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Jellyfish Suggest Deep-Sea Mining Could Be a Problem
Is Jellyfish Mucus a
Warning Sign of Sorts?

Is Jellyfish Mucus a Warning Sign of Sorts?

Experiment suggests deep-sea mining could potentially hurt the creatures

(Newser) - The rush to find the minerals needed to power our batteries and other electronics has mining companies looking to the seafloor—but at what potential cost to the marine life that lives above it? A study published Tuesday in Nature Communications aimed to answer that question using jellyfish, and as...

Scientists Looking for Wreck Find Life 6 Miles Below Sea
Scientists Looking
for Wreck Find Life
6 Miles Below Sea
in case you missed it

Scientists Looking for Wreck Find Life 6 Miles Below Sea

Search for USS Johnston turns up deepest squid and jellyfish ever found

(Newser) - A dive last year to the depths of the Philippine Sea not only revealed a closer look at the deepest shipwreck ever , but signs of life few suspected to be hiding up to 6 miles beneath the waves. Days before researchers came across the presumed wreckage of the USS Johnston,...

Teen Dies From Jellyfish Sting After Rare Attack

Tommy Johnson, 17, was swimming off Australia's Queensland coast when the box jellyfish struck

(Newser) - The signs usually posted around coastal communities in Australia warn swimmers not to dive in during "stinger season," but those warnings weren't enough to save a 17-year-old boy who died Monday, a week after a rare attack from an extremely poisonous jellyfish in Queensland. Authorities say the...

They Spotted the Jellyfish. Then It Started to Shapeshift

And this Deepstaria jellyfish has a little red companion

(Newser) - It looks, in the words of Nerdist , "kind of like the ghost of a plastic bag," and the description is apt. Scientists aboard the research vessel E/V Nautilus have posted video of a rarely seen jellyfish known as Deepstaria. As Mashable notes, the translucent creature has the ability...

You've Never Seen a Jellyfish Quite Like This
You've Never Seen a
Jellyfish Quite Like This
in case you missed it

You've Never Seen a Jellyfish Quite Like This

Barrel jellyfish as big as a person filmed off UK coast

(Newser) - A biologist is urging people to "get in the water" after she had an hour-long encounter with a barrel jellyfish as big as herself. Lizzie Daly was diving off the coast of Cornwall, on the southwest tip of the UK, when "out of the murk came this huge,...

Most Venomous Creature on Earth Now a Bit Less Scary

Researchers say they've found an antidote for box jellyfish stings

(Newser) - The world’s most venomous creature is not a snake but a jellyfish, and researchers say they have found an antidote for its lethal sting. The Australian box jellyfish has roughly 60 tentacles that can stretch up to 10 feet in length and are studded with microscopic hooks containing venom....

Jellyfish 'Epidemic' Hits Australian Coast

More than 5,000 people stung along Queensland coast over the weekend alone

(Newser) - The official word from one expert: A "hell of a lot" of people have been stung by jellyfish lately on Queensland's Gold and Sunshine coasts in Australia. Over the weekend alone, more than 5,000 people were stung as weather drove an armada of bluebottle jellyfish toward shore,...

Partypoopers: Jellyfish Sting Hundreds in Florida

Swimmer: 'It just kinda stuck to my leg… and I couldn't get it off fast enough'

(Newser) - It’s a moon jellyfish free-for-all on central Florida beaches. An unusually large swarm of jellyfish have stung an estimated 1,200 beach-goers over four days in Volusa County. Jellyfish are not unusual in the area. Winds and currents push them ashore once or twice a year, Volusia County spokeswoman...

Moon Jellyfish Shock Scientists With This Trick

'Symmetrization' has never been observed before

(Newser) - When Caltech biologist Michael Abrams cut two arms off a young jellyfish in 2013, he figured it would do what many marine invertebrates do—grow new ones. But no. "[Abrams] started yelling... 'You won't believe this, you've got to come here and see what's happening,...

Gooey Blue Creatures Invade West Coast Beaches

Velella velella piling up along Washington, Oregon

(Newser) - It sounds hyperbolic, but it isn't: Gooey jellyfish-like creatures have been washing ashore on Washington and Oregon beaches for more than a month by the millions—at least. The Weather Channel reports billions are being blown ashore. They're called velella velella, and "unless you're a microscopic...

