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Icahn to Yang: I've Got Your Pink Slip

Says Jerry wrecked Microsoft deal, and he's out if proxy bid wins

(Newser) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn wants Jerry Yang out of Yahoo's CEO seat, and has a pink slip waiting if his proxy action to take over the board is successful, reports the Wall Street Journal. Icahn yesterday unleashed a torrent of criticism of Yang’s role in the aborted Microsoft buyout...

Feds Approve Icahn's Yahoo Stock Buys

Activist investor plans additional $2.5B outlay to boost proxy bid

(Newser) - The Federal Trade Commission gave Carl Icahn approval to purchase additional chunks of Yahoo stock, part of the activist investor's plan to gain control of the company's board and perhaps force a sale, MarketWatch reports. Icahn already owns 59 million Yahoo shares and options and is reportedly seeking 93 million...

Yahoo Postpones Boardroom Showdown

Company buys more time to prepare for proxy battle

(Newser) - Yahoo has pushed back its annual shareholder meeting for a second time, reports Forbes, delaying a showdown for control of its board. One of Yahoo's 10 directors resigned yesterday, leaving nine up for re-election at the meeting. Carl Icahn has nominated an alternate slate of directors, including himself, and will...

Oilman Pickens Throws in With Icahn in Fight to Control Yahoo

'I'll jump in with Carl' on proxy issue, he says

(Newser) - Carl Icahn's proxy bid to replace Yahoo’s board won the backing of legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens yesterday, reports the Wall Street Journal, but without a firm offer from Microsoft to acquire Yahoo the effort could still struggle. "I'll jump in with Carl. He goes in first, I...

Microsoft, Yahoo in Talks for Partial Buyout

Transaction would involved partial purchase of Internet giant

(Newser) - Microsoft is back at Yahoo's bargaining table, this time seeking a partial acquisition of the Internet portal, the Wall Street Journal reports. Buyout talks fizzled earlier this month, but billionaire Carl Icahn's push for a proxy war has left Yahoo honchos feeling shareholder pressure to cut a deal, though today...

Yahoo Says Icahn Doesn't Understand Full Picture

Billionaire investor launches bid to oust board

(Newser) - Hours after Carl Icahn began his quest to take over Yahoo’s board, the company issued a statement saying he has a "significant misunderstanding" of the recent Microsoft purchase offer, the Wall Street Journal reports. Icahn wants to unseat the current Yahoo board, replace it with one of his...

Icahn to Move Ahead With Yahoo Proxy Fight

Billionaire has lined up 12 people for a new board

(Newser) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn will move ahead with his plan to unseat Yahoo's current board of directors and force a sale to Microsoft, Reuters reports. Icahn, who has bought about 50 million Yahoo shares since Microsoft withdrew its offer May 3, has lined up 12 members for his dissident board...

Analysts Doubt Icahn's Proxy Prospects

Investor's attempt to force Yahoo sale could seriously hurt its value

(Newser) - Analysts are doubtful financier Carl Icahn could successfully force Yahoo back to the table with Microsoft after taking a stake in the search giant, MarketWatch reports. "A successful proxy battle is a bit like a scorched earth policy,' one analyst says. " You may win the battle but...

Icahn Eyeing Proxy Battle for Yahoo

Billionaire investor has bought 50 million shares since Microsoft backed off

(Newser) - Billionaire Carl Icahn, fresh off his successful battle to reshuffle Motorola’s board, may launch a proxy fight for control of Yahoo after buying some 50 million shares of Yahoo since Microsoft’s failed takeover bid, reports the Wall Street Journal. The deadline for board nominations is Thursday. Icahn may...

Icahn Grabs Yahoo Stake, Could Try to Force Sale

Investor has bought 4% interest since Microsoft dropped bid; decision tomorrow

(Newser) - A new player has entered the Microsoft-Yahoo epic, the Wall Street Journal reports: billionaire investor Carl Icahn. He has bought about a 4% stake in Yahoo since Microsoft withdrew its offer to buy on May 3. Icahn will decide by tomorrow whether to launch an attempt to take over Yahoo's...

