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Miley Follows VMAs With Butt Photos

So that happened. Plus, reactions to Cyrus' raunchy performance

(Newser) - Even after her VMAs twerkfestapalooza , Miley Cyrus apparently does not think the world has seen quite enough of her rear end. Cyrus followed up Sunday's raunchy show with similarly raunchy pictures of her behind, posted on Twitter last night and this morning. In related news, Billy Ray Cyrus (whose...

CBS May Be in Trouble for Flacco F-Bomb
 CBS May Be 
 in Trouble for 
 Flacco F-Bomb 
super bowl xlvii

CBS May Be in Trouble for Flacco F-Bomb

Parents Television Council wants FCC to investigate

(Newser) - Another Super Bowl will be investigated by the FCC—not for a wardrobe malfunction this time, but for an F-bomb. While celebrating last night's win, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco appeared to say, "This is f---ing awesome," Politico reports. Another player apparently said, "Holy shit."...

Full-Frontal Nudity on TV: Up 6,300%
 Full-Frontal Nudity 
 on TV: Up 6,300% 
new report

Full-Frontal Nudity on TV: Up 6,300%

Parents Television Council found 64 instances of full-frontal

(Newser) - TV has gotten a whole lot racier, according to a report by the Parents Television Council . It found that instances of full-frontal nudity jumped 6,300% last year, from just one instance in the 2010-2011 television season to 64 last year. "Full nudity" also ratcheted up 407%, to 76...

Skins Canceled by MTV
 MTV Cancels Skins 

MTV Cancels Skins

Advertisers shunned show that depicted teens having sex, taking drugs

(Newser) - MTV has pulled the plug on controversial sexed-up teen drama Skins after just one season. The much-talked-about US adaptation of the British hit, deserted by advertisers under pressure from the Parents Television Council , never attracted a huge audience, although it outperformed MTV's other scripted show, The Hard Times of ...

Glee Star Sorry for 'Pedophile' GQ Photos

However, Dianna Aragon does want to know why your kid is reading GQ

(Newser) - At least one Glee cast member is apologizing for the racy GQ photo shoot that has the Parents Television Council up in arms . Dianna Agron writes on her blog , “I am sorry. If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention,” but...

Parents Rip Sexy New Miley Video

17-year-old writhes on bed, grinds on dance floor

(Newser) - Another day, another Miley Cyrus sexxxy video scandal. In her latest music video—we watched it so you wouldn’t have to—a blindfolded Ms. Miley romps around on a bed in her underwear, and gets groped on the dance floor while only slightly more clothed. Not surprisingly, the Parents...

Parents Council Threatens CBS Over $#*! My Dad Says
 Parents Council 
 Threatens CBS Over 
 $#*! My Dad Says 
bleeping doesn't cut it

Parents Council Threatens CBS Over $#*! My Dad Says

Network just wants to offend people, prez says

(Newser) - Well, that didn’t take long: The Parents Television Council is, in a not entirely shocking move, protesting new CBS show $#*! My Dad Says. The decision to include an expletive—albeit a bleeped expletive—in the name of the sitcom demonstrates the network’s “contempt for families and...

Family Guy Accused of Taunting FCC With Stewie Doo-Doo

Parents Council: Creator out to break rules

(Newser) - The Family Guy foes at the Parents Television Council say the show has gone beyond merely ignoring FCC guidelines to actively trying to break them. The watchdog group—irked by a gag in the latest show that involved the family dog's appetite and the contents of baby Stewie's diaper—demands...

Threesome Complaints May Only Help Gossip Girl

Parents Television Council likely to boost racy episode's ratings

(Newser) - The CW might want to write a thank-you note to the Parents Television Council: All of its moaning about tonight’s Gossip Girl threesome is serving as free publicity for the show, which may just help boost its sagging ratings. No ads have been pulled and no affiliates are boycotting,...

Parents Council Freaks Over Gossip Girl Threesome

Urges local affiliates to preempt the program

(Newser) - The Parents Television Council is on the warpath, this time over news that the upcoming episode of Gossip Girl will feature a threesome. The group has sent a letter to CW affiliates warning that they’ll be “complicit in establishing a precedent and expectation that teenagers should engage in...

Fonda Swears She's Sorry for Obscenity

Today show apologizes for on-air slip, decency watchdogs want delay

(Newser) - Today host Meredith Vieira got an unpleasant  shock yesterday when Jane Fonda let the C-word slip while discussing the Vagina Monologues, the New York Daily News reports. "It was a slip, and obviously she apologizes, and so do we," Vieira told viewers. Fonda's blooper came when she was...

I Swear! And More and More, in Public

Profanity has moved beyond private discourse, experts say

(Newser) - Profanity seems to be more and more widespread, but linguists suggest people aren't actually swearing more—they're just swearing more publicly. The tide of athletes and musicians who pepper their language with choice four-letter words is meeting a surge of media avenues that aren't regulated by the government, resulting in...

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