Mysterious Jelly-Like Fish Washing Up on West Coast

Experts blame strong winds for carrying so many Velella velella ashore

(Newser) - Ocean-goers up and down the West Coast have spent weeks photographing thousands of mysterious sea creatures washing up on seashores from Washington to California, reports CNN . Called Velella velella, or "by-the-wind sailors," the silver-purple sea creatures that vaguely resemble jellyfish are typically found well out in the ocean,...

Giant New Jellyfish Has No Tentacles

Keesingia gigas has potentially deadly sting

(Newser) - A huge new species of jellyfish discovered off western Australia looks a bit like a plastic bag—but one that can deliver a potentially lethal sting. Keesingia gigas is as long as a human arm, though bizarrely, none of the specimens caught or photographed appear to have any tentacles, the...

Get Worried: Jellyfish Population Is Booming

Climate change may be increasing their numbers

(Newser) - The sting of a Chironex fleckeri box jellyfish, which live around Australia and the Philippines, can kill you within three minutes—and Australia's seen an increase in jellyfish numbers lately. In Sweden and Israel, vast numbers of jellyfish have caused trouble at nuclear and coal power plants this year....

Stunning New Jellyfish Named, but Still Mysterious

Pelagia benovici's native habitat remains unknown

(Newser) - A new species of jellyfish has been discovered in the Gulf of Venice—but where it hails from remains a mystery. In a phenomenon known as a bloom, the now-named Pelagia benovici showed up in such force in September that it interfered with fishing; citizen jellyfish trackers who were unable...

Robot Swarm's Mission: Kill Jellyfish

South Korean 'bots aim to catch them in nets and slice them up

(Newser) - Flesh-shredding robots that can devour 2,000 pounds an hour may sound like the stuff of horror movies, but they're very real and come with a purpose: kill jellyfish. Engineers in South Korea are working on something called the Jellyfish Elimination Robotic Swarm to cut down deadly attacks on...

Huge Nuclear Reactor Shut Down by Jellyfish

Swedish plant is back in business after massive clog

(Newser) - The Oskarshamn power plant in Sweden has one of the biggest nuclear reactors in the world, but it's apparently no match for tiny jellyfish. Tons of moon jellyfish clogged the reactor's intake pipes from the ocean over the weekend, forcing the plant to shut down, reports Popular Science...

Jellyfish End Cuba-to-Florida Swim Dream

Chloe McCardel ends marathon swim after 11 hours

(Newser) - An Australian woman had to cut short her Cuba-to-Florida swim attempt yesterday after jellyfish put an end to her effort, reports Australia's ABC . Chloe McCardel, who would have been the first person to swim the 103-mile distance without a shark cage, called it quits after 11 hours and multiple...

Nyad About Halfway Through Epic Swim

Could arrive in Florida tomorrow

(Newser) - Diana Nyad was about halfway through her swim from Cuba to Florida this morning, as her team attempted to get her through a storm. The 62-year-old is safe and still feels good, they say, and yesterday was "awesome" despite the fact that she suffered several jellyfish stings , her operations...

Swimmer Nyad Again Chases Cuba-Fla. Dream

62-year-old making 4th attempt at perilous swim

(Newser) - Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is making her fourth attempt at completing the 103-mile, Cuba-to-Florida marathon swim that has eluded her in her 62 years. Nyad has thus far suffered several jellyfish stings—which ended her previous attempt last fall—but team members tweeted that she was plowing along steadily this...

Don't Swim After Eating? That's Bunk

 Don't Swim After 
 Eating? That's Bunk 
summer myths

Don't Swim After Eating? That's Bunk

Also: Don't pee on jellyfish stings

(Newser) - There are so many myths about summer safety, it's a wonder anyone has any fun. Heard that poison ivy is contagious? Not true. Scared of swallowing watermelon seeds? They'll just pass through you. The Washington Post debunks a host of summer myths:
  • Mosquitoes love people who taste sweet?

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