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George Clooney Calls White House With a Complaint

Biden aides worried about upset actor backing out of fundraiser

(Newser) - George Clooney called the White House last month with a complaint, sparking concern that he would drop out of a June 15 fundraiser for President Biden's reelection campaign. The actor reached presidential counselor Steve Ricchetti to discuss Biden's criticism of International Criminal Court prosecutors' decision to seek arrest...

Israel Threatened, Spied on ICC Chief Prosecutor: Report

Fatou Bensouda reportedly feared for her safety amid intimidation campaign

(Newser) - Israel's foreign intelligence agency led a nearly decade-long covert "war" against the International Criminal Court, which included threatening the chief prosecutor in a failed effort to keep her from investigating alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories, according to a joint investigation by the Guardian , +972 Magazine , and the...

ICC Seeks Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu, Hamas Leaders

Karim Khan says he's seeking arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Israel defense chief, Hamas leaders

(Newser) - The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Monday he's seeking arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in connection with their actions during the seven-month war. Karim Khan said that he believes Netanyahu, his defense minister Yoav Gallant, and three Hamas...

Israel's War Effort Receives a Blow in Dutch Court

Dutch government ordered to stop sending F-35 parts to Israel given potential use in war crimes

(Newser) - A court has ordered the Dutch government to stop sending fighter jet components to Israel as they "might be used in the commission of serious violations of international humanitarian law." Human rights groups made that same argument in a lawsuit filed against the government in December. Oxfam Novib,...

UN Expert: Gaza Destruction Ought to Be a War Crime
It's Time to Make
'Domicide' a War Crime

It's Time to Make 'Domicide' a War Crime

UN expert decries the destruction of civilian homes in Gaza and elsewhere

(Newser) - We've all seen the photos showing Gaza turned to rubble. What's not always conveyed "is the profound effect of this loss at a human level," writes Dr. Balakrishnan Rajagopal, UN special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, at the New York Times . As Rajagopal writes,...

Swiss: Israeli President Hit With Criminal Complaints Post-Davos

It's not clear what the complaints against Isaac Herzog entail as war in Gaza continues

(Newser) - Friday is the final day of the World Economic Forum's annual get-together , but for one world leader, his visit to Davos has led to a criminal complaint, or complaints, against him. Reuters reports that Israeli President Isaac Herzog was in the Swiss city on Thursday, there to speak about...

Russia's Face of Child Rights Is Accused of War Crimes

Maria Lvova-Belova, Putin accused of moving thousands of Ukrainian kids to Russia, per 'NYT'

(Newser) - Millions of Ukrainians have been killed , injured , or displaced since the war Russia started almost two years ago. Then there are "the most forlorn victims of Russia's invasion," per the New York Times : the Ukrainian children "stolen" from their homeland, taken without their or their family'...

US Hits 4 Russian Soldiers With War Crimes Charges

DOJ says soldiers kidnapped, tortured an American in Ukraine

(Newser) - The Department of Justice on Wednesday said it has filed war crimes charges against four members of the Russian military accused of abducting and torturing an American during the invasion of Ukraine in a case that's the first of its kind. The four Russians are accused of kidnapping the...

France's Arrest Warrant for Assad May Mark a First

Syrian president is accused of war crimes in connection with 2013 chemical attack

(Newser) - French investigative judges have issued an international arrest warrant for Syrian President Bashar Assad and those close to him. The warrants for Assad, his brother, and two army generals accuse them of complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity in connection with August 2013 chemical attacks on rebel-held Damascus...

Ukraine: Russia Blows Up Dam in Latest 'War Crime'

Thousands live in flood zone along Dnipro River

(Newser) - Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up a dam in the Russian-occupied Kherson region, threatening catastrophic flooding. The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant in Nova Kakhovka, one of six dams along the Dnipro River, holds as much water as Utah's Great Salt Lake, per Reuters . Images show most of the 100-foot...

Judge Says Decorated Australian Veteran Committed War Crimes

Ben Roberts-Smith loses defamation case

(Newser) - Ben Roberts-Smith, Australia's most decorated living veteran, has lost his defamation case against three newspapers that reported that he had committed war crimes in Afghanistan. After a year-long, high-profile trial, federal Justice Anthony Besanko determined that the newspapers have proven that the former Special Air Services had committed war...

