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Mallory's Last Note From Everest: 'It Is 50 to 1 Against Us'

The May 1924 letter is the UK adventurer's final correspondence to spouse before he vanished

(Newser) - In his final letter to his wife before he vanished on Mount Everest a century ago, George Mallory tried to ease her worries even as he said his chances of reaching the world's highest peak were "50 to 1 against us." The letter, digitized for the first...

Older Women Are the New Face of Wanderlust

The adventure travel industry is getting a boost from mature female tourists

(Newser) - Adventure travel's allure lies in its promise of helping you break out of your comfort zone as you explore new places and meet new people. For women especially, that sector of the travel industry has exploded: Citing stats from the Adventure Travel Trade Association , the Washington Post reports that...

203 Countries Visited, Zero Airplanes
10 Years, 203 Nations,
Zero Airplanes
the rundown

10 Years, 203 Nations, Zero Airplanes

Copenhagen's Torbjorn Pedersen spent a decade achieving his one-of-a-kind travel milestone

(Newser) - To equal Torbjorn Pedersen's feat of traveling, you could start today and expect to wrap up sometime around 2033. The 44-year-old from Copenhagen managed to travel to all of the world's countries without once using an airplane, reports Euronews . Pedersen is now in the midst of a grueling...

More People Climb Everest Than Do America's Great Loop
It's a 6K-Mile Journey
You Likely Haven't Heard Of
in case you missed it

It's a 6K-Mile Journey You Likely Haven't Heard Of

About 200 people complete America's Great Loop each year

(Newser) - You know about impressive feats like summiting Everest, completing the full Appalachian Trail, or swimming the English Channel. But as USA Today and the Wilmington News Journal point out, there's another trek that's completed by just 200 people a year—far fewer than the 700 who stand atop...

In 1962, His Pacific Crossing Set a Record. Now, a New Feat

Kenichi Horie becomes oldest person in world to cross the Pacific solo

(Newser) - Japanese adventurer Kenichi Horie at 83 just became the oldest person in the world to complete a solo, nonstop voyage across the Pacific Ocean—and he says he is still "in the middle of my youth" and not done yet, reports the AP . Horie returned home as he crossed...

Some Barrels Go Down the Falls. This One Is Crossing the Atlantic
Man Is Crossing
Atlantic in Barrel
Stocked With
Wine, Foie Gras
in case you missed it

Man Is Crossing Atlantic in Barrel Stocked With Wine, Foie Gras

Jean-Jacques Savin set 'sail' Wednesday from Spain's Canary Islands, headed to the Caribbean

(Newser) - So far, Jean-Jacques Savin's barrel is "behaving well." Hopefully it will continue to do so, as the barrel—actually a large "barrel-shaped orange capsule," per the BBC —is transporting the 71-year-old Frenchman on a monthslong journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The former pilot, park...

In Antarctica, 2 Vie to Finish 'Impossible First'

Louis Rudd, Colin O'Brady are separately trying to become first to cross continent unsupported

(Newser) - Two years ago a man died trying to take on "the new Everest." Now, the New York Times reports that two more men are attempting the feat, and they're racing to not only conquer a frozen continent, but also each other. Both 33-year-old Colin O'Brady and...

Hiker Fell 60 Feet, Spent 6 Days in Australian Wilderness

'She couldn't proceed any farther and she had no way to get back out'

(Newser) - A Korean hiker survived for six days in the Australian bush after falling 60 feet down a steep ravine. Twenty-five-year-old Joohee Han had hiked to the summit of Mount Tyson in Queensland, and took some pictures before she slipped and fell. She was knocked unconscious for five hours. When she...

Airline Contest: Hole Up in Iceland, Travel, Get Paid

You'll have to win Wow Air's contest, though, and do quite a bit of content creation

(Newser) - If you have a BFF and no big summer plans, an Icelandic airline is making a tempting offer. Per Business Insider , Wow Air will set up one lucky duo in a fully furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavik, which will serve as home base from June 1 to Aug. 15, with...

The World's Greatest Hitchhiker and His 'Wandering Princess'

Juan Villarino and Laura Lazzarino wander the world together on $7 a day

(Newser) - It takes more than a durable thumb and the stomach for strangers to be a top-notch vagabond. Take it from Juan Villarino, dubbed the "world's best hitchhiker" by Wes Enzinna for the New York Times , which profiles Villarino and picks his brain for how he's become the...

