Madeleine McCann

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Secret Dossier Handed Over in Madeleine McCann Case

Details burglaries, child abuse in area where she went missing

(Newser) - The long-running investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann appears to be heating up again. In October, Portuguese police officially reopened their investigation into the British 3-year-old's 2007 disappearance. Now, they've handed over to British police secret files covering burglaries near the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz,...

Portugal Reopens Madeleine McCann Case

Police back on the investigation after promising leads emerge in Britain

(Newser) - Portugal is following Britain's lead in the Madeleine McCann case and officially reopening its police investigation, reports AFP . The 3-year-old British girl disappeared while on vacation with her parents in Portugal in 2007, but investigators there closed the case the following year after casting suspicion on her parents. Scotland...

New Name Surfaces in Madeleine McCann Case

2 witnesses identify same person after image release

(Newser) - After airing computer-generated images of a possible figure in the Madeleine McCann case on a BBC show last night, London police have fielded more than 700 calls and 200 emails regarding the missing British girl, they say in a statement . What's more, two witnesses offered the same name after...

Madeleine McCann Case: Cops Want to Find This Man

'Massive steps forward' made after review of evidence

(Newser) - More than six years after Madeleine McCann vanished from a resort in Portugal, police may have made a breakthrough in the search for the British child. British police officers analyzing data gathered after her disappearance in 2007 have released computer-generated images of a man they suspect could be key to...

Madeleine McCann May Still Be Alive: Scotland Yard

Police want to talk to 38 persons of interest

(Newser) - British police say they have launched a full investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and want to trace 38 "persons of interest" in the case. Detectives say it's possible that Madeleine, who vanished from a Portuguese holiday resort six years ago, is still alive. Scotland Yard said...

New Suspects Found in McCann Case

Police probe reveals new names, but will Portugal investigate?

(Newser) - And the search for Madeleine McCann is on again: Police have produced a new list of suspects in the case of the toddler who went missing in Portugal in 2007, following a lengthy and expensive new review, the Telegraph reports. "There is more than a handful of people of...

McCann Lookalike Not Maddy
 McCann Lookalike Not Maddy 

McCann Lookalike Not Maddy

DNA test results confirm New Zealand girl not missing child

(Newser) - Turns out a lookalike in New Zealand is not the long-missing Madeleine McCann. The DNA of a Queenstown girl was sent to Scotland Yard for testing, despite local police's certainty that she wasn't the British Maddy, who went missing in 2007. "Following a DNA submission, we are...

DNA Taken From Madeleine McCann Lookalike

After sightings reported in New Zealand

(Newser) - For the second time since Madeleine McCann went missing, the DNA of a lookalike is to be tested. New Zealand police insist that a girl spotted in Queenstown is absolutely not the same child who vanished in 2007. Still, they say that they've complied with Scotland Yard's request...

Cops Track New Maddy Clue
 Cops Track New Maddy Clue 

Cops Track New Maddy Clue

Woman says she saw identical girl at Spanish campsite days after disappearance

(Newser) - On the heels of its announcement that Madeleine McCann could still be alive , Scotland Yard is following up on a report that a child matching her description was spotted by a tourist at a Spanish campsite a few days after her 2007 disappearance. Accompanied by a German couple and two...

Portugal: We Won't Reopen Maddy Probe

'No new elements,' says police head

(Newser) - Despite Scotland Yard's belief that Madeleine McCann may still be alive , Portuguese police said today they will not reopen the case, AFP reports. "There are no new elements at the moment that would allow for the reopening of the inquiry," says the deputy head of the criminal...

Madeleine McCann Could Still Be Alive: Scotland Yard

Detectives urge Portugal to reopen investigation

(Newser) - Scotland Yard uncovered evidence while reviewing the Madeleine McCann case that has let it to "genuinely believe there is a possibility that she is alive," a detective announced today. Do read on, but stop holding your breath: Detectives wouldn't elaborate on the new leads. But they did...

Kate McCann: I Was Suicidal After Maddy's Kidnapping

New book reveals mother's shock, pain

(Newser) - In a new book, Kate McCann reveals that she felt suicidal after daughter Madeleine went missing in Portugal four years ago. "I had an overwhelming urge to swim out across the ocean, as hard and as fast as I could; to swim and swim and swim until I was...

Is Madeleine McCann in US?
 Is Madeleine McCann in US? 

Is Madeleine McCann in US?

One sleuth believes pedophile ring took her to America

(Newser) - Nearly four years after her disappearance, an amateur investigator believes he knows where Madeleine McCann is: the US. Marcelino Italiano has told police that a Portugal-based pedophile ring likely snatched the little girl and smuggled her out of the country, and he tells the Sun he has been twice attacked...

New Maddy Video Released
 New Maddy Video Released 

New Maddy Video Released

'Still missing, still missed, still looking!'

(Newser) - In a desperate bid to keep the hunt for their missing daughter alive, Madeline McCann's parents have released new photos and a video of the toddler who vanished on a family vacation three years ago. "Madeleine. Still missing, still missed, still looking!" says a message on the McCann's...

McCanns Hid Maddy's Death, Cop Tells Court

Dogs found scent of corpse, according to libel case defense

(Newser) - The parents of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann covered up her accidental death during a Portugal vacation then faked a kidnapping story, a detective testified in a Lisbon court yesterday. The testimony was presented in response to a libel suit brought by Maddy's parents seeking damages for a best-selling book...

Video Appeal Renews Maddy Search

Message accompanies interviews by Kate McCann

(Newser) - A video designed to go viral is an appeal to the friends and associates of Madeleine McCann's kidnapper, saying, "It is never too late to do the right thing." The video, released tonight, includes images of what Maddy—who was 3 when she went missing in 2007—might...

Maddy in 'Secret Lair' Like Jaycee: Detective

'She will emerge,' investigator believes

(Newser) - A detective hunting for snatched British toddler Madeleine McCann believes she could be in a secret lair like the place kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard was held for 18 years in California, reports the Independent. “Maddy is most likely being held captive, possibly in an underground cellar, and could emerge...

Maddy Suspect Asked About Her 'New Daughter'

Calls flood in after request for tips about Australian woman

(Newser) - Private investigators working for Madeleine McCann's parents have received “hundreds of calls” from people with information about a woman who may be involved in the child’s disappearance, the Telegraph reports. A witness said the woman, described as a Victoria Beckham lookalike with an Australian accent, was pacing and...

Hunt for Maddy Shifts to Australia

(Newser) - The search for Madeleine McCann has moved to Australia, two British tabloids and the Australian report. Private detectives working for the missing toddler's parents turned up a woman with an Australian accent who was spotted in Barcelona 3 days after Maddy went missing in Portugal in May 2007.

Pedophile Says He Saw Maddy Before She Vanished

Dying suspect demands he be paid thousands to talk to private investigators

(Newser) - A British pedophile has changed his story and now says he saw Madeleine McCann twice before she disappeared in Portugal two years ago, Bild reports. Raymond Hewlett, who is recovering from throat cancer surgery in Germany and may have just weeks to live, previously insisted he was miles away. Investigators...

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