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Mega-Lender CIT Files Chapter 11

Bailed-out firm's move will cost government $2.3B

(Newser) - CIT Group, a major lender to small and medium-sized American businesses, filed for Chapter 11 today. The move means the government is most likely out the $2.3 billion in TARP bailout funds it put up last year. The "prepackaged" procedure is intended to allow CIT, which reported $71...

Taxpayers Must Become Activist Investors: Icahn
Taxpayers Must Become Activist Investors: Icahn

Taxpayers Must Become Activist Investors: Icahn

What the government did at GM should be a lesson: get rid of bad leadership

(Newser) - Barney Frank was right when he said a retention bonus is “a nice word, it turns out, for extortion,” writes Carl Icahn for the Huffington Post. “Very few managers are irreplaceable, especially in this economy”—so why do they get paid extra to stay with a...

Icahn Stock Grab May Signal New Yahoo CEO
Icahn Stock Grab May
Signal New Yahoo CEO

Icahn Stock Grab May Signal New Yahoo CEO

(Newser) - Corporate raider Carl Icahn bought about $65 million in Yahoo shares this week, sparking AllThingsD blogger Kara Swisher to speculate that an "Icahn-friendly" CEO is on the way. Icahn's purchase, likely an attempt to recoup the $900 million he lost on his Yahoo stake this year, points to two...

Hedge Fund Selloffs Behind Swooning Dow

Investors cashing out in record numbers to meet obligations

(Newser) - Hedge funds are increasingly to blame for the swooning Dow, the Wall Street Journal reports, as demands from investors to withdraw funds have sparked a securities selling frenzy in recent days. The rush to withdraw comes as investors—endowments and  pension funds as well as wealthy individuals—see other investments...

Market Meltdown Reshapes Forbes Rich List

Buffett bumps Gates in redrawn rankings of world's wealthiest

(Newser) - The mortgage meltdown has certainly hit middle-class Americans hard but hasn't spared the uber-wealthy, Bloomberg reports. Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson’s net worth shed $4 billion between Aug. 29 and Oct. 1, for instance, while Warren Buffett overtook Bill Gates, whose net worth declined $1.5 billion, as...

Yahoo Board OKs New Round of AOL Talks

Time Warner anxious to decide on service's future

(Newser) - A Yahoo board of directors now stocked with allies of activist investor Carl Icahn cleared the way yesterday for reigniting talks on combining with AOL, the Financial Times reports. Time Warner’s chief is eager to decide AOL’s future “fairly soon,” but is hoping Microsoft will join...

Bristol-Myers Makes Bid for Icahn's ImClone

Offers 29% premium for biotech partner; shares soar

(Newser) - Already a 17% shareholder, Bristol-Myers Squibb laid down a $4.5 billion offer to buy the  rest of ImClone shares, the Wall Street Journal reports. The $60-a-share offer, sent to ImClone chairman Carl Icahn today, is a 29% premium on yesterday's closing price and makes Bristol the second pharma giant...

An Independent Yahoo Is Hard to Imagine
An Independent Yahoo Is Hard
to Imagine

An Independent Yahoo Is Hard to Imagine

Iffy Q2 results make a deal, with Microsoft or Google, best option

(Newser) - Yahoo’s earnings report yesterday didn’t portend an immediate turnaround, Catherine Holahan writes in BusinessWeek, meaning the company must do something to meet the “grandiose claims” it made in rejecting Microsoft’s bid. Some still see Yahoo ultimately taking that path, and expanding its deal with Google is...

Deal Puts Icahn on Yahoo Board

Activist investor gets seats for 2 allies

(Newser) - Yahoo will add two seats to its board of directors and put Carl Icahn in one of them, reports the Wall Street Journal, in a deal that ends Icahn’s proxy fight. Eight of Yahoo’s current board members, including CEO Jerry Yang, will keep their seats, while a ninth...

Yahoo Takes Icahn Fight to Homepage
Yahoo Takes Icahn Fight  to Homepage

Yahoo Takes Icahn Fight to Homepage

Link shows decline in businesses he's worked with

(Newser) - A new button on Yahoo's homepage links users to the company's case against activist investor Carl Icahn, PC World reports. Icahn is seeking to unseat Yahoo's board at its Aug. 1 general meeting. The page links to voting forms and leaves shareholders in no doubt how the company thinks they...

