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After Homer in London, a Fitting Celebration

MLB star Bryce Harper does a soccer-style slide

(Newser) - MLB star Bryce Harper is no stranger to home runs. But he busted out a first-of-its-kind celebration on Saturday when he homered during a game played in London—a soccer-style knee slide. Watch it here , via ESPN. "I didn't tell any of my teammates because I wanted them...

It's Probably a First on a Baseball Scorecard
It's One of the Strangest
Baseball Plays in a While

It's One of the Strangest Baseball Plays in a While

Outfielder tags out runner at home in high school game, and it goes viral

(Newser) - One of the buzziest sports plays out of the weekend came not from the pros but the high school level. As CBS Sports explains, it involved one of the most improbable plays you'll see in baseball—a center fielder tagging out a runner at home. Watch it here via...

Mets to Cut Pitcher Who Threw Glove Into Stands

After ejection, Jorge Lopez seemingly called team the worst in the MLB

(Newser) - Jorge Lopez is being cut by the struggling New York Mets after an outburst this week. The relief pitcher threw his glove into the stands following his ejection Wednesday at Citi Field. Mets manager Carlos Mendoza called the outburst "not acceptable" and said it would be handled internally. Lopez...

Move Over, Ty Cobb. There's a New Batting Champ in Town

MLB incorporates player stats from the Negro Leagues, and Josh Gibson breaks some records

(Newser) - Josh Gibson became Major League Baseball's career leader on Tuesday, with a .372 batting average that surpasses Ty Cobb's .367. The change came thanks to the incorporation of Negro Leagues records for more than 2,300 players following a three-year research project. Gibson's .466 average for the...

Baseball's Most Controversial Ump Is Out
Most Vilified
Ump Is Out
the rundown

Baseball's Most Vilified Ump Is Out

Angel Hernandez retires midseason

(Newser) - News that a Major League Baseball umpire is retiring typically doesn't make waves. But in this case, the umpire just happens to be the most vilified one in the game—Angel Hernandez. As coverage shows, however, not everybody thinks he deserves his reputation:
  • Retirement: Hernandez, 62, announced his retirement

College Baseball May Have Its 'Ultimate Cinderella Story'

Birmingham-Southern Panthers are keeping their closing school alive with a late run at glory

(Newser) - Birmingham-Southern College's Board of Trustees made the tough decision to close the private liberal arts college in Alabama this spring after years of low enrollment and financial issues. As of May 31, the 168-year-old school will be no more. Its baseball team, however, could be continuing a run made...

Baseball Has a Catchers Problem
Baseball Has
a Catchers Problem

Baseball Has a Catchers Problem

They keep getting hit by batters, the sign of a fundamental shift in the position

(Newser) - It was a gruesome injury to one of baseball's best catchers: A Mets batter swung at a pitch during a May 7 game and ended up connecting instead with the left arm of Willson Contreras, fracturing it. The All-Star catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals is now out for...

Bases Loaded, Two Outs. Then Came the Walks

Cubs drew six bases-loaded walks in one inning, the most in 65 years

(Newser) - The Chicago Cubs drew six bases-loaded walks in the fifth inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday, the most by a major league team in a single inning in 65 years. The last team to draw that many free passes with runners at every base in one inning was the...

Baseball Has a Serious Pitcher Problem
Has a Serious

Baseball Has a Serious Pitcher Problem

They're getting injured and requiring surgery at an alarming rate, the Ringer reports

(Newser) - Baseball has an "ace problem," writes Ben Lindbergh in the Ringer . As in, its pitchers are getting injured at an alarming rate and requiring Tommy John surgery to fix their elbows. More precisely, to repair their ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL. Talk of a "Tommy John epidemic"...

It's One of the Strangest Baseball Ejections in a While

Ump tosses Yankees manager Aaron Boone, but it was a fan who did the heckling

(Newser) - Yankees manager Aaron Boone has been tossed from plenty of games, but the way he got ejected Monday is one for the books—an apparent case of mistaken identity. It seems that ump Hunter Wendelstedt got heckled by a fan but thought it was Boone, reports USA Today . There's...

