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At Least 2 of the 3 Aircraft Carrier Sailor Deaths Were Suicides

3rd sailor's cause of death has not yet been confirmed

(Newser) - Update: Suicide is to blame in the deaths of at least two of the three sailors from the dry-docked USS George Washington aircraft carrier who died within a week of one another. Retail Services Specialist 3rd Class Mika’il Rayshawn Sharp, 23, who died off-base in Portsmouth on April 9,...

5 Sailors Charged With Leaking Video of Crash

Navy says they released video of jet crashing on aircraft carrier last month

(Newser) - Five sailors have been charged with violating military law over leaked video showing an F35 fighter jet crashing on an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea last month, the Navy said Thursday. An ensign, three chief petty officers, and a senior chief petty officer were charged under Article 92...

Jet Crash in South China Sea Injures 7 US Sailors
Navy Scrambles to Retrieve
Jet From Bottom of Sea

Navy Scrambles to Retrieve Jet From Bottom of Sea

Analysts say China might to try claim F35 fighter in South China Sea

(Newser) - Update: The Navy is scrambling to retrieve an F35 fighter jet that ended up at the bottom of the South China Sea after crash-landing on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier Monday. It's not clear exactly where the crash happened, but CNN describes the sea as...

New Aircraft Carrier Tested With Massive Explosions

Navy set off blasts that registered 3.9 on the Richter scale

(Newser) - Floridians wondering what that big boom was, the one that felt like an earthquake, got answers Sunday. The US Navy set off a 40,000 pound explosive, creating an explosion that measured 3.9 on the Richter scale, the Orlando Sentinel reports. And not as an early Fourth of July...

Navy Fires Roosevelt's Captain After All

New investigation blames Brett Crozier and his boss in coronavirus crisis

(Newser) - In a stunning reversal , the Navy has upheld the firing of the aircraft carrier captain who urged faster action to protect his crew from a coronavirus outbreak, according to a US official familiar with the report. The official said the Navy also extended the blame for the ship's crisis,...

There's a Fake Aircraft Carrier Sitting Off Iran

It's believed the country built it in order to attack it

(Newser) - As tensions remain high between Iran and the US, the Islamic Republic appears to have constructed a new mock-up of an aircraft carrier off its southern coast for potential live-fire drills. The faux foe, seen in satellite photographs obtained Tuesday by the AP , resembles the Nimitz-class carriers that the US...

Sailors on Carrier Get Coronavirus —a Second Time

5 sailors on the sidelined the USS Theodore Roosevelt test positive for a second time

(Newser) - Five sailors on the US aircraft carrier sidelined in Guam due to a COVID-19 outbreak have tested positive for the virus for the second time and have been taken off the ship, according to the Navy, the AP reports. The resurgence of the virus in the five sailors on the...

USS Theodore Roosevelt Suffers First Virus Casualty

Sailor assigned to stricken aircraft carrier had been in ICU in Guam since Thursday

(Newser) - A sailor assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt—the aircraft carrier whose skipper lost his job after pleading with Navy brass to evacuate the ship amid a coronavirus outbreak—has died of complications of the virus, reports NBC News . The sailor, who has not been identified pending notification of his...

Guam Nervously Takes In Quarantined Roosevelt Crew

Rooms are set aside for up to 4,000 sailors

(Newser) - People in Guam are used to a military presence on the strategic Pacific island, but some are uneasy as sailors from a coronavirus-stricken Navy aircraft carrier flood hotels for quarantine. Officials insist they have enforced strict safety measures, the AP reports. An outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt began in...

Navy Captain Relieved of Duty Has Coronavirus

Capt. Brett E. Crozier removed from command after asking for help with outbreak

(Newser) - The US Navy captain removed from command after he asked the Navy for help with the coronavirus outbreak on board his warship has now tested positive for COVID-19, sources tell the New York Times . Capt. Brett Crozier, who ended up getting assistance from Guam , came down with symptoms before he...