Yahoo Snubs Microsoft-Icahn Takeover Bid

Says new offer was better, but still not in shareholders' interest

(Newser) - Yahoo has rejected another takeover push, this time from Microsoft and investor Carl Icahn, the Wall Street Journal reports. The bidders gave the Internet giant less than 24 hours to decide on an offer that would sell its search component to Microsoft and the rest of the company to Icahn...

Yang Slams 'Destabilizing' Microsoft Plan

CEO accuses Icahn-allied giant of pretending to want deal

(Newser) - Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang launched a fresh offensive in the Yahoo-Microsoft war of words yesterday, reports the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft has said it would be interested in reopening merger talks if Yahoo's current board was replaced—but the Yahoo co-founder accuses the company of tactics to destabilize Yahoo without...

Icahn: Microsoft Will Only Negotiate With Me

Board must be replaced, Ballmer says

(Newser) - Carl Icahn says Microsoft is still in the hunt to acquire Yahoo, but only if the board is replaced, the Wall Street Journal reports. Icahn says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer “made it abundantly clear” to him that he wouldn’t talk with Yahoo’s current board, which he fears...

Microsoft Preps a New Run at Yahoo
Preps a New Run at Yahoo

Microsoft Preps a New Run at Yahoo

Has been recruiting partners for another effort to vivisect Yahoo

(Newser) - Microsoft is back in pursuit of Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal reports, with the company in talks with both News Corp. and Time Warner as potential partners for a restructured deal to buy the search giant. Yahoo has been in Microsoft’s sights for nearly six months, but initial efforts...

Yahoo's Defensive Stance: Microsoft 'Inconsistent' in Bid

Company gives take on negotiation as clock ticks on Icahn proxy fight

(Newser) - As it tries to fend off investor Carl Icahn's attempt to replace its board of directors, Yahoo today presented its version of buyout negotiations with Microsoft to shareholders, MarketWatch reports. Yahoo portrayed Microsoft as “unresponsive, inconsistent,” and loose on logistic details of the proposed merger. "The record...

Yahoo Defends Rejection of Alternate Microsoft Offer

Seeking to blunt attacks from Carl Icahn, the company goes to shareholders

(Newser) - Yahoo yesterday launched an offensive against billionaire Carl Icahn’s attempt to displace the board, detailing in a letter to shareholders why accepting Microsoft’s alternative $8-billion search-only deal would have diminished Yahoo’s value and hurt the company strategically, reports MarketWatch. CEO Jerry Yang and Chairman Roy Bostock said...

Yang's First Year Leaves Many 'Disillusioned'
Yang's First Year Leaves Many 'Disillusioned'

Yang's First Year Leaves Many 'Disillusioned'

Microsoft fiasco most public of Yahoo's woes; '09 could be tougher

(Newser) - Yahoo’s stock has slipped 16.5%, the company might as well be wearing a sign that says “take me over,” and there’s a line of shareholders waiting to sue for what they say was a mishandled non-deal with suitor Microsoft, Fortune reports—not quite the scenario...

Icahn: Yahoo Poison Pill 'Reprehensible'

But pricey severance plan kicks in if Icahn wins proxy fight, Yahoo says

(Newser) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn yesterday called Yahoo’s poison-pill severance plan, designed to deter hostile takeovers, “reprehensible,” the Wall Street Journal reports, but Yahoo said the measure would kick in if Icahn wins control of the board. "Now they found a way to entrench themselves forever,"...

Icahn Again Skewers Yahoo
 Icahn Again Skewers Yahoo 

Icahn Again Skewers Yahoo

'Why did you permit Google to leave you in the dust?' investor asks board

(Newser) - Investor Carl Icahn broadened his attacks on Yahoo today, targeting not only the recent failure of a Microsoft takeover deal but longtime performance issues, the Wall Street Journal reports. "Why did you permit Google to leave you in the dust?" he wrote to the board.

Yahoo Chair Hits Back at Icahn
Yahoo Chair Hits Back at Icahn

Yahoo Chair Hits Back at Icahn

Says corporate raider 'grossly' distorted, lacks 'credible plan' other than Microsoft sale

(Newser) - The chairman of Yahoo's board was quick to fire back at accusations leveled by Carl Icahn yesterday, reports the New York Times. An open letter from Roy Bostock to the corporate raider said Icahn's claim that Yahoo's board had sabotaged a Microhoo deal grossly distorted the board's position, and went...

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