Slumping Razr Sales Slash Moto Earnings
Slumping Razr Sales Slash Moto Earnings
Earnings report

Slumping Razr Sales Slash Moto Earnings

Motorola posts larger-than-expected $194M loss

(Newser) - Apple and Nokia chewed away at Motorola’s cellphone market share, pushing the troubled handset maker to a larger first-quarter loss than expected, Bloomberg reports. Moto lost $194 million, or 9 cents a share, and revenues fell 21% to $7.45 billion. The company also  issued a bleak forecast for...

Motorola Agrees to Seat 2 Icahn Board Picks

Billionaire, company reach truce; Icahn drops proxy threat

(Newser) - Carl Icahn, who last month pressured Motorola into selling off its troubled mobile phone division, added win No. 2 yesterday in his battle with the telecommunications equipment maker, as the company agreed to nominate two Icahn’s candidates to its board, the Wall Street Journal reports. Icahn will drop his...

Icahn Wins: Motorola Will Spin Off Mobile Unit

Company says it will spin off foundering mobile unit that's lost $1.2 billion

(Newser) - Motorola blinked in its showdown with billionaire investor Carl Icahn, announcing this morning it will spin off the foundering mobile-device division that lost $1.2 billion last year and has seen its share of the mobile phone market shrink from 22% to 12%, reports Bloomberg. Moto’s stock rose 6....

Icahn Ups Ante in Motorola Battle

Billionaire investor sues for board documents in proxy fight

(Newser) - Billionaire Carl Icahn is turning up the heat on Motorola in his battle for more control, filing a lawsuit for access to board documents. The move follows his rejection of the company’s offer of two board seats—instead of the four he's seeking—and calling its refusal to seat...

Motorola May Sell Ailing Cell Phone Division

Company struggling against smart phone competition

(Newser) - Motorola, battered by more innovative competitors in the cell phone industry, is considering spinning off or selling its flagship mobile phone division to concentrate on other parts of its business. Motorola, which once rocked the industry with its innovative StarTAC flip phone and the ultra-slim Razr, now plans to refocus...

As Razr Loses Edge, Motorola Could Cut Itself

Top investor wants the struggling company to break up

(Newser) - In an era of rampant telecom convergence, Motorola may be headed the other way. With its once-popular Razr phone leading a money-losing cellphone business, Carl Icahn, the company’s No. 3 shareholder, thinks slicing up the company would create $20 billion in shareholder wealth. The math works, the Wall Street ...

Icahn: BEA Will Sell, or I Will Oust the Board

Firm now faces internal and external pressure to lower its price

(Newser) - Having held out on a time-sensitive $6.7 billion offer from Oracle, BEA Systems management now faces a charge to oust them by billionaire shareholder Carl Icahn, who wields a massive 13.2% stake in the company, the AP reports. BEA says it will not entertain any offer that values...

Oracle Drops $6.7B Offer for BEA Buyout

Software giant says renewal not impossible, but highly unlikely

(Newser) - Software mogul Oracle made good today on its threat to drop a $6.7 billion offer to buy BEA systems, after the latter failed to meet the October 28 deadline. Oracle said BEA shareholders should "not assume" it will renew the offer, though it did not rule out the...

Motorola CEO Silences Critics (For Now)

Zander exhales as company reports third-quarter profit

(Newser) - Motorola CEO Ed Zander may have won at least a temporary reprieve from some of the harsh criticism he's endured in recent months, as the largest US maker of mobile phones reported a third-quarter profit today. Evading a straight-up loss through aggressive cost-cutting, Motorola earnings were down 94%, but it...

BEA Says It&rsquo;s Worth $8.2B
BEA Says It’s Worth $8.2B

BEA Says It’s Worth $8.2B

Back-and-forth with Oracle continues; latter originally offered $6.7B for buyout

(Newser) - The board of BEA Systems responded to a time-sensitive takeover offer from Oracle today, valuing itself at $8.2 billion—fully $1.5 billion more than the database giant's bid. Oracle’s $17-a-share offer, now two weeks old, will expire on Sunday evening if BEA doesn’t act on it....

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