The Navy Fired Him. His Crew Just Showed How They Feel

Capt. Brett Crozier gets loyal send-off from USS Roosevelt sailors a day after firing over virus memo

(Newser) - The captain of a Navy aircraft carrier fired Thursday after asking superiors to let him evacuate crew members sick from the coronavirus received a heartfelt goodbye from the sailors in his charge. Per USA Today , videos on social media showed rousing shows of support Friday aboard the USS Roosevelt, now...

Navy Removes Captain Who Sought Help With Outbreak

Brett Crozier had asked to evacuate ill crew members in Guam

(Newser) - The captain of a US aircraft carrier has lost his command after asking the Navy to let him evacuate crew members who tested positive for the coronavirus. Thomas Modly, acting secretary of the Navy, said Thursday that he gave the order to relieve Capt. Brett Crozier of his command, the...

Navy to Name Aircraft Carrier for Black Pearl Harbor Hero

Doris Miller was 1st African American to be awarded Navy Cross

(Newser) - When Japanese aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, Doris "Dorie" Miller was a mess hall attendant who had been busy collecting laundry aboard the USS West Virginia. In the 90 minutes that followed, he later said, he "forgot all about" the fact that...

3 Sailors From Same Aircraft Carrier Kill Themselves in 5 Days

'My heart is broken,' commanding officer says

(Newser) - "My heart is broken," the commanding officer of the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush said after the apparently unrelated suicides of three crew members in the space of less than a week. In a Facebook post , Capt. Sean Bailey said the deaths of Chief Electronics Technician Nuclear...

WWII Aircraft Carrier Found After 77 Years

USS Hornet took part in Battle of Midway

(Newser) - The USS Hornet aircraft carrier had an extremely busy year and six days in service, taking part in key World War II events in the Pacific including the Battle of Midway and the Doolittle Raid before being sunk by Japanese forces in the Battle of Santa Cruz Island on Oct....

Japan Making a Big Change to Its Military

Tokyo is getting its first aircraft carriers since WWII

(Newser) - Japan is bound by its post-war constitution to put little emphasis on the military, but a major upgrade is now in the works. The nation will get its first aircraft carriers since World War II, reports the Guardian . The plan is to retrofit two existing helicopter carriers so they can...

Microsoft Co-Founder Makes Big Find in Coral Sea

Billionaire Paul Allen found the wreckage of WWII's USS Lexington, one of the first US aircraft carriers

(Newser) - Badly damaged after four days of battle with the Japanese, "Lady Lex" was deliberately sent to the depths of the Coral Sea with a reported 216 bodies on board. It's there that one of the first US aircraft carriers slumbered undisturbed for 76 years, until a crew led...

Post-Vietnam War First Likely to Irritate China

US Navy aircraft carrier is expected to visit Vietnam

(Newser) - A US Navy aircraft carrier is expected to make a port visit to Vietnam in March, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Thursday. It would be the first such visit in the postwar era, and the planned visit to Danang is likely to irritate China, which is critical of US moves...

'Magnificent' $4B Carrier Has 'Highly Embarrassing' Problem
'Magnificent' $4B Carrier Has
'Highly Embarrassing' Problem

'Magnificent' $4B Carrier Has 'Highly Embarrassing' Problem

Namely, a leak

(Newser) - It's an egg-on-your-face story out of Britain, where the $4 billion spent on a new aircraft carrier was apparently not enough to eliminate all leaks. The BBC reports the HMS Queen Elizabeth was found to be taking on as much as 50 gallons of water an hour due to...

Navy Plane Crashes in Pacific With 11 Aboard

It was on its way to aircraft carrier near Japan

(Newser) - In what is believed to be another fatal accident for the 7th Fleet, a Navy plane with 11 passengers and crew on board crashed into the Pacific Ocean Wednesday. The C-2 Greyhound was on its way to the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. Japan's defense minister, Itsunori Onodera, said...

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