War Hero or War Criminal? Big Australian Case Nears End
A War Hero's Potential Fall
Rivets Australia
the rundown

A War Hero's Potential Fall Rivets Australia

Decorated soldier Ben Roberts-Smith sued newspapers over claims he killed civilians, unarmed captives

(Newser) - Ben Roberts-Smith of Australia is his nation's most decorated living war veteran, notes the Guardian . But three Australian newspapers printed allegations the 44-year-old is also a war criminal who unlawfully killed six Afghans who were either unarmed prisoners or civilians. Now, after a dramatic and months-long trial that has...

There's an Arrest Warrant Out for Putin From ICC

Russian president accused of war crimes for unlawful deportation, transfer of Ukrainian children

(Newser) - Expect Vladimir Putin to continue keeping a low profile. The International Criminal Court said Friday it has issued an arrest warrant for the Russian president for war crimes because of his alleged involvement in abductions of children from Ukraine , per the AP . The court said in a statement that Putin...

In Ukraine, More Grisly Evidence of Atrocities

EU seeks specialized court to investigate possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine

(Newser) - Russia's retreat from eastern Ukraine in April revealed what many said was evidence of war crimes . Now, the pattern is repeating in southern Ukraine with the retreat of Russian soldiers from Kherson, the New York Times reports, describing "mounting evidence of atrocities" there. In the village of Pravdyne...

Nazi Hunter Vows 'Relentless' Pursuit of Russian War Criminals

Eli Rosebaum is leading Justice Department unit

(Newser) - Eli Rosenbaum, the renowned "Nazi hunter" who led the US government's pursuit of World War II-era war criminals for decades, is now focusing on Russian war criminals—and he says the hunt will be relentless. Rosenbaum, the 67-year-old son of Jewish refugees from Germany, is now leading the...

Ukrainian Official: We've Found Torture Chambers

'Russia leaves death everywhere,' Zelensky says

(Newser) - "Russia leaves death everywhere. And it must be held accountable for it," Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky said after hundreds of graves were reportedly found in a mass burial site in a forest near the recently liberated city of Izium. Regional police chief Volodymyr Tymoshko told the BBC that...

Ukraine Has Been Declared a Crime Scene

ICC makes declaration as 15K war crimes have been reported since Russia invaded

(Newser) - Since Russia invaded Ukraine, around 15,000 suspected war crimes have been reported so far—and 200-300 more reports come in every day, Ukraine's chief prosecutor says. Several thousand of those were reported in the eastern Donbas region, where fighting is particularly heavy, the BBC reports. Some of the...

Russian Soldier, 21, Thrown in Prison for Life for War Crime

Vadim Shishimarin says he was following orders to kill 62-year-old Ukrainian, asks widow to forgive him

(Newser) - In a big first in the ongoing war in Ukraine, a Russian soldier has been convicted of a war crime and sentenced to life behind bars. The Washington Post reports that 21-year-old Sgt. Vadim Shishimarin heard his fate Monday for a crime committed on Feb. 28, just days after the...

Ukraine to Hold First War Crimes Trial of a Captured Russian
Captured Russian on
His Guilt: 'Yes. Fully Yes'

Captured Russian on His Guilt: 'Yes. Fully Yes'

Soldier is accused of gunning down unarmed 62-year-old civilian

(Newser) - Update: A Russian soldier on Wednesday pleaded guilty to charges of killing a Ukrainian civilian just four days after the war began. Sgt. Vadim Shyshimarin pleaded guilty to shooting a 62-year-old man on a bicycle in Chupakhivka in what is being called the first war crimes trial related to the...

Emergency Contraception Rushed to Ukraine

'The timeframe for treating victims of sexual violence is really essential'

(Newser) - Aid groups are rushing thousands of doses of emergency contraception to Ukraine amid reports that large numbers of Ukrainian woman are being raped by Russian troops. The International Planned Parenthood Federation says it has sent nearly 3,000 doses of the "morning-after pill" to Ukraine and other groups are...

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