Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea Fears 2K Dead in Landslide

New estimate exceeds most recent UN count

(Newser) - The Papua New Guinea government said a landslide Friday buried more than 2,000 people and has formally asked for international help, the AP reports. The government figure is around three times more than a United Nations' estimate of 670. In a letter seen by the Associated Press to the...

More Than 100 Feared Dead in Papua New Guinea Landslide
'The Entire Village
Has Gone Down'

'The Entire Village Has Gone Down'

More than 100 feared dead in Papua New Guinea landslide

(Newser) - More than 100 people are believed to have been killed Friday in a landslide in a remote part of Papua New Guinea, Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported, per the AP . The landslide reportedly hit Kaokalam Village in Enga Province, about 370 miles northwest of the South Pacific island nation's capital...

Biden's Cannibal Claim Offends an Ally

Papua New Guinea's PM not a fan of associating his country with cannibalism

(Newser) - The leader of Papua New Guinea has accused President Biden of disparaging the South Pacific island nation by implying that an uncle of the US president had been eaten by "cannibals" there during World War II. The president spoke at a Pennsylvania war memorial last week about his Army...

26 Men Massacred in Papua New Guinea Tribal Violence

Government lawyer says that while tribal violence is typical, never to this 'massive scale'

(Newser) - At least 26 men were massacred in tribal violence in Papua New Guinea, Australian media reported Monday. A tribe, their allies and mercenaries were on their way to attack a neighboring tribe when they were ambushed Sunday in Enga province in the South Pacific nation's remote highlands, Royal Papua...

Seeing This Image Was 'Most Surreal Moment of My Life'
Seeing This Image
Was 'Most Surreal
Moment of My Life'
in case you missed it

Seeing This Image Was 'Most Surreal Moment of My Life'

Scientists capture footage of black-naped pheasant-pigeon for first time since 1882

(Newser) - The researchers had to gun it in their boat to outrun pirates after departing Fergusson Island off of Papua New Guinea. But as the BBC tells it, the likely adrenaline rush that produced may have been dwarfed by the one they experienced on the island itself. The eight-person team in...

Guy Lost at Sea for 29 Days: 'It Was a Nice Break'

Livae Nanjikana and a companion floated 250 miles off course

(Newser) - Being lost at sea for nearly a month wouldn't be most people's idea of a good time, and it probably wasn't for Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni, but it was still a respite of sorts for at least one of them. The Guardian reports the two men...

She Was Miss Papua New Guinea —Until TikTok Video

Lucy Maino stripped of title after posting video of her twerking

(Newser) - She posted a video of herself twerking on TikTok. That generally wouldn't have been a big deal, but for this 25-year-old, it meant the loss of a crown. Lucy Maino has been stripped of her Miss Papua New Guinea title after sharing the now-deleted video, reports the Guardian . Critics...

Country Says It Never OKed Vaccine Given to Chinese Workers

Papua New Guinea bans flight carrying mining workers from China

(Newser) - Papua New Guinea prevented the arrival of a flight carrying Chinese workers after a Chinese mining company claimed to have immunized employees against COVID-19 in an apparent vaccination trial, authorities said Friday. The Pacific nation's pandemic response controller, David Manning, banned COVID-19 vaccine testing or trials after Ramu NiCo...

Death and Rescue: Group Drifts in Pacific for 32 Days

4 survived off rainwater, floating coconuts

(Newser) - A story of death and survival has emerged out of the South Pacific: A group of 12 that departed from Papua New Guinea's Bougainville province on Dec. 22, intending to spend Christmas in the nearby Carteret Islands, never made it. The AFP reports tragedy struck en route when their...

Zac Efron Gets Sick While Filming Eerily Named Show

Looks like actor will be OK, but he possibly got typhoid while shooting 'Killing Zac Efron'

(Newser) - Zac Efron may have taken method acting a bit too far. Last month, Efron talked to Variety about his new reality-TV series, Killing Zac Efron, set to air on the Quibi short-form-content platform after it launches in April, noting, "I tend to thrive under extreme circumstances." It's...