She's Only 27, but She's About to Do Something Most Never Will

Cassie De Pecol wants to visit all the world's countries ... fastest and youngest

(Newser) - Cassie De Pecol is only 27, but she's set to reach a milestone that most elderly people haven't accomplished: visit all of the world's countries, in her case in the fastest time and at the youngest age. The Connecticut native has been documenting her travels on the...

Swiss Woman Treks 10K Miles Over 3 Years

Sarah Marquis endured dengue fever, sandstorms, Mongolian horsemen

(Newser) - When Sarah Marquis tells people what she's done, they usually tell her she's crazy. But neither those words nor the harsh weather, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, or even intimidating Mongol horsemen can keep the 42-year-old Swiss explorer's wanderlust in check: For three of the past four years, Marquis...

Holidays in Hell Writer Picks Top Travel Books

PJ O'Rourke dishes about the travel writing he most admires

(Newser) - Who better to recommend a good travel book than the author of Holidays in Hell , a self-described guide to the "world's worst places"? Now that PJ O'Rourke's follow-up, Holidays in Heck , is on shelves, O'Rourke reveals his six favorite travel books in the Daily...

12 Lost Treasures You Can Search For

In the mood for an adventure? Here are a dozen places to begin your search

(Newser) - There are still some places in the world where X marks the spot. The Huffington Post lists a dozen locations ripe for real-life treasure hunting:
  1. Superstition Mountains, Ariz.: The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is supposedly hidden somewhere in these mountains ... and full of ancient Apache treasure.
  2. Kaliningrad, Russia: The Amber

9 Kid Adventurers With Crazy Parents
 9 Kid Adventurers 
 With Crazy Parents 
sutherlands, meet your peers

9 Kid Adventurers With Crazy Parents

Would you let your teen sail around the world?

(Newser) - Abby Sunderland’s dad may or may not have been attempting to cash in on his daughter’s solo sailing trip with a reality show—either way, should her parents have let her go? The Daily Beast thinks not, and offers up a list of other youngsters whose daredevil “...

Whisky Maker Revives Booze Treasure Hunt

Six cases of Canadian Club just waiting to be found

(Newser) - Assuming polar bears haven't guzzled it, a case of Canadian Club whisky stashed near the North Pole decades ago is still waiting for an adventure-seeking drinker to find it. The company has revived the "Hide-a-Case" promotion it began in 1967, and is offering drinkers a chance to join expeditions...

How to Make $96K as a Travel Blogger
 How to Make $96K 
 as a Travel Blogger 

How to Make $96K as a Travel Blogger

Successful 20-something shows how it's done

(Newser) - Matt Kepnes is a 28-year-old Bostonian who's turned his passion for travel into a blogging gig that earns him up to $8,000 a month. He explains how in a New York Times interview. (Good publicity helps: His site, , is down temporarily because of a traffic surge from...

Genre-Setting Travel Author Dies at 47

Dave Freeman visited about half the sites on his adventurous list

(Newser) - Dave Freeman, co-author of 100 Things to Do Before You Die, died at age 47 after falling and hitting his head at his California home last week, the Los Angeles Times reports. Published in 1999, the free-spirited travel guide, among the first to offer a sight-seeing agenda based on adventure...

Gnome Tours World, Returns
 Gnome Tours World, Returns

Gnome Tours World, Returns

Cliché comes to life for one British woman

(Newser) - Months after her lawn gnome went missing, a woman in England got a huge surprise when it returned, accompanied by a photo album and immigration stamps from all over the world, the Gloucestershire Echo reports. Accompanying the prodigal lawn ornament was a note describing his adventures "across three continents,...

Branson's Aircraft: Beyond Space Tourism

Applications include satelites, drones and studying climate change

(Newser) - Though space tourism is an exciting feat in itself, it’s just the beginning of the possibilities for Virgin Galactic’s White Knight Two, the Economist notes. The carbon-composite plane doubles as a spaceship’s first stage, and is capable of launching satellites, transporting replacement engines, and facilitating the study...

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