Baseball Great Whitey Herzog Dead at 92
Hall of Famer
Whitey Herzog Dead at 92

Hall of Famer Whitey Herzog Dead at 92

Cardinals manager was known for tight games under 'Whiteyball' strategy

(Newser) - Whitey Herzog, the gruff and ingenious Hall of Fame manager who guided the St. Louis Cardinals to three pennants and a World Series title in the 1980s and perfected a nail-biting strategy known as "Whiteyball," has died at 92. Cardinals spokesman Brian Bartow said Tuesday the team had...

For Baseball, What a Stunning Mess

For Baseball,
What a
the rundown

For Baseball, What a Stunning Mess

Phenom Shohei Ohtani is embroiled in scandal involving his interpreter's gambling

(Newser) - Baseball fans are trying to make sense of the surprise scandal that enveloped one of the game's biggest stars on the very first day of the season. Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers has not been accused of any wrongdoing himself, but the Japanese player's interpreter has...

This Could Be MLB's Biggest Gambling Scandal Since 1989

Shohei Ohtani's interpreter has been fired over alleged gambling, theft

(Newser) - Shohei Ohtani's interpreter and close friend has been fired by the Los Angeles Dodgers following allegations of illegal gambling and theft from the Japanese baseball star, the AP reports. Interpreter Ippei Mizuhara, 39, was let go from the team Wednesday following reports from the Los Angeles Times and ESPN...

Darryl Strawberry Suffers Heart Attack

Former MLB star posts that 'all is well' after stent procedure before his 62nd birthday

(Newser) - Darryl Strawberry suffered a heart attack and underwent an emergency stent procedure on Monday, but People reports that it didn't keep the former MLB All-Star down for long. "Praising God for His amazing grace and loving mercy in saving my life this evening from a heart attack,"...

Dodgers' Ohtani Makes a Surprise Announcement

Turns out the 29-year-old star is now hitched to a Japanese woman

(Newser) - Baseball star Shohei Ohtani has stunningly revealed he's married. Ohtani wrote on Thursday on Instagram , in Japanese: "The season is approaching, but I would like to announce to everyone that I have gotten married." He said his new wife was a "Japanese woman," without identifying...

In Case of Accused MLB Star, 'New Evidence Has Been Found'

But raids in Dominican Republic in search of Tampa Bay Rays' Wander Franco come up empty

(Newser) - The search for a Tampa Bay Rays shortstop continues. Authorities in the Dominican Republic searched in vain Tuesday for Wander Franco at his home there and his mother's following this summer's allegations that the 22-year-old had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with at least one minor, reports the...

His Unprecedented Contract Has Unprecedented Structure
His Unprecedented Contract
Has Unprecedented Structure
the rundown

His Unprecedented Contract Has Unprecedented Structure

Baseball phenom Shohei Ohtani will defer most of his $700M for another decade

(Newser) - The big sports news over the weekend came from the world of baseball , where Shohei Ohtani announced he'd signed a record-shattering $700 million contract over 10 years to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now that more details of the deal are surfacing, the Wall Street Journal calls attention...

He's Never Played in Majors, Has an $82M Contract

Outfielder Jackson Chourio signs with the Milwaukee Brewers for a record amount

(Newser) - Outfielder Jackson Chourio agreed to the largest contract for a player with no major league experience, an $82 million, eight-year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers announced Monday. The 19-year-old has played only six games above the Double-A level, reports the AP . His deal includes team options for 2032 and 2033,...

Now Just 5 MLB Teams Have Never Won a World Series

After Texas Rangers beat Arizona Diamondbacks

(Newser) - Corey Seager took a mighty hack and barely connected, sending a dribbler through an open area on the left side of the infield for his team's first hit in the seventh inning on the Texas Rangers' way to their first World Series title. The Rangers shortstop and World Series...

This World Series Matchup Was Very Unlikely

And yet here we are: Diamondbacks will play Rangers, starting Friday

(Newser) - Tell the truth: How many people picked Arizona and Texas to meet in the World Series? A Rangers-Diamondbacks matchup had 1,750 to 1 odds when wagering opened last fall. But in an era when 12 teams make the playoffs, sustained excellence over the six-month regular season has become a...

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