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One Thing You Won&#39;t Find on $12.9B Aircraft Carrier: Urinals
Ready, Aim ... No Urinals on
New $12.9B Aircraft Carrier

Ready, Aim ... No Urinals on New $12.9B Aircraft Carrier

Gerald R. Ford was developed without them

(Newser) - A $12.9 billion aircraft carrier probably doesn't lack much, but the brand new Gerald R. Ford comes without one thing: urinals. The Navy Times reports on the surprising first, which came about following the decision to make every "head" gender-neutral. That will reportedly make it easier for...

N. Korea Propaganda Clip Shows US Warship 'Exploding'

Happy Tuesday from Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea wasn't shy about disseminating apocalyptic (and even just plain weird ) propaganda during former President Obama's tenure, and it appears that President Trump is going to get equal time. Per the Telegraph , Pyongyang released a fiery clip on YouTube over the weekend depicting a US aircraft...

Incredible Photos Emerge of WWII Ship Sunk 65 Years Ago

USS Independence is remarkably well-preserved

(Newser) - The USS Independence has remained submerged a half-mile deep off the coast of California for 65 years, out of human sight since it was purposely relegated to the bottom of the ocean by the US Navy in 1951, reportedly with a bunch of 50-gallon barrels containing radioactive waste, per the...

Botched Landing on Aircraft Carrier Injures 8 Sailors

'They thought they were going to die'

(Newser) - A month after a "rare and terrifying" accident during an attempted landing on an aircraft carrier, one sailor remains hospitalized and three more are still recovering, the Navy Times reports. According to WTKR , an E-2C Hawkeye was attempting to land on the USS Eisenhower during training exercises 100 miles...

Iran: Fake US Warship Is Just a Movie Prop

Iranian media slams US for jumping to conclusions

(Newser) - The replica of an American aircraft carrier under construction in Iran is a mere movie prop, according to Iranian media. Iranian newspapers say the Nimitz-class replica spotted by satellites will appear in an upcoming movie about the downing of an Iran Air civilian plane by the USS Vincennes in 1988,...

Iran Building Fake US Carrier ... to Blow Up?

US officials say it could be for propaganda boost

(Newser) - A ship nearing completion in Iran looks rather familiar to American eyes: US officials say it's a sort of replica of the Navy's Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier—it even has the Nimitz's number 68 painted near the bow—except that it's not actually a working aircraft...

What Budget? White House Saves Aircraft Carrier

It will ask Congress for extra money for USS George Washington

(Newser) - With Congress breathing down its neck, the White House has stepped in to stop the Pentagon's plan to mothball even a single aircraft carrier, the Wall Street Journal reports. Chuck Hagel had decided that to meet sequester-mandated spending cuts, he could drop the nation's carrier fleet from 11...

China Lands First Jet on Its First Aircraft Carrier

Underscores China's naval ambitions

(Newser) - China has successfully landed a fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier, which entered service two months ago, the country's official news agency confirmed today. The Liaoning aircraft carrier underscores China's ambitions to be a leading Asian naval power, but it is not expected to carry a full...

China Looks to Wrench Pacific Reign From US

Military buildup challenging America's long dominance

(Newser) - China is engaged in a major military buildup aimed at ending the total domination of the western Pacific that the US has enjoyed since the end of World War II, the Wall Street Journal finds. Pentagon officials, who publicly decline to describe China as a threat, say the number of...

Iran to US Aircraft Carrier: Don't Return to Gulf

Army chief says action will be taken if warning not heeded

(Newser) - Tension continues to build between Iran and the US, with Iran's army chief warning today that Tehran will take action if a US aircraft carrier returns to the Persian Gulf. The carrier was spotted there last week during Iran's 10 days of naval exercises , but left for the...

Iran Films US Aircraft Carrier in Persian Gulf
 Iran Films US Aircraft Carrier 

Iran Films US Aircraft Carrier

And warns it not to come closer

(Newser) - Iran's chest-thumping continues: An Iranian surveillance plane spotted and recorded footage of a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf as part of its current Navy drill in the Strait of Hormuz, Iran's state-run news agency said today. It quoted the top admiral in Iran's navy as...

Satellite Spots First Chinese Aircraft Carrier

Secretive Beijing ship was on a test run

(Newser) - A commercial US satellite company said it has captured a photo of China's first aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea off the Chinese coast. DigitalGlobe said one of its satellites photographed the carrier on Dec. 8. The Varyag wasn't up to anything suspicious, but was merely on a...

$6B Navy Carrier Has Lousy Toilets

Vaccum commodes often don't work

(Newser) - The Navy Times has a tale of serious toilet woe aboard the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier, which is currently deployed to the Persian Gulf. The $6.2 billion carrier has 130 bathrooms with 423 commodes, but many of those commodes are frequently on the fritz at any one...

Sea Trials Begin for China's First Aircraft Carrier

Move is mostly symbolic but still 'a milestone'

(Newser) - In a highly symbolic move, China today began carrying out sea trials for its first aircraft carrier. The 300-meter-long vessel sounded its horn three times before heading out to sea around the port of Dalian, where it has spent the decade since it was purchased from Ukraine being refurbished, according...

China Cops to Not-So-Secret Aircraft Carrier

Says it's almost ready to launch

(Newser) - Chinese military officers say their new aircraft carrier is ready to launch, finally admitting the existence of what may be the world’s worst kept military secret. China originally purchased the rusting Soviet-era ship, then dubbed the Varyag, in 1998, saying it would be a floating casino, the Guardian explains....

Why the US Isn't Sweating China's Lame Aircraft Carrier

The Shi Lang might just be a hunk of junk

(Newser) - China is finally ready to debut its first aircraft carrier, the Shi Lang. But the world shouldn’t exactly be shivering its timbers in fear of this display of military might, writes David Axe of Wired , dubbing the ship “a piece of junk.” The ship’s Ukranian-built engines...

10 Hurt When Jet Explodes on Aircraft Carrier

Engine blows up during training exercise off San Diego

(Newser) - Ten sailors were injured yesterday when a jet engine burst into flames on an aircraft carrier off San Diego. Four men were airlifted to a Navy medical center and the rest were treated on the USS John C. Stennis. None of the injuries was life threatening. Officials are investigating the...

Navy's New Stealth Drone Makes Maiden Flight

X-47B can take off and land from aircraft carrier

(Newser) - The US Navy says the next big leap forward in unmanned aerial warfare has successfully made its first flight. The robotic, bat-winger X-47B drone is designed to take off and land from aircraft carriers, a feat described as one of the most difficult in aviation. The military hopes the technology...

Navy Probing Skipper's Role in Raunchy Videos

'XO Movie Night' contained gay slurs, sailors in drag, shower scenes

(Newser) - The second-in-command aboard the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise spent an inordinate amount of time producing gay-bashing videos that he broadcast to the entire ship—often while on missions supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq—and the US Navy is taking a look into the matter. As the Virginian-Pilot reports, the...

Britain to Scrap Aircraft Carrier Jets

British Navy will host French, US planes on carriers

(Newser) - The British Navy will effectively abandon jet units on aircraft carriers as part of cutbacks at the Defense Ministry, the Telegraph reports. The cuts mandate that British aircraft carriers use French and US jets outsourced to fly missions for the Royal Navy. Though two new aircraft carriers are in production,...

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