Pacific Region Votes Overwhelmingly for Independence

Bougainville could become world's newest country

(Newser) - The South Pacific region of Bougainville voted overwhelmingly to become the world’s newest nation by gaining independence from Papua New Guinea, results showed Wednesday. Bougainville Referendum Commission Chairman Bertie Ahern, the former prime minister of Ireland, was cheered when he announced that more than 98% of valid ballots favored...

Islanders to Vote on Becoming World's Newest Country

Bougainville expected to choose independence

(Newser) - The Pacific people of Bougainville will on Saturday begin voting in a historic referendum to decide if they want to become the world’s newest nation by gaining independence from Papua New Guinea. The referendum will run over two weeks and is a key part of a 2001 peace agreement...

One Country Is Banning Facebook for a Month

Papua New Guinea takes a stand against the social-media site

(Newser) - Residents of Papua New Guinea may have to forget about using Facebook for a while, the Guardian reports. The country's communication minister, Sam Basil, says his government plans to shutter the social media site for a month to cull out "fake users" and see how Facebook is affecting...

Papua New Guinea Quake Causes 'Catastrophic Havoc'

At least 15 killed in remote area

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake two days ago killed at least 15 people, injured dozens, and brought work to a halt at four oil and gas fields in a remote Papua New Guinea region, the local governor said Wednesday. His comments were the first confirmation of deaths from a high-ranking official after...

New Steam in Search for Lost Medal of Honor Recipient

And his 10 fellow crew members, who went down near Papua New Guinea in 1943

(Newser) - A search for a US military aircraft that disappeared near Papua New Guinea during World War II is getting renewed attention ahead of the 75th anniversary of its disappearance. The B-17, nicknamed the San Antonio Rose, was flying on a mission to bomb a Japanese shipping convoy on Jan. 5,...

Australian Sub 'on Eternal Patrol Since 1914' Is Found

HMAS AE-1 found off Papua New Guinea's Duke of York Islands

(Newser) - Thirteenth time's the charm. The first Allied submarine lost in World War I, and Australia's first sub lost ever, has finally been found on the 13th search mission for a vessel that vanished more than a century ago. The HMAS AE-1 was spotted by an underwater drone in...

Missing Explorer's Ordeal: Fever, Harsh Criticism

Benedict Allen is no longer missing in Papua New Guinea

(Newser) - Explorer Benedict Allen is no longer missing in Papua New Guinea, having been flown to the country's capital via helicopter Friday. As for what mucked with Allen's itinerary, the BBC reports he missed his flight after becoming "disorientated with fever." His agent describes it as suspected...

Missing Explorer Who Once Ate His Dog to Survive Seen Alive

Benedict Allen not out of danger, but reportedly seen 'safe' in Papua New Guinea

(Newser) - In October he tweeted "don't try to rescue me, please," as he set off for the wilds of Papua New Guinea in hopes of reconnecting with the isolated Yaifo tribe. Now a rescue is exactly what UK explorer Benedict Allen needs. His family reported him missing when...

Family Says Explorer in Search of Lost Tribe Has Gone Missing

Benedict Allen never made his flight out of Papua New Guinea

(Newser) - On Oct. 11, Benedict Allen tweeted a couple of lines that now seem ominous: "Marching off to Heathrow. I may be some time (don't try to rescue me, please - where I'm going in PNG you won't ever find me you know...)." The British...

Ancient Skull Could Be First Known Tsunami Victim
Ancient Skull Could Be
First Known Tsunami Victim

Ancient Skull Could Be First Known Tsunami Victim

Papua New Guinea was site of catastrophe 6K years ago

(Newser) - An ancient skull found in Papua New Guinea is evidence of early "human interactions with catastrophic events such as tsunamis," researchers say—and in this case, the "interactions" likely involved "death by sand blasting, dismemberment, impact, and drowning." In a study published in the journal...

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