a survey of 12,000 women in 21 countries finds. Women spend some 70% of consumer dollars globally and are set to produce 70% of household income growth in the next 5 years—meaning entrepreneurs who can help them...

China Trusts Prostitutes More Than Politicians

Oldest profession comes in third in poll; farmers are tops

(Newser) - The Chinese people trust prostitutes more than they trust politicians, scientists, or soldiers, according to a new survey from Insight China Magazine. Sex workers finished third, the BBC reports, with 7.9% of the vote, just behind farmers and religious workers. “A list like this is at the same...

In Sex Satisfaction, 'Hotlanta' Lives Up to Name

Residents also engage quite frequently

(Newser) - Not satisfied sexually? Perhaps it’s time to move to Atlanta. “Hotlanta” is the nation’s most sexually satisfied—and second most sexually active—metropolis, reports the Journal-Constitution. “Atlanta doesn’t wait for the weekend,” says a rep for the company that conducted the survey for Trojan...

Middle Seat on the Plane? I'd Rather ...

(Newser) - Nobody likes the middle seat on an airplane, and a recent study shows fliers would rather endure some novel discomforts than sit squeezed between two seatmates. BlackBook runs down a few—as well as what's particularly unpleasant about the middle seat.
  • 56% of respondents would rather have their teeth drilled

We Love Vibrators: Study
 We Love Vibrators: Study 

We Love Vibrators: Study

(Newser) - Nearly half of all Americans use a vibrator, according to a new study by the maker of Trojan condoms. More than 50% of women and 45% of men in recent surveys said they’ve used one, and vibrator aficionados also rated themselves higher on sexual health indicators such as erectile...

Economists See High Unemployment Through 2010

(Newser) - Economists think the US unemployment rate will stay above 9% through 2010, the Wall Street Journal survey finds. Accordingly, those in the know believe the Federal Reserve will hold interest rates down at least through spring. “For real people, there is no recovery until the unemployment rate stabilizes,”...

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